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    Kamizuru needs an update


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    Kamizuru needs an update

    Post by Shinoskay on Fri Oct 12, 2018 9:22 pm

    Insect Name: Apis cerana (Asian Honey Bee)
    Constitution: D + [but it would be hard to swat them all seeing they mostly travel in swarms]
    Speed: A Rank
    Strength: D (with B sharpness stingers)
    Perception: C
    Intelligence: D (but can be semi directed by creator)
    Coordination: B
    Range: 1 mile capped at range of perception (including sensory)
    Cost: .1 per 50 Apis cerana
    Skill: N/A
    Requirements: E Rank Kamizuru [Starter Bug]
    Abilities: Apis cerana (Asian Honey Bee) is an insect, a slightly smaller Bee, chakra construct utilized by the Kamizuru clan. Based on the common Regional honey bee, semi independent (can act and react without direction), the clans most common tool. The most common use of the Apis cerana in combat is to silently ambush, or swarm, an opponent either as an assault in itself or in preperation for a derived jutsu. Other uses include simply tracking down a target, serving as a protective shield and as a prison to hold and detain a target in place. Aside from what is listed here, while the bee's have all the same shape, including a stinger, they do not produce bodily fluids and as such will not have poison unless through a means outside of this specific creation technique, Apis cerana have the ability to use all senses available to a normal bee.

    If a basic Apis cerana, that is not being used in a jutsu, is smashed while on a person, much like if the pheromone left if you smash a bee, then there is a chakra marker left on the person that a bug can track from a maximum of 2miles. The Apis cerana are revealed to be largely unaffected by genjutsu because they have no nervous systems as constructs however they can be influanced by commands of from a creator who is trapped in a genjutsu. the max is 1000 bugs. cost to make is cumulative, you dont pay .1 until you have made a whole batch of 50 bee's (that is to say, if one makes 20 it wont cost, but then if one makes 30 more the next post then one will have to pay the .1 for having made a total of 50)

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