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    The Pits


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    The Pits Empty The Pits

    Post by Akame on Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:33 pm

    What are the Pits?

    Pit fighting has been a tradition in the Land of Water for centuries, a relic from the golden age of piracy so long ago. Pirates would raid an island or the coast of the Land of Fire, kidnapping people to drag back to some large holes they had dug in the ground and would force the victims to fight to the death for their amusement. Over the years, this crude and barbaric act has only changed a little. Rather than random people, it's mostly convicts, daredevils, and people seeking death. The smaller, more fringe pits are still just holes in the ground with people standing around making bets and cheering people on. The one remaining pit from a time almost passed is called the Champion's Pit. It is located in a shanty town constructed mostly of shoddily built buildings and homes with mud paths serving as roads called Vandal's Cove. It is full of criminal activity of various degrees, anything from theft to piracy and murder. This pit is more complex, with the "pit" being twenty meters in radius instead of only five or six. There are multiple rows of seating carved into the ground and permanently set with stone, being the most maintained building in Vandal's Cove. This is where all Player Character matches will be held.

    How the Pits Work

    Barring extreme circumstances, fighting in the Pits can be done very easily as it is completely voluntary. If you want to fight, you can fight. Fighting in the pits is a display of pure physical talent, with chakra being FORBIDDEN in any way, shape, or form. Do note that cheating is encouraged in the pit culture as long as you're not caught. If you are caught using chakra in one of your fights, you will be disqualified from that fight and your life will be forfeit. Anybody and everybody interested will have full authority to attack you if they wish to do so when you're caught cheating, though if you manage to escape and return at a later date you can try as many times as you desire.

    Personal weapons and armor are not allowed in the pits. Weapons will be provided, though they will be randomized for every match both in number and in their type. Do not expect to get one particular weapon type in every match, because it more than likely will not happen. Armor is not allowed at all, with combatants being forced to fight either in thin clothing or naked. Shoes are not allowed either, nor is jewelry of any sort. You enter the pit naked, and you leave the pit naked.

    As a first time combatant in the pits, the player character(s) in question will be immediately thrown into their first fight. This first fight will be a battle royale with up to 19 randomized NPC and is a fight to the death. The last three standing will be considered the victors. The NPC for this first fight will not exceed your class by more than two classes, though the classes will be randomly selected. Should they survive this fight, their wounds can either be healed by someone with ijutsu (must be a PC) or have their wounds will be physically treated as per the guidelines below. They will then be instructed on how the pits work as well as the best ways to fight, beginning their lessons in the Pit Style. This can be done in character should the combatant wish to do so for the experience, though it is not required and these instructions and lessons will otherwise be assumed to have happened in the background and may be noted as an update to a character's history.

    Following the battle royale, the Pits will offer five more fights that will get progressively more difficult as the combatant proves their mettle. Each of these fights will be against at least one other opponent, however the number selected and the type of match is random and it's possible you will wind up in another battle royale or even a handicap match. Once the first three fights are done, however, the rest will be solo fights unless the combatant desires a fight against more people. The first three matches will be against npc ranked D, C, and B respectively. The final two fights will be against NPC ranked at A and S class and will be a one on one fight, as the crowd loves to witness duels between highly skilled warriors. As in the battle royale, all weapons will be completely random and there may not be any weapons at all. Chakra usage is also still forbidden, as it is at every level of the pits.

    Each successful fight in the pits will give out a monetary reward, with the battle royale being the only exception in that it grants nothing except access to the next five fights. The first fight grants 10,000 ryo, the second 20,000, the third 40,000, the fourth 80,000, and the final fight offering 160,000 ryo. Progression through the pits allows one to learn Pit Style, regardless of their native land though they must still possess the ability to learn it either through intelligence or skills.

    The fourth fight offers a renown reward of 100 renown and the fifth fight rewards 300. After the first round through the pits, one may return to fight more to earn more fame and money. The NPC fought in this manner must at least equal the combatant's class but may be higher, with X class combatants fighting S class NPC. All monetary and renown rewards are halved after this first round through the pits and correspond with the rank of NPC fought. For example, a S rank NPC would grant a 80,000 ryo payout and 150 renown after the first round of fighting is done.

    There is one more important thing to note about the pits: ALL FIGHTS ARE DEATH ENABLED. Yes, you read that correctly. Even though most of the fights will be against NPC, your character will still be subject to death with most fights being to the death. Only rarely and in cases of an excellent showing would a life be spared. This is the primary risk of the pits; your character's life is on the line every time they fight. NPC up to A rank may be autohit if the respective rules apply, however a S rank NPC can NEVER be autohit in the pits regardless of class. This is to prevent high tier characters from using the pits as a source of free cash, as their life will still be at risk.

    There will be a grace period of five days between fights where your character's wounds can heal up the first time through the pits. Minor wounds will fully heal while major ones (stab wounds, large lacerations, broken bones, etc) will only be mostly healed. This does not apply if they're healed with ijutsu. Five days is the maximum allotted wait time before the combatant will be forced to leave the pits. If the combatant leaves due to injury or other reasons during the first round through the pits, they must restart at the beginning of the five fights when they return. This means it's entirely possible you will begin a fight wounded, so the decision to continue should be thought about carefully.

