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    Purchasing Shinobi Tools


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    Purchasing Shinobi Tools Empty Purchasing Shinobi Tools

    Post by Yumi on Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:59 am

    Yumi walked into the shinobi store in order to pick up more items. The sealing practitioner had started working with sealing techniques again and was planning to work on two in particular. A control formation seal and a flying blades formation seal. The second would allow Yumi to manipulate low-level weapons as they floated in the air, manipulated by a controlled seal on Yumi's neck which would allow him to move them in the air to attack. With his current level of coordination, Yumi could only use five at most, but had the idea to place the seals on as many items as possible along with low-level C rank explosion seals. B rank ones would take up to much chakra so he put them on the back burner for now. Entering the store, Yumi approached the clerk and gave a soft smile.

    "Eight Kunai and twelve Shuriken please." Requested the medic with a beaming smile, getting a blush from the young clerk who went to retrieve the items. Due to Yumi's wealthy status he would receive a twenty-five percent discount in items. It only costed Yumi 1,500 Ryo in the end




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