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 Shinobi Marketplace

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PostSubject: Shinobi Marketplace   Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:14 pm

Shinobi Markets are where you go to buy ninja gear. Exclusive items can only be bought in the labeled country. These markets are found in Shinobi Villages and items listed here must be bought before using them in character.

Village Specific Items

    Each land has its own economy and geography, thus granting unique items. These perks are restricted to said group's military.


  • Rigged Umbrella | 10,000 ryo ea. Spring-loaded umbrella stored with countless senbon. Senbon included.
  • Rebreather Mask | 10,000 ryo ea. A device that recycles air breathed by the user. This allows for breathing underwater and protection against noxious gases.


  • Three-Colored Pills | 50,000 ryo per pack of 3.

  • Senju Wood | 10,000 ryo ea. This wood is naturally strong, with a material quality of B-grade. Also conducts chakra easier, reducing chakra-flow by 50% in chakra cost. 15'x4' log


  • Resonating Echo Speaker | 20,000 ryo ea. Dosu's gauntlet. Allows the user to produce intense sound waves to execute several Sound-based technique.
  • Super-Vibrato Sword | 20,000 ryo ea. Increases the cutting power of Lightning chakra flow by +1 ranks, capping out at S-rank.


  • Giant Tessen | 20,000 ryo ea. Large, folding fan of iron that helps Sunagakure Shinobi channel Wind release technique as well as perform specific Wind release technique. Reduces the cost of all applicable Wind release technique by -1 rank.
  • Heat-Resistant Cloth | 10,000 ryo ea. 10'x10'. Great for keeping the heat out. Saves damage from brief contact with Fire Release. Direct blasts with Fire Release blocks Fire Release up to B-rank. Destroys cloth in the process.


  • Chakra Draining Metal | 15,000 ryo per 10 lbs. A unique metal when forged allows chakra drain 5 points of stamina upon contact with an opponent's chakra system. This is not absorption.
  • Exploding Sphere | 10,000 ryo ea. A large metallic sphere 2 feet in diameter. Filled with a potent explosive compound the sphere has kunai welded into it. 5 meter blast radius. 25 meter shrapnel radius.

    Weaponry and Supply
    Basic Shinobi Tools
  • Fuuma Shuriken | 3,000 ryo ea. Collapsible and detachable blades.
  • Giant Shuriken | 1,500 ryo ea.
  • Steel Wire | 100 ryo per 15 feet.
  • Kunai | 100 ryo ea.
  • Shuriken | 100 ryo ea.
  • Senbon | 50 ryo ea.
  • Caltrops | 10 ryo ea.

    Extraordinary Shinobi Weapons
  • Cleaver Sword | 20,000 ryo ea
  • Odachi | 15,000 ryo ea.
  • Naginata | 15,000 ryo ea.
  • Chokuto | 15,000 ryo ea.
  • Katana | 15,000 ryo ea.
  • Yari | 12,000 ryo ea.
  • Nagamaki | 10,000 ryo ea.
  • Kanabo | 10,000 ryo ea.
  • Wakizashi | 10,000 ryo ea.
  • Shinobigatana | 10,000 ryo ea.
  • Crossbow | 10,000 ryo ea.
  • Kunai Blade | 7,500 ryo ea.
  • Standard Recurve Bow | 5,000 ryo ea. C-grade quality | Standard Wood
  • Kusarigama | 5,000 ryo ea.
  • Manriki | 2,000 ryo ea. 10 feet of chain. 1 pound weight on each end.
  • Kama | 3,000 ryo ea.
  • Bo Staff | 1,500 ryo ea.
  • Baton | 500 ryo ea.
  • Tanto | 5,000 ryo ea.
  • Trench Knife | 3,000 ryo ea.
  • Broadhead Arrows | 1,000 ryo per quiver of 10.
  • Broadhead Bolts | 1,000 ryo per quiver of 10.
  • Tekken | 500 ryo ea.
  • Kakute | 10 ryo ea.

    Basic Shinobi Explosives
  • Explosive Tag | 1,500 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius.
  • Flash Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius.
  • Smoke Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of smoke.
  • Chili Pepper Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of gas.

    Basic Shinobi Storage
  • Generic Sealing Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Requires Fuuinjutsu.
  • Large Sealed Weapon Scroll | 3,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal ten weapons of your choice.
  • Small Sealed Weapon Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal five weapons of your choice.
  • Baldric | 50 ryo ea.
  • Backpack | 50 ryo ea.
  • Hip Pouch | 50 ryo ea.
  • Holster | 25 ryo ea.

    Basic Shinobi Drugs/Medical
  • Blood Pills | 15,000 ryo per sack of 5. Restores 1/5th blood lost. One usage per battle.
  • Coagulation Pills | 15,000 ryo per sack of 5. Stops bleeding from simple wounds. One usage per battle.
  • Military Ration Pills | 5,000 ryo per bag of 20. Counts as a chakra recovery period when moving between short topics. Restores 10 points of the user's chakra in battle. Three usages per topic.
  • Medikit | 5,000 ryo ea. Includes one syringe, blood drawing kit, two rolls of bandage wrap, grain alcohol, one tourniquet, one roll of gauze, soothing cream, needle, thread, tweezers, scalpel, and shears.
  • Soothing Cream | 10,000 ryo ea. Minor pain relief and aides with healing.
  • Grain Alcohol | 100 ryo ea. Cleans wounds or consumed to make dying a bit easier.
  • Bandage Wrap | 500 ryo ea.

    Basic Ninja Contraptions
  • Wrist-Mounted Senbon Launcher | 5,000 ryo ea. Five senbon slots. Senbon not included. Can be loaded with poison.
  • Spring-loaded Kunai Mechanism | 1,000 ryo ea. Kunai not included.


  • Arm Guards | 5,000 ryo  A pair of leather arm guards that covers the back of your hand up to your elbow.
  • Shin Guards | 5,000 ryo A pair of leather shin guards that covers the base of your shin up to your knees.
  • Faulds | 5,000 ryo  A pair of leather flaps that help protect the waist and hips.
  • Cuisse | 10,000 ryo  Leather armor that protects your thighs down to your knees.
  • Spaulders | 10,000 ryo  A pair of leather guards that protect your shoulder and your upper arm.

  • Vest | 10,000 ryo A plain leather vest which protects your torso.

  • Arm Guards | 10,000 ryo A pair of steel arm guards that covers the back of your hand up to your elbow.
  • Shin Guards | 10,000 ryo A pair of steel shin guards that covers the base of your shin up to your knees.
  • Faulds | 10,000 ryo A pair of steel flaps that help protect the waist and hips.
  • Cuisse | 20,000 ryo Steel armor that protects your thighs down to your knees.
  • Spaulders | 20,000 ryo  A pair of steel guards that protect your shoulder and your upper arm.

  • Mail Shirt | 20,000 ryo A shirt of riveted mail which protects your torso.
  • Breastplate | 30,000 ryo A fitted piece of plated steel which protects your torso.

Important Note: If there's something you want but isn't listed here, you can talk with a member of staff to see if it's simple enough to be added. If it's more complex, you can simply buy the materials for the item and have the NPC shop keeper craft it for you. This will cost you 10,000 Ryo on top of the cost of the materials, and the item made will be C-Grade.

All items on this list are C-Grade in quality and made of iron unless stated otherwise.

You may also return to the Shinobi Marketplace to have items that were unsealed to be re-sealed again. This will cost the player 5,000 ryo per scroll. This can only be done within a village.
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Shinobi Marketplace
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