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 Kugutsu Techniques

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PostSubject: Kugutsu Techniques   Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:54 pm

Name: Chakra Strings Technique
Rank: C
Cost: C (Activation) D (Upkeep)
Range: 0m-60m
Element: N/A
Classification: Open
Handseals: N/A
Requirements: N/A
Description: The Chakra Strings Technique allows the user to focus and manipulate their chakra into fine tuned strings that can be used to manipulate objects. Once attached, chakra strings can be used to manipulate any object in accordance to the user's Coordination stat. Obviously the user's ability to successfully manipulate an heavy object will depend on their Strength stat. This generally applies only to objects as opposed to people and puppets which are considered to complex to manipulate via strings alone and thus require a secondary technique for utilization. Chakra strings can be temporarily suppressed to minute stubs on a puppeteers fingers when not in active use (although an upkeep must be paid lest the want to repay the activation cost).
Drawbacks: The strings can be cut by any chakra based or enfused weapon or technique C Rank or greater. Cut strings must be re-activated by the user.

Name: Puppet Technique
Rank: C
Cost: E
Range: 0m-60m
Element: N/A
Classification: Open
Handseals: N/A
Requirements: Kugutsu Skill/D Rank Coordination
Description: The Puppet Technique refers to the art of using Chakra Strings to manipulate the complex inner-workings of puppets for the purpose of battle. Normally, manipulating an object as heavy as a standard puppet would require tremendous strength but by using Chakra Strings to control various gears within a puppet via distinct movements of the hands, a Puppeteer can control gargantuan constructs without raw strength. The Puppet Technique is useful in that it can also be used to trigger projectiles or other weapons hidden inside the puppet allowing for offensive and defensive capabilities. The Coordination stat is a critical part of determining a puppeteer's skill with the Puppet Technique. Coordination determines how many puppets the user can control at one time and at one what level of complexity. A base Coordination of D is required for the Puppet Technique.

D: 1 Puppet/ D Ranked Puppets
C: 4 Puppets/ C Ranked Puppets
B: 6 Puppets/ B Ranked Puppets
A: 8 Puppets/ A Ranked Puppets
S: 10 Puppets/ S Ranked Puppets

Drawbacks: N/A

Puppet Creation

Puppets of C Rank or lower can be created by anyone with the Kugutsu Skill however puppets beyond B Rank require the knowledge of the Metalworking or Leatherworking Skill. Puppets like jutsu are ranked E-S and as such have the same word count training requirements. The Speed and Coordination of the puppet itself is governed by the user's Coordination stat assuming normal manipulation with The Puppet Technique and Chakra Strings (although puppeteers may register their own custom means of puppet manipulation). The Strength and Constitution of the puppets are determined by their rank, however both stats are capped at A even for S Rank puppets.

Name: Human Puppetry
Rank: S
Cost: S
Range: (meters)
Element: N/A
Classification: Village Specific - Sunagakure
Handseals: N/A
Requirements: A Rank Intelligence/Ijutsu/Kugutsu/Craftsman
Description: The Human Puppet Technique refers to the elaborate process of transforming a human body into a potent weapon. The user can combine their knowledge of medicine and engineering to meld living tissue with the animatronic enhancements of a puppet. This allows them to take a corpse and turn it into a puppet while preserving its abilities to utilize techniques that it knew while it was alive including kekkei genkai. Human Puppetry also allows the user to modify their own flesh into a living weapon. The process takes an S Rank amount of chakra and is subject to similar Craftsmanship rules as normal puppets. Human Puppets have the same technique arsenal that they did when they were alive. Only PC bodies may be turned into Human Puppets.
Drawbacks: Human Puppets can be destroyed and rendered inoperable thereby nullifying their various techniques and abilities. A body transformed into a human puppet has its potential for growth completely capped. The human puppet's base stats will be permanently stuck at whatever tier they were at the point of transformation. These stats may be boosted via techniques and abilities but they cannot be trained for a permanent increase. This drawback applies if more than a fourth of the body is turned into a human puppet (meaning if you turn anything other than roughly a single limb into that of a puppet, this drawback will apply to you)

Name: Puppet Performance: Skilfull Achievement with a Human Body
Rank: A
Cost: B (Upkeep)
Range: 0m-70m
Element: N/A
Classification: Village Specific - Sunagakure
Handseals: N/A
Requirements: Kugutsu/Chakra Strings
Description: A puppet performance technique where chakra threads are attached to various spots on a person's body; the head, torso, both arms, and both legs. The person being manipulated gains the ability to not only use their own techniques, but the skills of the puppeteer as well. The origins of this technique lie on the battlefield. When a puppeteer's puppets were all destroyed, they would begin using corpses. To perform this technique with a living person would normally require both parties to cooperate with each other. However, a highly skilled user can control the target by force if the person is severely weakened or damaged rendering them unable to resist. The user's Coordination stat thus becomes the subject's Coordination and Speed stat for the purpose of movement while this technique is active.
Drawbacks: The technique ends if the strings are severed. It can only be used on one person at a time.

Name: Red Secret Technique: Performance of a Hundred Puppets
Rank: S
Cost: A (Upkeep)
Range: 0m-70m
Element: N/A
Classification: Village Specific - Sunagakure
Handseals: N/A
Requirements: Kugutsu/Chakra Strings/Human Puppetry
Description: This technique allows the user to control up to 100 Puppets at one time by creating a spool of Chakra Strings from which to manipulate them. As even the most elite of puppeteers cannot control more than ten puppets a time (one per finger), this technique requires at least some degree of human modification via the Human Puppetry technique. It is said by augmenting tenketsu in a very specific way, the user is capable of producing up to 100 Chakra Strings from which to control their puppets. Puppets manipulated via this technique are said to move quicker than normal and as such gain a plus to Coordination and Agility while it is active.
Drawbacks: While this technique allows a puppeteer to overwhelm his or her opponents wit sheer numbers, the difficulty in tracking that many puppets is overwhelming. Those with below S Rank Perception will have their all 100 of their puppets experience a two tier debuff to Coordination and Agility when this technique is being used. At 75 puppets it becomes a one tier debuff to Coordination and Agility. At 50 puppets there is no debuff in movement.
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Kugutsu Techniques
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