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 Interruption, Travel, & Activity Rules

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PostSubject: Interruption, Travel, & Activity Rules   Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:50 pm


In order to get from one place to another, your character must travel. Travel is a term used to denote movement from one location to another, and when Travel exceeds a certain distance, times are assigned to it. These times are based on the real life passage of time and represent how long a character spends going from one place to the next. Generally, we only care about long distances when assigning these times, so they only come into effect when a character travels across an entire minor country or half of a major country and the times are:
Full Minor Country: 12 Hours
Half Major Country: 24 Hours
Full Major Country: 48 Hours

You can consult the world map, located here, to determine what countries, if any, your character is crossing. If your character is travelling within a minor country or within a half of a major country, then no times will be assigned to your travel. However, when times are assigned, you will be required to wait that amount of time in real life before you are able to post an arrival topic in your destination. You can, however, post at some point before your destination to reflect that you are travelling, if you wish.

Be sure to include your destination when making your exit post, because if you don't, you may just be considered as wandering in the subforum of your departure, and all time you spend waiting will be for nothing. If you would like to keep your destination a secret, just PM a member of staff to let us know where you're heading, and list your destination as "Secret" in your post, so that we can keep track of that. When leaving a village you must post in the gates to exit and when traveling through countries you must post in each subforum as you travel towards your destination. Alternatively, instead of posting in each subforum you can merely specify your path in your first travel post (for example, outside the gates) and then you may wait the required time and post directly to your destination. Note that you must post in each subforum OR state your path, failure to do either may result in your travel being voided and your character ruled to have wandered during the whole time.


When a character has exited a topic and hasn't posted anywhere else in 48 hours, that character is considered to be wandering within the subforum of that character's last real time post (real time refers to current time topics, as in not flashback topics). The only exception to this is when the character specifically lists a destination in that departure post, as in: [Exit -> Konoha]; in this case, the character will be considered as wandering in the Konohagakure subforum once that 48 hours has passed.

What wandering means is that the character is in between topics, but is not out of existence. A wandering character is still able to join any topic within the same subforum that the character is wandering in, in which case the character will be able to interrupt any action that has taken place in the previous or current round. For reference, a round is when two or more players have posted, or when 48 hours have passed.

A wandering character may be hunted by another character. This requires that the hunting character first have a legitimate reason to be hunting the wandering character; this is subject to scrutiny by staff, so be sure that you aren't metagaming with the reason. In addition to a reason, the hunting character will need to have some reliable means of tracking the wandering character. Using a scent picked up within 48 hours of the wandering character's last topic, for instance, or using the Byakugan or a sensing technique that can span all or the majority of the subforum that the wandering character is in. Whatever reason and method you use, it needs to be believable, and preferably have some basis to a time before that character started wandering.

When posting a hunting topic, you will need to include "Hunting: (insert character's name)" in the title. The wandering character will have 48 hours from that topic's most recent post to make a post in that topic, assuming that the topic is in the correct subforum. Failure to post in the hunting topic will leave the wandering character at the hunter's mercy, allowing any actions that the hunting character takes after that point to succeed without question or the possibility to interruption save by another character (not the wandering one).

Activity Rules
Staying active on your character is important. If you do not make an IC post within three weeks your character will be automatically admitted to the nearest hospital and shall remain in a coma (at which point a Kage may demote you) until you post again. Additionally, if you have been subject to prolonged inactivity (not posting in three weeks or more without absence) and fail an activity check then your character will be ruled dead and removed from the roster. These penalties can be avoided by merely posting an absence letting us know if you will be away for awhile in which case your character is assumed to just be in the background away from harm. Note that characters killed from inactivity may not have objects, techniques, kekkei genkai, or other items of value harvested from them by active PCs. If you wish to harvest these things it may be while the character is alive (in an inactivity coma) but once that character dies from inactivity you cannot go and take them.


An interruption is when a character interjects into another character's post and interferes with the actions occurring there. This can only be done in the current or previous round, when not all players have posted for the round and 48 hours have not passed. This is fairly common practice for characters all in the same topic, but it becomes a bit different with characters that haven't yet joined the topic.

As mentioned earlier, a wandering character is able to interrupt any actions in the current or previous round so long as the topic is within the subforum they are wandering in. Characters wandering in other subforums will need to make a post about leaving that subforum to come into the topic's subforum, as any other character must also do to leave their current topic. To do this, there must be a reason, and these are typically such things as explosions that grab people's attention.

These attention grabbers effectively start the time frame for other characters taking notice of it, deciding how to respond, and then moving towards it, if they so choose. We don't assign specific times to how long this should take, as every instance is different, but use good judgement when deciding what will have happened by the time your character arrives. Obviously, unless your character can teleport, he will not be able to see the explosion a mile away and then arrive immediately after it happens, even if 48 hours haven't passed. For this reason, anything contained in the initial post cannot be interrupted by a character that is in a different topic or is wandering a different subforum. There are some slight exceptions to this when that initial post is extremely long and may cover half an hour or more of IC time, which your character may logically be able to interrupt. In these rare cases, use your judgement, but for the most part, you won't be able to interrupt the initial post. If you have any questions on this, ask a member of staff and we'll tell you what you should be able to interrupt.

Joining a Topic

As mentioned above, it is expected that a certain amount of time will pass between your character exiting one topic, travelling, and then entering another topic, and while we don't represent that specifically, we do require that there be some consensus between players on what can and can't be done in that amount of time.

Firstly, this applies to Travel. If a topic begins in Kumogakure and your character is in Sunagakure when it starts, you will not be able to travel all the way to Kumogakure, crossing three different countries, and try to jump into that topic. So much time would have passed that the topic would be finished before you even arrived. For this reason, a character is unable to join a topic that started in a different Land before they left. If you departed before it started but haven't yet arrived, that's fine and you can join. If you're in a different subforum when it starts, that's fine as well; just read the interruption rules above.

Secondly, this applies to leaving and rejoining. If your character is in a topic and then leaves that topic to do something else, keep in mind that your character is still on the same timeline. If you were in the training field talking to your friends and leave to take a three hour nap but they keep talking for a while, you won't be able to show back up because it's been three hours for you, but only thirty minutes for them. Normally, this isn't allowed unless there is some kind of time skip in the topic, or 48 hours have passed since the last post, but if all of the players in the topic agree to you rejoining, then it's fine. This may not work for all topics, though, especially battles and plot-based topics, so be careful.

Lastly, this applies to updates. When you complete something in a topic, like training, you will post an update in the update board and a member of staff will look it over and either approve it or deny it. When it's approved, you're free to use everything in that update on your character. However, there's a second condition to this. The topic you want to use that stuff in must happen chronologically after the topic you used in the update. So if you train a few techniques and then start a new topic to spar with your friend, you just have to wait for the update to get approved and you can use those techniques. However, if a Tailed Beast attacks a village and you try to learn some techniques to deal with that Bijuu, you won't be able to use them against the Bijuu no matter when your update is approved. Why? Because the Bijuu topic started before your training post. For this rule, we compare the time stamp on the last post of the topic your updating for with the time stamp on the first post of the topic you're joining. If the first time stamp is after the second time stamp, then you can't use whatever you got in that update. There is a small exception to this with topics that have a lot of time pass by, like a village entry topic, where the first post may have happened months ago IC, in which case we just use the time stamp from the first post of the most recent round.
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Interruption, Travel, & Activity Rules
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