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    Princess rescue (C)


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    Princess rescue (C) Empty Princess rescue (C)

    Post by Ryuko on Sat Oct 06, 2018 7:29 pm

    Mission Name: Princess rescue
    Mission Type: Rescue
    Mission Rank: C-rank
    Mission Goal: Rescue the land of water daimyo's daughter.
    Description: The land of water daimyo's daughter has been kidnapped by a bunch of...well, kidnappers. She has been taken to their hideout in the Land of Fire. The two allied countries have put together a task force to rescue the princess.
    Payment: 15,000 ryo
    Requirements: C-class at least. One shinobi from Konoha and another from Kirigakure.[/quote]

    Ryuko's Ninja Card


    Strength: B
    Constitution: B
    Stamina: B
    Speed: B
    Coordination: A+
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: B

    On person
    Amulet of Kings
    Superior Gambeson
    Knight Gloves
    Knight Stockings
    Advanced Mantel
    Knight's Rider Boots
    Belt holster 1:
    - Hakkin's Wrath A (Baton)
    - Fuuma Shuriken
    Belt holster 2:
    - Hakkin's Wrath B (Baton)
    - Hakkin's Fang
    Hip Pouch
    - 1 Ninja wire (15 feet)
    - 10 Kunai
    - 10 Shuriken
    - 100 Caltrops
    - 1 Med kit
    - Bag of Military Ration Pills (20)  

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