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    Cursed Seal & Sage Mode Information


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    Cursed Seal & Sage Mode Information

    Post by Izumi on Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:19 pm

    Cursed Seals
    Cursed Seals are a special brand of Juuinjutsu, which is a branch of Fuuinjutsu, designed specifically to utilize Nature Chakra for physical enhancements. This is the result of a special combination of the application of Sage Mode knowledge and a seal-based recreation of the Nature Clan's ability to passively absorb Nature Chakra and use it to mutate the body. These both are required, in addition to the Fuuinjutsu Skill, for a person to create and distribute Cursed Seals.

    State 1
    The application process of a Cursed Seal varies by the user, but will generally involve some physical contact with the target that leaves a distinct marking on the skin. This seal will passively absorb and store Nature Chakra until it is accessed, at which point it will spread across the body, enhancing the physical abilities of the user. The level of this enhancement is determined by the Rank of the Seal:

    D-Rank: +
    C-Rank and Higher: ++

    These boosts are applied to all of the character's physical stats, to include: Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination. In order to access this first level, called State 1, the user must spend 1000 Experience Points.

    State 2
    Cursed Seals of B-Rank and higher are able to access a second form, referred to as State 2, which further improves the body and causes the kind of mutation common with the Nature Clan. Unlike the Nature Clan, however, each Cursed seal only causes one or two mutations, such as wings, a tail, a third eye, or what have you, and can not be modified after it is applied. The stat boosts are likewise determined when the seal is applied and do not change. These selections are made by the recipient of the Cursed Seal via an Update.

    B-Rank: 1 Tier to 1 Stat
    A-Rank: 1 Tier to 2 Stats
    S-Rank: 1 Tier to 3 Stats

    These boosts replace the ++ provided by State 1 in the stats they affect, while still providing that ++ to all other stats. In order to access State 2, the user must invest 2000 Experience into the Seal and then die. Yeah, you read that right. Somehow, someway, the character must die. The seal will bring the character back to life in State 2. Please keep in mind that this is not a reality bending regeneration; you will not be able to regrow limbs and if you are beheaded or otherwise cut or exploded into pieces, the seal will not be able to restore your life.

    This all sounds pretty cool, right? Well, there are always drawbacks, and now we get to those.

    Cursed Seal Nature Chakra Pool
    A Cursed Seal passively gathers 5 points of Nature Chakra every post that it is not in use. This can accumulate quickly and, unlike the abilities that it is based on, does not determine its limit by using the recipient's natural Stamina. Instead, it is set at a constant 100 points, the equivalent to B-Tier Stamina.

    Cursed Seal Upkeep
    Now, as you might guess, that does mean that there is a cost to using the Cursed Seal. State 1 drains 10 points from that pool per post that it is in use, while State 2 drains 20 points per post. Partial Transformations, which apply the full boost to only specific areas, drains 10 points per post that they are used.

    Senjutsu Technique Enhancement
    State 2 users can exert more energy from the seal and use it to enhance their techniques, improving the power of affected jutsu by one rank while paying half the cost with their Senjutsu pool. A Cursed Seal cannot, however, use this ability to access Sage Art techniques.

    So there are the drawbacks to actually using the Cursed Seal, but there is also risk involved in actually applying the seal, because not every body is the same and may react differently to different seals. More experienced users can, however, reduce the chance of failure by adapting their sealing styles to a variety of people until they reach a point where they simply cannot fail, though higher ranking Cursed Seals are naturally more powerful and, because of that, have higher chances of failure. These chances are represented by a 100 sided dice roll, with the starting values listed below, which improve by 25 for each successful Cursed Seal application:

    D-Rank: 75%
    C-Rank: 50%
    B-Rank: 25%
    A-Rank: 0%
    S-Rank: -25%

    If the Cursed Seal application fails, the character will experience one of several results, determined by the following chart based on the roll of a ten-sided die:

    1: Death
    2-3: Seal drains the life force of the user, reducing stamina by half and then doubling the cost of every technique used.
    4-5: Seal remains permanently active, disfiguring the body and draining 5 points of the user's Stamina whenever a technique is used. No boosts are granted.
    6-7: Seal is a failure, but no other negative consequences
    8-9: Seal costs twice as much when active and requires double the experience to train
    10: Seal requires double the experience to train

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    Sage Mode

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:51 pm

    Sage Mode
    Sage Mode is the empowered state entered by shinobi that have undergone extensive training to master the use of Nature Chakra and blending it flawlessly with one's own reserves, creating Senjutsu Chakra. This technique requires immense control and balance to master, while posing a constant risk of death. Failure to possibly balance Senjutsu Chakra within one's own body will see that body morph into the figure of an animal and then become stone, killing the user and making this technique impossible to learn without tutelage. Generally, Sage Masters are found only in the three iconic Summoning locations: Mount Myōboku, the Ryūchi Cave, and the Shikkotsu Forest.

    Perfect Sages
    Sages that learn from the Toads of Mount Myōboku, the Snakes of the Ryūchi Cave, or the Slugs of the Shikkotsu Forest are referred to as Perfect Sages. These are the people that have learned to perfectly balance the Senjutsu Chakra to the point that their body reaches the peak blend with Nature Chakra, granting the full abilities of Sage Mode and changing only the eyes and surrounding areas to be similar to the animals from which the Sage was taught.

    Perfect Sages receive a 1 Tier boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, Coordination, and Perception while Sage Mode is active.

