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    Strolling through the marketplace (Purchases)


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    Strolling through the marketplace (Purchases) Empty Strolling through the marketplace (Purchases)

    Post by Sakura on Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:35 am

    Sakura was strolling through the marketplace, the sun beating on her back, as her eyes scanned the stalls and browsing the wears. She didn’t have a particular item in mind to buy, keeping her options open as she passed the stands and their owners. That is until she spotted a place selling ninja tools and bags, typical things most shinobi keep with them. She felt it wouldn’t be a bad idea to stop and look at what they had to offer, and perhaps buy a few things if they caught her eyes.

    “Good afternoon ma’am!” She chirped, a grin forming upon her lips and her eyes glistening with joy. The woman who owned the stand flashed her a small smile and returned her greeting, telling her of the sales she had going on and letting her know if she had any questions to ask away. She lowered her eyes and began scanning all of the different goods, making a mental list of what she wanted.

    After a couple of minutes she finished picking out what she wanted and purchased the following items:

    Kunai | 100 ryo ea. X 5 = 500
    Shuriken | 100 ryo ea. X 5 = 500
    Senbon | 50 ryo ea. X 10 = 500
    Steel Wire | 100 ryo per 15 feet. X 2 = 200
    Explosive Tag | 1,500 ryo ea. X 2 = 3,000
    Backpack | 50 ryo ea.
    Holster | 25 ryo ea. X 2 = 50
    Medikit | 5,000 ryo ea. Includes one syringe, blood drawing kit, two rolls of bandage wrap, grain alcohol, one tourniquet, one roll of gauze, soothing cream, needle, thread, tweezers, scalpel, and shears.

    Total spent: 5k + 1,500 + 100 + 3k =  9,800
    Ryo leftover: 25,000 - 9,800 = 15,200

    “Have a great day, ma’am!” She waved as she left the stall with her new belongings, the woman waving in farewell back at her. Sakura then made her way back to her house to sort and organize her ninja tools into the various bags and holsters she had just bought.



    Strolling through the marketplace (Purchases) Th?id=OIP.uJiwbQJAvL80pE47bF-mhQHaHe&pid=15

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