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    Teach At the Academy [Mission/Solo]


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    Teach At the Academy [Mission/Solo] Empty Teach At the Academy [Mission/Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Tue Aug 28, 2018 2:48 am

    The Medic, Illusionist slash chemist and now Seal practitioner called Yumi, was making their way down the busy streets of Kirigakure no Sato. The lolita was dressed in their usual attire, tanto hidden in the sash, pouches on each hip, with a holster on each thigh with easy access thanks to slits up the legs of the yukata they wore. In the medic's right hand, was a rolled up poster. The poster was a D rank mission, Yumi had removed from the Kirigakure Mission Board. The Genin was in the mood to earn some funds. Chemistry and Fuuinjutsu was an expensive field, needing countless resources in order to see fruition in the experimental techniques and mixtures that were created. Yumi had only spent close to one hundred thousand ryo in the past week alone to acquire a number of materials to produce just a handful of items. Now that they had started to study the field of Fuuinjutsu, Yumi needed funds to purchase sealing equipment.

    With only twenty thousand ryo on hand, Yumi sought to complete at least three D rank missions this day. Earning thirty thousand ryo giving them fifty thousand ryo. The new money Yumi obtained from these low-level jobs would be spent on sealing supplies while the rest would be saved up for new chemical concoctions that Yumi would make in the near future. Being a shinobi was an expensive business alone, especially when it came to the number of supplies one needed to complete various tasks.

    Arriving at their destination, Yumi looked up, it was the academy. The job Yumi had taken today was to address a class for one hour giving a lecture on one of their fields of expertise. Yumi had already taken a previous job to teach about Genjutsu, so perhaps this time, Yumi would lecture on Ijutsu. The shinobi corps needed more medics to ensure the survival of its troops, not that Yumi cared about that. Heading to the designated classroom, the medic walked in, sliding the door across before shutting it behind them, confronting a full class of students. The students were surprised to see how young their instructor was, seeing as they were only ten and Yumi looked twelve maybe thirteen.

    Yumi cleared their throat, "Hi my name's Yumi I will be your lecturer today!" Yumi spoke in a cheerful bubbly tone, their voice soft and angelic that made the class swoon. The medic's eyes shimmered as they gave an adorable look, meanwhile internally they felt like vomiting. "Today I am here to tell you about one of the fields I specialise in. I specialise in Genjutsu, Ijutsu, Chemistry and recently started studying Fuuinjutsu. I will be telling you all about Ijutsu the field of Medical Techniques. A Medic Nin is important on and off the battlefield as it's our jobs to ensure the survival of our comrades in arms. A medic can prolong the survival of their team-mates ensuring they can continue to fight longer and longer. But all medics must ensure their own safety in the squad as well. If the medic perishes the team will soon follow. That's why it's important to have a vast array of techniques to not only ensure your team's safety but your own!"

    Yumi went on to lecture about various medical techniques and their many uses. Giving a rundown of basic knowledge, while stressing the importance of having a thorough knowledge of the human body. When the hour was up, Yumi said goodbye and left, returning to the mission office, handing the mission in, collecting their reward and departed.




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