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    Vanguard Empty Vanguard

    Post by Shinoskay on Fri Oct 26, 2018 3:36 pm

    Village/Organization Name:
    Name of Current Leader:
    Shinoskay Mikiri (NPC working for shinoskay, when hired, posing as the face)
    List of Members:
    PC member - Shinoskay
    NPC Face Person
    Base Size:
    Lands Settled:
    Will be in Iwagakure somewhere
    Starting Funds:
    A bee Tattoo
    The Vanguard's purpose is just like the other recent information organization but this one also acts as a mercenary organization.

    General Description:
    It is not secretive like any of the others, information can be gathered both in the shadows and in the light. By presenting ones self as a source of power to be purchased and used by others you are called in and inherently now you have information on something that you may not have normally been privy too because they didnt call you in. You can know about a battle ahead of time because you are being called in FOR that battle and you can know about who is fighting who for the same reason. The primary bulk of Vanguard are guards, it advertises itself as a force to be used to hold places but it also hold scouts, assault forces, and counter espionage agents both for the sake of diversity and to cover its own actions.

    Primarily, since there is little to no discretion, it employs a decent amount of bandits and people who feel they have little to no purpose but to fight for money. Or those just willing to sell their arm or eye for money.

    Sources of Revenue:
    Merc work, Sponsors
    Shinoskay is allied to this group as a sponsor mostly but can also run mercenary work if hired to investigate or otherwise.

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