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    Who Let the Dog Out? [Mission | Solo]


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    Who Let the Dog Out? [Mission | Solo] Empty Who Let the Dog Out? [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Fri Aug 31, 2018 7:56 pm

    Waking up, Yumi began their usual routine, showering, getting dressed, breakfast and arming themselves to the teeth with shinobi gear and weapons. Today was a day to get done with some more missions. The chemist had been eying a chemistry station lately, it would drastically improve the quality and quantity of the chemicals they could create from it, mainly medicines, poisons, compounds and drugs. The chemist had recently bought a stove range to improve the number of provisions they could create. Now that Yumi's rank had gone up and their skill in chemistry had drastically improved they could craft stronger chemicals. First, though Yumi needed a lot more money before they could even think about crafting anything new.

    Stepping out the medic headed to the mission office, walking through the streets of Kiri with a fake, buy alluring smile in place. Walking in, the medic grabbed the first job they laid eyes on, apparently, Ms. Komura had lost her dog, again. It seemed to be a usual occurrence. Rolling their eyes, the medic got the mission approved to take and left, heading on over to the marketplace to track and find this dog named spot. From memory, Spot was a medium sized dog with brown fur and a white spot on the right side of his body that took up most of the ribcage. The dog was fast, but Yumi trapped him in a genjutsu last time and intended to do the same again.

    Arriving at the market district, Yumi began asking people if they had seen a dog with Spot's description around. Every time the medic got a lead they would follow it to the area where Spot was spotted, and ask around. The medic searched high and low, keeping an eye out before they got a new lead. A young boy with his mother had seen a dog matching that description just moments ago, hanging around the trash cans of the alley beside a sushi bar. Heading over, the medic moved silently, and peaked around a corner, spotting a dog that matched Spot's description sniffing the trash cans.

    "Oi!" Yumi called out to the dog as their hands formed the snake seal. The dog looked up startled, before Yumi extended their right arm punching it forward, trapping the dog in the illusion. Five giant snakes shot out from Yumi's sleeve, each able to devour a small child with ease thanks to their size. The five snakes shot forward hissing loudly, jaws wide. The dog yipped and tried to run, but the snakes coiled around it paralysing it with fear as they bit down. It was just an illusion and they weren't real snakes. But it gave Yumi enough time to pick the dog up and take him off.

    Ms Komura signed the mission and Yumi returned to the mission office, turning it in and received payment. With payment in hand, Yumi was that much closer to buying the chemistry station.



    • Chakra: 35/40
    • Name: Genpo: Sen'ei Jashu (Illusion Art: Hidden Shade Snake Hand)
      Rank: C
      Power: N/A
      Activation Cost: 5
      Upkeep Cost: 3
      Range: 0-30m
      Speed: B
      Element: N/A
      Skill: Genjutsu
      Classification: Exclusive (Taught by creator)
      Requirements: Genjutsu
      Parent Technique: N/A
      Hand Seals: Snake
      Description: A Genjutsu designed to resemble and mimic the Sen'ei Jashu in order to mislead and confuse a target. The caster after forming the necessary hand seal extends an arm at the target, triggering the illusion. Once triggered the user will have appeared to summon five snakes that shoot out towards the target. Each snake is large enough to devour a small child with ease.  The illusion makes it appear that the wielder is a snake summon and that the snakes allow the user to attack from a fair distance. The illusion can be used to restrict the target or create the illusion the snakes will bite the target with their venomous fangs. By having the illusionary snakes bite a target it drives to make them believe they have been poisoned, causing them to panic due to the fear of death.
      Weaknesses: Only an illusion no physical damage is caused.



    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: E
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: B
    • Perception: D
    • Item Locations: seet update sheet
    • x1 concealed Tanto at the back of sash hidden by the bow.

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