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    Postal Service Support (D)


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     Postal Service Support (D) Empty Postal Service Support (D)

    Post by Ryuko on Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:53 pm

    Mission Name: Postal Service Support
    Mission Type: Delivery
    Mission Rank: D-rank
    Mission Goal: Spend a day delivering parcels.
    Description: Konoha's postal services is severely understaffed these days, and they decided to hire ninjas to help to deliver packages, parcels and envelops to people's houses. You are required to spend the day working there, delivering as many parcels as you can.
    Payment: 10,000 ryo
    Requirements: Genin

    Ryuko's Ninja Card


    Strength: B
    Constitution: B
    Stamina: B
    Speed: B
    Coordination: A+
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: B

    On person
    Amulet of Kings
    Superior Gambeson
    Knight Gloves
    Knight Stockings
    Advanced Mantel
    Knight's Rider Boots
    Belt holster 1:
    - Hakkin's Wrath A (Baton)
    - Fuuma Shuriken
    Belt holster 2:
    - Hakkin's Wrath B (Baton)
    - Hakkin's Fang
    Hip Pouch
    - 1 Ninja wire (15 feet)
    - 10 Kunai
    - 10 Shuriken
    - 100 Caltrops
    - 1 Med kit
    - Bag of Military Ration Pills (20)  

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