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    Revisiting The Marketplace

    Eden Syn
    Eden Syn

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    Revisiting The Marketplace Empty Revisiting The Marketplace

    Post by Eden Syn on Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:04 am

    It had been some time since Sin had paid a visit to the local Marketplace. The streets were still as filled as ever with the raucous noises that she had remembered as well as the numerous vendors that supplied the local Shinobi with all manner of goods and services for sale, everything from weapons to armor and anything that one could possibly want in-between.

    Sin was of course now much more well-acquainted with the locals due to an influx of wealth allowing them to purchase a life of lavish luxury at least for the time being and had become quick friends with a local merchant she knew by the name of Alphonse. He had pulled them aside on this trip and insisted on showing them a small stock of special items that he had gotten from a new trade caravan that had been making its rounds as of late and which he kept in the back room of his shop away from prying eyes. Sin could not help but feel a little bit curious as to the mysterious new trade goods on display.

    Examining the shelves in the back room of the shop, Sin picked through the items and selected a few for purchase:

    Items Purchased (Secret Shop):

    • Heavy Cloak | 25,000 ryo
    • Potion of Plentiful Healing | 30,000 ryo
      Total Cost: 55,000 Ryo
      55,000 - 235,475 = 180,475 Ryo Remaining

    After making their purchase, Sin would give the man a smile and a gracious nod, appreciating their new wares as they made their way back to the manor that they now called home.

    Revisiting The Marketplace P15jtID

    "My real name is ■͖̺̺ͣ͗͌̉ͥ̄͜■̷͎͎ͥ͑̽́■̫͎̻͛͒̒̒͗ͦ, but let's keep that a secret between us, okay?"

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