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 Kiri Mission Board

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PostSubject: Kiri Mission Board   Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:27 pm

Alright, so below you'll find the list of missions for Kirigakure. This list will be updated as I or any jonin I may have create missions for the village, and some will be taken off periodically. Each mission may be done once per month, and those that have been completed within the last month will be highlighted. These missions can usually be taken by anybody who meets the minimum requirements, meaning that if an A rank shinobi really wanted to they could take a D rank mission. If you want to do a mission, send Tsuyo a private message to request one. I'll either approve your request and highlight the taken mission afterwards or I will decline and recommend a different mission. You are allowed to decline a mission given to you, but you're not allowed to do one you've been told you can't do.

Mission Name: Clean up the Beach!
Mission Type: Chore
Mission Rank: D
Mission Goal: Clean the trash and other unpleasantries off the beach in Ota
Description: Ota recently had a bad storm hit and a few trade ships were destroyed in it. Now that the weather has calmed down a bit, the town council needs someone to pick up the wreckage that has been piling up on their usually pristine beach. Bring some gloves, it's gonna get grungy!
Payment: 10,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin

Mission Name: Repair the Docks
Mission Type: Chore
Mission Rank: D
Mission Goal: Repair the docks in Ota damaged by the recent storm
Description: The same storm that took out the three ships also did some damage to a few of the piers in Ota's docks. A few buildings got their windows blown out and the occasional piece of debris thrown at them, so they may need touching up too. Tools will be provided on site, as will paint if needed.
Payment: 10,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin

Mission Name: Fix the Fence
Mission Type: Chore
Mission Rank: D
Mission Goal: Fix the fence! Oh, and did I mention the animals got out? You'll need to get them all back in, too!
Description: The storm affected the northern part of the Hozuki Isle, not just Ota. The livestock to the north has been roaming free in one area of the field due to a broken fence from the storm. Trees were knocked down onto some parts and wind blew away some of the more rickety areas. Fix it all up and make sure you get all the animals back in!
Payment: 10,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin

Mission Name: Who Let the Dog Out?
Mission Type: Recovery
Mission Rank: D
Mission Goal: Track down and retrieve Ms. Muramasa's dog, Spot.
Description: Spot was last seen running away from Ms. Muramasa in the marketplace. He's a medium sized dog with brown fur and a white spot on the right side of his body that takes up most of his ribcage. Spot likes to run and play games, so you better be quick or you'll never catch him!
Payment: 10,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin

Mission Name: Help Mr. Komura Home!
Mission Type:  Delivery
Mission Rank: D
Mission Goal: Carry Mr. Komura's groceries home for him
Description: Mr. Komura is an old man who likes to buy in bulk. The problem is that he can't actually carry all this bulk, which is where you come in! Carry everything he has back home for him. You might bring a friend; he has a lot of stuff.
Payment: 10,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin

Mission Name: Damn That Jack Sparrow!
Mission Type: Guard
Mission Rank: C
Mission Goal: Defend the fisheries of Ota from the small raids of the few pirates still at sea.
Description: After the recent storm, the Land of Water's large fleet was scattered and is currently helping ship supplies to more stricken areas. Pirates have taken advantage of this relaxed security and are raiding the coasts more often than they used to, and now they're targetting Kirigakure's fisheries. This mission also applies to any foreign invasions, should that apply.
Payment: 15,000
Requirements: Genin with a sensei, Chuunin

Mission Name: Who's that Clip Clopping Over my Bridge?!
Mission Type: Investigation
Mission Rank: C
Mission Goal: See what's under the bridge at Totsuka Mine
Description: Workers at Totsuka Mine on the northeasternmost isle in the northeastern isles have requested aid in finding out what creature is scaring anybody who comes across the bridge to come see them into turning back. Without this bridge, they can't get supplies or see their families. The situation has become somewhat dire, and they have sent the ryo ahead of time for a squad to come take care of the issue. Whatever it is, it sounds like it's big and mean. Make sure you come prepared for a fight.
Payment: 15,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin with a sensei, Chuunin

Mission Name: Family Jewels
Mission Type: Stealth
Mission Rank: C
Mission Goal: Steal the family jewels!
Description: The Toko family has recently gone through a tragedy; their clan head died most unexpectedly and without a will. Hishi, the second son, took the family jewels that have been passed down to the eldest son for generations and took off for the southeastern Land of Water. He was last seen in one of the small towns by the Pits, likely to gamble those family jewels away. Tori, the eldest, wants to prevent that from happening. Track his younger brother down before he can gamble the family jewels away, and then find a way to take them back!
Payment: 15,000 ryo
Requirements: Genin and a sensei, Chuunin

Mission Name: Aggressive Defense
Mission Type: Assault
Mission Rank: B
Mission Goal: Exterminate a minor bandit outpost
Description: After the recent storms, it seems as if a small bandit group comprised of five or six members was driven from their coastal hideout. They've been spotted along the outskirts of Ota, attacking caravans and regular travelers. Now, one citizen of Ota has been killed by them and people are starting to get a bit irritated with the leadership. Find these bandits and kill them all. Be warned, reports suggest that a couple of them are likely missing ninja from Kirigakure. Scorch marks found at some of the robbery sites provides a grain of truth to these reports.
Payment: 25,000 ryo
Requirements: Two Chuunin, Jonin

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Kiri Mission Board
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