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    Post by Ryuko on Mon Oct 15, 2018 2:29 am

    Alkaid had only meant to tease Calin when she went in as if she was about to kiss him. She never would have guessed that the boy would have the balls to lean into it. She really did have to stop underestimating him. One second everything had been going to plan and the next it was like someone had lit off fireworks inside of her head as their lips connected.

    It was so different from when she had been kissing Tsubaki. There it had been more of a way to physically express their intimacy for each other then anything sexual. This to her felt far more primal and it sent shivers of excitement down her spine. It only lasted a few brief seconds which felt like like so much longer and yet somehow not long enough as Calin pulled away.

    “Hmm, delicious.” said Alkaid as she liked her lips suggestively as if she where savoring the spit Calin had left behind. “Just so you know I don’t kiss just anyone, you’d a luck man indeed. Face it tiger, You just hit the jackpot” said Alkaid half jokingly before continuing on with her preview of the main event spiel. Depending on how things went she wouldn’t mind getting a little frisky afterwards, thought not TOO frisky.

    Technically it was a first date after all. There where some lines even she didn’t want to cross. It was one thing to appear to be loose and another to actually be it. She didn’t mind playing at being experienced since it was a handy tool to wrap men around her finger with, but in the end it was only another act.

    “Sure you can pay if you insist.” replied Alkaid shrugging her shoulder indifferently “Thought I don’t see much point in it, considering that I own the place and all. Welcome to the cafe with no name.” she said introducing him to the ironically named store.

    “It’s a place that never stands out, but that’s kind of the point. As you guessed it’s one of the safest spots in town, perfect for swapping secrets and other things.” She said teasingly before getting down to business.

    “Right, that’s the story everyone’s been told. But the facts disclosed to the public aren’t always the truth. I have evidence that suggests that Yanagi isn’t the true culprit behind this case. Evidence to suggest she was framed, used as a scapegoat.” said Alkaid her face serious to show that this time she wasn’t joking at all.

    “What they don’t tell you is what happened with Yanagi before the incident. How she was in a coma from the plague. A comma that lasted for months and ended only just days before the murders happened. I’m no medic but I can tell you that there is no way in hell she’d recovered enough to commit the crime.” said Alkaid as she put a photo of her feeding Yanagi on the table that showed just how weak the girl had gotten during her time trapped in bed.

    “Her sister Yui had also fallen victim to the plague. The difference is that we didn’t find her right away when she collapsed. She was left exposed to the elements for days before I finally located her. Onee-sama and I where the ones taking care of them, but some of the elders where doing everything they could to keep us busy… keep us away from them. At one point they even told me to give up. To just let them die like the rejects they where.” she explained her fist clenched in anger.

    “One day, Yanagai woke up only to find her sister dead beside her already beginning to rot. She flipped out and fled. I quickly located her but she wanted almost nothing to do with me. In her anger she wanted to make the elders pay…….” For a moment Alkaid’s voice trailed off. What she was going to say next wasn’t going to be easy.

    “...At the time I was so angry at what happened that I offered to team up with her to tear the elders from their gilded throne. Toonami the previous Mizukage’s twin happened to overhear us and offered to help, but Yanagi didn’t want help from either of us. No she declared her intentions to tear our clan to the ground with her own hands. That the only way we could pay would be with our blood, every last drop of it” at this Alkaid let off a long sigh.

    “I know that sounds bad, makes her seems like the suspect but there’s more to the story. I offered to take all of her hatred upon myself. I told her to kill me to satisfy her lust for revenge. If my life was the price to spare the rest of our family from her wraith it would have been a small price to pay. If she really wanted to kill us she had the perfect chance to start right there and yet she did nothing. She simply walked away. Does that sound like someone who’s a mass murderer to you? No she was simply a girl saying things she didn't actually mean in her grief”

    Taking a sip of the coffee that had been brought to her Alkaid took a moment to let Calin digest everything she’d told him so far. There was more about the incident itself she had to tell him, but she wanted to make sure she wasn’t moving too fast.

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