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 Limit Break Points

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PostSubject: Limit Break Points   Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:17 pm

Limit Break Points

Limit Break Points are a set of points assigned to three different categories which allow a character to exceed the normal limits of his stats or abilities in various ways based on the categories listed below. They are representative of a protagonist's ability to surpass all odds and push beyond his limits, accomplishing the impossible through sheer force of will, but only for a short while. These categories are:

Physical: Boost any one stat to S-Tier for one attack/action. If the affected stat is naturally S-Tier, then boost it to X-Tier instead.

Technique: Increase the power of any one technique to S-Rank for a single use. If the affected technique is naturally S-Rank, then increase it to X-Rank instead.

Destiny: Inexplicably survive and negate any damage inflicted in the previous round of combat.

These points are distributed at the registration of your character, one for each category, and once a point is spent, it is gone forever. There may be opportunities to acquire more points, but these cases are extremely rare, so use your points wisely.
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Limit Break Points
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