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    Stocking up


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    Stocking up  Empty Stocking up

    Post by Yumi on Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:36 am

    Yumi strolled through the streets of Kirigakure, shopping list in hand as they marched towards the shinobi market to pick up some new supplies. Now that Yumi had started practising the art of Fuuinjutsu they needed to pick up some supplies, along with a few items for their chemistry field. While they were picking up supplies they intended to pick up some bronze and copper to melt into crafting items. Yumi had no skill in it so the items they would make would be very low, but that didn't matter as long as they held together.

    The medic intended to melt the bronze down and hammer it into a flat disk shape to engrave seals onto it. The copper would be melted down and forged into crude rings that Yumi would engrave seals onto and wear, three on each finger was the intended amount. Five pounds of copper should do for one ring, for six rings Yumi would have to buy thirty pounds. The bronze two pounds would make a large enough disk for engraving, about the size of Yumi's tiny palm. With sixty pounds, Yumi could produce thirty disks to engrave onto. In order to engrave onto the metal, Yumi would have to purchase a sealing chisel.

    With list in hand, the medic walked into the shop and placed it on the counter. "Could I order these please and have it delivered to the addressed building?" requested the lolita getting a nod from the clerk.

    The list was as followed:

    1. x1 Ink Pot 50mls | 200 ryo ea: 200 ryo
    2. x2 Ink Pot 125mls | 400 ryo ea. 800 ryo
    3. x4 Ink Brush| 50 ryo each: 200 ryo
    4. x500 Blank Sealing Paper | 10ryo each : 5,000 Ryo
    5. x2 Sealing Ink Pen | 100 ryo each: 200 ryo
    6. x1 Sealing Chisel: 1,000 Ryo
    7. 60lbs of Bronze | 500 ryo per 10lbs: 3,000 ryo
    8. 30lbs of Copper | 250 ryo per 10lbs : 750
    9. x10 Large Flasks | 150 ryo ea: 1,500 Ryo
    10. x100 Vials | 25 ryo ea: 2,500 Ryo
    11. x10 15 ft Chains (150ft all up) | 500 ryo per 15ft: 5,000
    12. x6 black Small Scrolls | 500 ryo ea: 3,000
    13. Total: 23,150 ryo

    After handing over the list of supplies, Yumi departed to await the delivery.




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