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    Standards of respect .2


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    Standards of respect .2 Empty Standards of respect .2

    Post by Shinoskay on Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:40 pm

    people did not have time to discuss in that other topic before it was rudely closed.

    "So this is a bare minimum topic for me and something actually worth making a suggestion on. I dont even know if I am going to stay here, I came here because I made a deal with sin but she hasnt been active on either site and I havent heard from her in a weak. She is still in the discord so I am giving it more time before I decide what I am going to do but in the mean time what just happened in chat is just not going to fly for me.

    I fully believe that trashing someone because of ooc technicalities barring that someone is disrespect. if someone is happy and chearing when they accomplished all they could, despite the odds, and got all that the meta/ooc will allow them. That is cool...

    if someone goes in and says 'nope, no, wrong... just wrong' because ooc barred them from getting everything... and technically they didnt meet their goal... thats not cool. its wrong actually... its unjust, toxic, and just disrespectful. Multiple people did this, it wasnt even on just one person.

    I even took the time to explain how what the person did is also a technical victory so that they could hopefully chill off it but they didnt.

    ok, great, mods said they can say whatever because it wasnt blatantly disrespectful... that sounds bad to me. technicalities are gross... we shouldnt live and breath on technicalities unless its a really close situation and we actually need those to trully decide because otherwise we couldnt. thats what technicalities are for... unclear situations.

    I am not ok with people rudely shitting on others parade, I dont say anything when yui talks about how badass her blast is or when tsu goes on about her uber craft stuff. I dont say anything about it even tho I have plenty of opinions. But then for them to turn around and trash on someone else? and its ok?


    I suggest better standards for respect."

    this time, I ask that no one tells me how I was acting. Please stay on topic to respect and standards.

    I cared enough to spend the time to write this up and post it. please respect that.

    The ooc wrote:That ooc Shit

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    Standards of respect .2 Empty Re: Standards of respect .2

    Post by Akame on Tue Oct 16, 2018 11:00 pm

    When you're capable of not shitting on somebody else for multiple hours at a shot for no reason, IC or otherwise, then your claims of disrespect will be met with a more serious tone. As it stands, you're the ONLY person who says the situation was disrespectful on the other party's end while most people say that you were the one who was being disrespectful. This has already been settled in chat, and the first thread was locked for a reason. I'm going to lock this one too, and you can count this as your second warning since the first one given in chat at the start of all this wasn't enough. If you start a third thread, you WILL be temporarily banned for 48 hours. Thank you, and have a good night.

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