    Imperfect Sages
    Imperfect Sages are those that are taught Sage Mode from Perfect Sages. This is easier in that human Sages will generally have looser guidelines than animal Sages for the Sage selection process, but Perfect Sages are less capable at teaching Sage Mode than are their own teachers. Because of this, Imperfect Sages are less efficient at melding Senjutsu Chakra with their own bodies, causing slight morphing and fewer enhancements. These physical changes can vary by users but will generally resemble in some way the animals from which that Sage Mode originated.

    Imperfect Sages receive a ++ to Strength, Constitution, Speed, Coordination, and Perception while Sage Mode is active.

    Non-Use Sages
    When an Imperfect Sage teaches the method of Sage Mode, it creates what is called a Non-Use Sage. These are people with the knowledge of how to perform Sage Mode, but have received insufficient training to actually enter Sage Mode. This has little use other than providing the information necessary to create Cursed Seals, which also require an in depth analysis of the genetics of the Nature Clan.

    Senjutsu Technique Enhancement
    By mixing Senjutsu Chakra into a technique, Sages are able to enhance the power and effectiveness of that technique. This can create techniques referred to as Sage Arts, or can simply improve the power rank of a regular jutsu by 1. To do this, the Sage need only spend half of the technique's cost with the pool of Senjutsu Chakra, while using the normal chakra pool for the other half. This ability is available to both Perfect and Imperfect Sages.

    Senjutsu Chakra Pool
    The Senjutsu Chakra Pool is the energy reservoir drawn from when using Sage Mode and what is spent in the technique enhancement ability mentioned above. The amount of Senjutsu Chakra available is based on the amount of training put into Sage Mode. It takes a careful balance and is therefore difficult to expand, forcing Sages to spend 50 Experience Points to increase the pool by 10 points. Every Sage's Senjutsu Chakra Pool starts out at zero points but then slowly grows as they invest experience. The absolute limit to their Senjutsu Chakra Pool is half of their base Stamina stat's points.

    Sage Mode Upkeep
    While in Sage Mode, Sages use a constant draw of Senjutsu Chakra from their pool. This begins at the cost of 20 points per post, but by spending 1000 Experience Points, Sages can halve that value to 10 points per post. Perfect Sages are able to do this again, spending another 1000 Exp Points to bring the cost down to 5 points per post.

    Sage Kata
    To further a Sage's fighting ability, the animal Sages have developed Kata specific to themselves: Frog Kata, Snake Kata, and Slug Kata. These Kata burn 5 points more in Senjutsu Chakra to forcefully enhance the body even more, adding an additional ++ to two stats each. Toads boost Strength and Perception. Snakes boost Speed and Coordination. Slugs boost Constitution and Perception. There are also additional abilities for each of the Kata:
    Frog Kata: Surrounds the user in an aura of Nature Chakra that amplifies the range of the user's physical strikes by about a foot in all directions. Those unable to see or sense Nature Chakra will be unaware of this aura and, therefore, may easily be struck by an attack that they previously thought they'd avoided.
    Snake Kata: Surrounds the user in a barely visible cyan aura, spiking the user's hair in a flame like appearance. Up to three snakes made of invisible Nature Chakra surround the user, able to lash out at the user's will with an effective range of up to three meters each. These snakes are unable to block attacks. These snakes move with a speed equal to the user's base Coordination.
    Slug Kata: Surrounds the user in an aura of Nature Chakra much akin to the Frog Kata, but rather than amplify attacks, this aura amplifies defense.The aura can deflect the force of blows that are not taken at center mass (as in aiming for an imaginary line running along the body a few inches deep to the spine), reducing such attacks by two Tiers of Strength.

    Katas are advanced forms of Sage Mode that are only accessible to Perfect Sages.

    Gathering Senjutsu Chakra
    Because of these costs, Sages may find themselves depleting their Senjutsu Chakra pool rather quickly, providing a need to renew that energy. By remaining completely still, the Sage can effectively become one with nature, allowing Nature Chakra to flow into his body that he immediately converts to Senjutsu Chakra. This is one of the hardest parts of mastering Sage Mode, but it does restore 10 points per post that it is done.

    There are few workarounds to remaining perfectly still, which is practically impossible in battle:

    -By implanting the Nature Clan Bloodline, Sages are able to passively absorb Nature Chakra, though this is less efficient than the traditional method. It adds 5 points of Senjutsu Chakra per post, regardless of what the Sage is doing.

    -Similar to the above, a Sage can use the Amphibian, Reptile, or Gastropod Techniques to temporarily fuse with animal Sages belonging to their Summoning Contract. The animal Sages will attach themselves to the user and gather Nature Chakra and transfer it to the user while he fights. Each of these animals can gather 5 points per post, with a maximum of two animals per Sage, limiting this ability to generating 10 points per post. Jinchuuriki and those of the Nature Clan are naturally incompatible with these techniques.

    -The user can make any number of shadow clones to remain still and gather the energy. So long as the clones are within viewing distance of the user, whether by being summoned to him or having been there the whole time, they can be dispersed by the user to transfer all of the Senjutsu Chakra they've gathered to the user. The maximum they can gather is the same as their creator.

    If a member of the Nature Clan learns Sage Mode, he will no longer suffer from the reductions to Intelligence and Perception when using Sage Transformation and will be able to use the technique enhancement ability of Sage Mode. However, he will not be able to reduce the cost of the Sage Transformation and is still unable to assign his boosts to Perception.

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