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    Target Practice [Solo|Mission]


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    Target Practice [Solo|Mission] Empty Target Practice [Solo|Mission]

    Post by Yumi on Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:27 pm

    Yumi was making their way through kirigakure, their destination the shinobi academy. It was just another day for the growing shinobi, a day to do another set of missions all to earn even more money, as they seemed to be forever spending funds. This week alone, Yumi had spent over one hundred thousand ryo, on shinobi supplies, chemistry materials, fuuinjutsu equipment and now crafting items. Yumi had gotten into the art of sealing but some of the ideas he had in mind, required the use of forged metals, so the medic had grabbed a book on basic crafting and engineering, taking the night to read over its contents. With a sigh, the genin looked up seeing their destination in the distance. Once they finished this job, they would have close to thirty thousand ryo, but it was far from enough.

    Yumi needed more and more money every passing day as they continued to expand their repertoire of skills. Perhaps it was their own fault, as Yumi's thirst for knowledge caused him to continue studying new fields one after the other, slowly adding expense after expense onto himself. But Yumi couldn't help it all these fields he studied connected to their current fields and assisted each of them.

    Walking into the academy, Yumi headed to the practice fields. The task today was to show a fresh group of students how to throw Shuriken and Kunai knives. The current instructor was out on a mission, so the academy sought some underpaid labour by making a D rank mission request. Arriving at the fields, Yumi greeted the students who greeted back. Moving on the Genin began to instruct the class, talking about how even with practice, if they weren't practising correctly they would just get worse. Teaching them the correct way to throw shuriken and kunai, making sure to use a flick of the wrist. The medic taught them which spots to aim for, teaching them the killing spots where the enemies vitals would be, making sure to tell them that some people are born with their heart on the right not the left, so they had to be sure to aim their as well. As the students practised, Yumi would walked among them and would gradually correct any mistakes in their movements. The medic showed their errors, speaking softly and in a way, they would understand. The chemist repositioned arms and legs in order to help get them into the right throwing stances.

    At the end of the day, Yumi said goodbye and departed, taking the mission back to the mission office. The genin got it stamped and was given their reward. With thanks, they grabbed another job, got it approved and left.




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