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    Showing the Ropes [Mission | Solo]


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    Showing the Ropes [Mission | Solo] Empty Showing the Ropes [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:32 am

    Yumi hummed a soft tune as they skipped down the streets of Kirigakure no Sato. Their destination was the Kirigakure Shinobi Academy. The Medic had just accepted a job from the Kirigakure Mission office after they had handed in the last mission they had taken. Yumi had not long lectured at the academy, a job posted from the academy itself for a shinobi to lecture on an area of their expertise. The medic had given a brief induction to the field of medicine. Now they would be taking a group of students from the academy graduating class to show around the village while giving an overview of what they would be doing as a genin. It would be a boring job, but Yumi needed the money after all.

    Arriving at the academy, Yumi ran into the group of students they would be escorting, three of them. Most likely these three were going to be placed on a team together. Bouncing up, Yumi gave an eye smile while waving, the medic looked utterly adorable. Their group consisted of two girls and one guy, yumi's physical appearance made the lone guy blush and look away, while the two girls stared in amazement. The medic was around the same height as the three children, perhaps even slightly shorter.

    "Hi, Hi. I'm Yumi a Veteran Genin here to show you the ropes. I'm D rank and my areas of expertise as Chemistry, Ijutsu, Genjutsu and Fuuinjutsu, nice to meet ya!" Yumi appeared warm and bubbly as she greeted the group who gave their names and expertise. With that over and done with, Yumi told them to follow behind and began to show them around the village. Yumi took to them to the village gates first, telling them that sometimes they would take shifts assisting with guarding the gates or doing lunch runs to those on duty. Once that was over, Yumi showed them the different jobs and told them about what they had done.

    The medic informed that they would be doing D rank missions, which mainly involved chores such as cleaning up a beach, picking up someone's groceries, mowing lawns, giving lectures to students and things like that. Very rarely did Genin do C rank missions on their own, usually with a team, with someone who was a Chunin or higher. The day passed, and as it came to an end Yumi dropped them back off at the academy and headed to the mission office, turning the job in to receive their funds. With funds in hands, Yumi grabbed another job, got it approved to take and left.




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