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 Puppetry Guideline

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PostSubject: Puppetry Guideline   Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:24 pm


Kugutsu refers to the art of trap-making and the utilization of weaponized puppets. It is a deadly art that originated in Sunagakure but has since spread to all of the shinobi nations. It involves using chakra strings to manipulate mechanized puppets capable of fighting with various weapons and poisons. One's ability to successfully manipulate a puppet is governed by their Coordination stat. The Kugutsu Skill is necessary for learning the Puppet Technique, and while those with knowledge of Kugutsu may create simple puppets (C Rank and below) only Craftsman are capable of engineering sophisticated puppets. Both the Chakra String Technique and the Puppet Technique are considered the cornerstones of any Kugutsu user's arsenal and as such it is important to understand how they function.

Chakra Strings Technique

Puppet Technique

Puppet Creation

Puppets of C Rank or lower can be created by anyone with the Kugutsu Skill however puppets B Rank and up require the knowledge of one of the Crafting Skills (either Weaponry, Armour, or Miscellaneous will do). Puppets like jutsu are ranked E-S and as such have the same word count training requirements. The Speed and Coordination of the puppet itself is governed by the user's Coordination stat assuming normal manipulation with The Puppet Technique and Chakra Strings (although puppeteers may register their own custom means of puppet manipulation). The Strength and Constitution of the puppets are determined by their rank at creation, however both stats are capped at A even for S Rank puppets. This cap for Strength and Constitution can only be exceeded by UAs or techniques. Puppets are registered with their own special templates that describe how powerful the puppet is.

Name: The name of your puppet. This can be in any language you wish, though it is common practice to include an English translation for ease of reference.
Rank: The puppet's rank. This is the overall worth of the puppet as a whole, including its raw power and overall utility. Ranks are lettered in increasing order as follows: E, D, C, B, A, and S.
Materials: This is where you list the materials that you will need to have purchased in order to create your puppet. This includes weapons such as senbon, kunai, and shuriken to raw materials that will provide the frame and base of your puppet. All of this must be purchased IC at a Shinobi Marketplace. Prices can be found here.
Weapons: The offensive objects and mechanisms that the puppet has. This is where you describe how the materials you have purchased will be used as weapons by the puppet. This can range from contraptions allowing your puppet to fire or wield kunai to more complex systems such as a flamethrower.
Defenses: The defensive objects and mechanisms that the puppet has. This is where you describe how the materials you have purchased will be used as defenses by the puppet. This can include shields, reflectors, or complex systems like interceptors.
Stats: What is the Strength and Constitution of your puppet? Your puppet's base speed and coordination will be determined by your Coordination stat but the base Strength and Constitution are determined at registration.
General Description: This is where you talk about the general appearance and functioning of the puppet itself. Anything not explicitly covered in the Weapons and Defenses section must be detailed here.
Requirements: Any specific requirements in order to use the puppet. These are most often certain levels of stats or techniques. If not applicable, write "N/A".
Weaknesses: Every puppet has some sort of weakness. The more weaknesses a puppet has, the more powerful it may become, and vice versa. Use your imagination to think of any possible ways to defeat your own puppet. You may choose to exclude some weaknesses to avoid revealing to others how to beat your puppet, but just remember that any weaknesses not mentioned won't be considered when judging the overall balance of your puppet.
Price: How much your puppet will cost. This is the amount of money for all the materials you have purchased plus more depending on the complexity of what you are engineering. You can list whatever price you think is an appropriate and depending on the rank and sophistication of the puppet, staff may suggest you increase or decrease that price. There is a general puppet price list so you have a strong idea on how much your puppet should cost depending on the rank. This list does not include the added cost of whatever materials you'll need.

Puppet Price
E: 1,000
D: 5,000
C: 10,000
B: 20,000
A: 50,000
S: 100,000


[b]General Description:[/b]
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Puppetry Guideline
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