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    The Azure Marlin - a waterfront house


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    The Azure Marlin - a waterfront house Empty The Azure Marlin - a waterfront house

    Post by Kurenai on Fri Nov 02, 2018 7:21 pm

    Living Expenses wrote:
    Comfortable: Choosing a comfortable lifestyle means that you can afford nicer clothing and can spend rather carelessly on dining and other expenses to fit your needs. You live in a sizeable house in a middle-class neighbourhood, a waterfront lake house, or a large apartment.

    Cost of living: 35,000 ryo Kirigakure Metropole: Free!

    Damaged equipment is repaired.
    -25% on all travel time. Does not stack with other modifiers.
    Passive + to any one stat [Strength]
    -25% discount at marketplace items. Does not include black market.

    'The Azure Marlin' is a small house fit for two people and boasts a marvellous view upon the waters surrounding Kirigakure. Build upon solid wooden poles, it is protected against the casual ebb and flow of the sea, supporting a small patio just above the waters with sufficient room to place a couple of chairs and a small table or an easel for the artist working from home.

    Large windows allow a vast amount of light to illuminate the small living room where a comfortable sofa, coffee table and a TV offer a casual seating for the inhabitant desiring a moment of rest. In the section behind that, a small dining table of solid quality offers room for four people to have breakfast or dinner. The walls have been decorated by paintings of various sealife creatures to add more to the maritime theme of the house. A single door leads to hallway and another to a cosy little kitchen.

    The kitchen is not much to brag about but provides the necessary to prepare day-to-day meals, with a small window looking out on the sea allows steam to escape as it provides fresh air. It's generally kept sober and simple for a low maintenance orientation.

    The hallway directly leads to the front door, the bathroom and the stairs leading to the second floor. There is a small clauset intended to store shoes so as to keep the rooms clean from the dirt and sand outside, and a coat hanger right above it.

    The bathroom's walls are decorated in a mosaic of blue, teal and green on the lowers section while the upper section has been painted a sand colour to recreate the beach feeling. It provides a toilet, a sink as well as a shower.

    The second floor provides a single large room with a king-size bed and a wardrobe fit for two people. A couple of paintings depict sceneries of the Land of Snow beautified by an aurora, complementing the dark brown wooden walls and purple curtains on the window that keep the whole place darkened for a good night's rest.


    The Azure Marlin - a waterfront house Yavolf8e
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