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    A Blazing Acquisition (Private)


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    A Blazing Acquisition (Private) Empty A Blazing Acquisition (Private)

    Post by Copycat on Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:44 am

    It seemed as of late the biggest companion in her days had been hospitals. When she wasn't relaxing back home or interacting with others in the village, she was helping out at the hospital. It had been a little newfound habit of hers ever since her life had been preserved there when she was right at death's door. And to say in the least, the only way she could really repay them was helping in return. Today was no different; though this time there was an actual task in mind with what she had to do. And it involved visiting the morgue this time around. The place was definitely a lot more dim and depressing than the rest of the hospital.

    If it wasn't for excessive sanitization and use of chemicals she'd of probably started smelling the plethora of deceased people by now, especially with the plague sweeping by in full effect again. Her hair's done up in a bun with messy bangs framing her makeup-less face, while she wears a black blouse, simple sandals, and a white doctor's coat. She taps along through the morgue, the yellow folder tucked beneath her arm as she moves on through. As far as she knew, the Chuunin had remembered where she had to go for this.

    She enters a single room in specific where the Uchiha in question resided, and after peeking around abit she slipped into it, frowning a little with an expression of definitive uncertainty. Kanna reaches into the pocket of the coat and reveals a blank scroll, green in color. She pulls it on open and places it flat upon the bedside, peering at the plague-infested Genin also upon it. A sealing formula had already been prepared within the scroll, the ink having dried for a few hours now. Now it was time for the blank scroll to actually contain something. Truth be told, she had no plans of keeping it in there for long--she just needed it to temporarily store the new acquisition.

    After some hesitance, the ravenous-haired female channels chakra to her hand and engulfs it in a visible aura, narrowing out past her middle finger into a sharp point. With the Chakra Scalpel manifested, the female extends her arm out, slashing across the male's chest in one fell swoop. With a parting of her lips, a plethora of threads emerge from her maw, slipping in through the slash made and carefully coiling around the heart. Her scalpels cut the organ away from the rest of his body while keeping it carefully contained. Once the extraction's finished, Kanna completely coats it in her jiongu threads and detaches the threads coating the organ from the rest of her own.

    She places the practically gift-wrapped organ upon the seal and then channels chakra, sealing the heart away into the scroll. Once it's sealed, the female rolls the scroll up and holds onto it for the time being, swallowing the rest of the threads back into her form. The Chuunin strides from the room for the time being, to finish things up elsewhere with actually putting the heart to use.



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