    The Champion

    The Pit Champion is the one who stands above the rest, often a fighter of great renown and one who demands respect with their martial prowess. To reach the level of Pit Champion, one must have completed the pits the first time completely through (the battle royale and the next five fights). The champion is the target of every serious pit fighter, wanting the title and the prestige for their own. The money doesn't hurt either. Defeating the Pit Champion grants a reward of 500 renown as well as a monetary reward of 500,000 ryo upon their defeat. A successful defense will give player character pit champions these rewards at half value as it's just another fight for them. Should there be no Player Character Pit Champion, a S rank NPC will be substituted. However, this NPC will have an additional 1050 experience to spend on stats and will be much more difficult to defeat than the S rank NPC from the fifth fight.

    As the Pit Champion, a player character gains a passive 100 renown per month every month they hold the title. There can also only be one Pit Champion in existence at a time, as the title can only be transferred by killing the previous Pit Champion. Mercy is not allowed when this title is on the line. Killing a Player Character Pit Champion also rewards the killer half of their renown total as per usual in addition to the flat 500 renown for killing the Champion.

    List of Champions

    • Nikuyo Yuki- Nikuyo is a unique case. He begins as the Pit Champion, and defeating him will reward the normal rewards as well as a unique artifact. In order to discover what it is, you kill him in the pits after completing your first round. It will be worth the fight, should you have the stomach for it.

    This is the Pit Style that may be learned through the pits:

    Name: Pit Style
    Rank: A
    Power: A
    Activation Cost: N/A
    Upkeep Cost: 7
    Range: User
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Taijutsu (Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu optional)
    Classification: Relatively Open
    Requirements: Live through enough fights in the Pits, C rank in every single physical stat and Perception minimum
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The style of the Pit is one found only in the archipelago of the Land of Water. The clans that used to rely on piracy frequently pay to see people fight in a pit, finding it to be a great source of entertainment. The people who fight in the pit gain more than entertainment though, both in fame and in personal skill. It's a style bred out of pure desperation, adjusting itself to suit the situation at hand. In the Pit, you don't know what weapon you'll be given. Sometimes you're given none and must take one from somebody else. Every fight is to the death, should the crowd wish it, and any means required to win is used by those who have truly grasped what it means to be a Pit Fighter. Being agile is a requirement since rigidity only gets you a knife in the back when you're in the Pit.

    Pit Style revolves around using any kind of weapon you can get your hands on, and barring that possibility, breaking your opponent and then killing them as efficiently and ruthlessly as possible. Knives, axs, rocks, swords, sticks, even dirt and sand are fair game. Anything to help you win. This ability to transform literally anything into an effective weapon is incredibly useful. Dirty tactics are right at home, with eye gouging and shots to the groin frequently used. Biting, headbutts, knees, anything and everything you can utilize to break your opponent before they break you. A few grappling maneuvers and throws are taught, just as a way to help balance the style, and a few lessons are devoted on what to do if you find yourself fighting on the ground. The official lessons given are not that complex or difficult, since most of the ins and outs of each individual's style is hammered out in the Pit where they either adapt or die.

    Favored tactics are generally disarming your opponents regardless on whether you're armed or not, followed by breaking or otherwise disabling some part of your opponent to make killing them easier. Practitioners frequently practice interruption tactics, making this a style that is very good at countering. This really only applies to opponents around the same level of strength as you, as weaker opponents can typically be overwhelmed. This is because a great emphasis on speed is put into the style, since you rarely ever face a fair fight in the Pit. Killing people slowly only increases the chances of you being killed yourself, after all. This means fighters must be in peak physical condition and must have a decent awareness of their surroundings. They're taught the hardest way possible, through constant life and death situations, that being aware of all the enemies around you and being able to react to them is required to survive in the Pit. This experience also makes each practitioner's version of the style unique, with no two fighters fighting the same way once they get some experience under their belts.

    This style grants a maximum of four pluses that may be distributed to Speed or Coordination any way the individual practitioner wishes. In addition, the absolutely ruthless approach in regards to interrupting and destroying your opponent through extremely close range fighting makes fighting against it within this comfort zone exceptionally difficult. This results in a - to either the opponent's Speed or Coordination and can't be changed for the rest of the topic once chosen. This ability applies to each target individually, allowing for great flexibility in the user's approach to the fight. This same ferocity also protects Pit fighters from the methods of interruption present in styles like it, decreasing debuffs to Speed or Coordination given by fighting styles by one minus. Only one stat may be chosen for protection in this manner.

    Weaknesses: The style must be learned through constant struggling in the Pits of the Land of Water. This is a life threatening area, with death being a very real possibility. In addition to being forced to put your character's life on the line, they must also pay one-hundred experience per plus of boosts in order to access that boost- this displays their growth in the style's execution by constant victories in the Pit. Each plus also requires one victory in the pit, and the secondary effects cost another 100 experience and victory in the pit. This is the level of skill with the style that true champions possess, unmatched in personal combat.

    In order to prevent boosts to someone else's stats via their styles, the user must also possess the skill said style belongs to so they have the personal knowledge and experience to work around these particular styles. Similarly, they must have the skill and equal Perception minimum if they wish to be immune from stat debuffs by opposing styles. Uniquely, those who know Pit Style may negate both the debuffs and the protections of another practitioner.

    Character Name: Akame Sasumi
    Experience:  0/4200
    Renown: 3000
    Ryo: 0

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: B+ (wealthy)
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: B

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical: 2
    • Technique: 0
    • Destiny: 1

    Link to Character Updates: http://gladiusrp.forumotion.com/t219-tsuyo-s-updates#1371

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