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    The Dark Healer Empty The Dark Healer

    Post by Zurui on Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:58 am

    Name: Blessing of Lakshmi
    Rank: S
    Price: 300,000 Ryo
    Application: Injestion, Injection
    Effect: A specific chemical combination derived from an intimate knowledge of poison, this antidote is injected into the bloodstream. From there, it actively seeks and binds to any foreign objects not common to the body. Once bound, its molecules ingest the poison, rendering it harmless, and are then filtered out of the body through normal means. This is effective against every type of poison in existence save only for those that are based on overloading the body with materials that it would normally possess. In this case,  the antidote must be mixed with a healthy sample of the person's blood to adapt and become effective.

    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 30 Days
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Blessing of Dhanvantari
    Rank: S
    Price: 300,000 Ryo
    Application: Topical Application
    Effects: In particularly desolate climates, there grows an herb so rare that it hasn't even been officially named or discovered. This herb contains an unusually high content of energy, absorbed from both the sun and the Earth. For the plant, this means it needs no water to survive. However, when exposed to the human body, this energy accelerates the healing process tremendously. While this is great for rapidly recovering wounds, it also accelerates the body's usage of nutrients in order to complete this healing, leading to the possibility of instantly starving or dehydrating an individual if too much is used at once. Due to this danger,  the herb is crushed and mixed into a liquid containing the necessary nutrients for recovery.

    The nature of this medicine allows for it to be produced in various diluted forms, ranging from D-Rank for minor wound recovery to S-Rank for near total body regeneration. As usual, the higher mixtures require more care,  such that each rank that this medicine is produced in requires the associated level of Intelligence, from C to S, as outlined in the guidelines.
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 30 Days (S), 15 Days (A), 7 Days (B), 3 Days (C), 1 Day (D)
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Wrath of Vāyu
    Rank: A
    State: Gas
    Price: 300,000 Ryo
    Symptoms: Coughing that progressively worsens as the Countdown continues, until the point that breathing becomes impossible.
    Effects: The toxin enters the respiratory system via inhalation as a gas. The lungs pick up on this and attempt to force it out, hence the coughing. This is ineffective, however, and damages the lining of the trachea and bronchi. The toxin enters these exposed areas and causes fierce inflammation over the course of the Countdown that restricts breathing until, by the end of it, the target is unable to breathe and falls unconscious for the length of the Duration. Note that this can be produced as a liquid and injected into the bloodstream. The Countdown remains the same, in this case, but the Duration will increase to 10 posts.
    Countdown: 4 Posts
    Duration: 6 Posts
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Wrath of Yama
    Rank: S
    State: Liquid
    Price: 300,000 Ryo
    Symptoms: The victim's body will quickly lose functionality over the course of the countdown as the Nervous System begins to break down. Coordination is halved on the first post after injection and halved again on the second post.
    Effects: A powerful neurotoxin based on the venom of a legendary serpent  from an isolated island in the Land of Water. The effect of this poison is the swift deterioration of the victim's Nervous System, which will cause widespread organ failure leading to immediate death after the Duration. Constitution can hold off the effects by one post for every tier above D, during which time their Coordination remains halved.
    Countdown: 2
    Duration: 4
    *Yields 3 dosages

    Name: Wrath of Vishnu
    Rank: S
    State: Liquid
    Price: 300,000 Ryo
    Symptoms: The victim will appear noticeably sickly, as if suddenly struck with a heavy virus that their body is trying everything to fight. Fevers, coughing, sneezing, inflammation, etc. -the specific symptoms vary by individual.
    Effects: During the Countdown, the virus floods the bloodstream to trigger an immune response. This is what causes the symptoms. After the countdown is through,  the virus has successfully attacked the various white blood cell types, altering their structure to reproduce infected cells which no longer recognize the cells of the body. They will attack other leukocytes and erythrocytes, causing permanent harm to the body in the form of a two tier reduction to Constitution that must be retrained. If the target is particularly stout with S-Tier or higher Constitution, the reduction is changed to a temporary one tier reduction for five posts.

    Perhaps the nastiest effect is brought on by the infected B-Cells. These are the ones that remember previous invaders to prompt a swifter immune response. Because of this, they flood the system with new leukocytes that immediately become affected, skipping the Countdown any time after the first time that the victim is infected.
    Countdown: 2
    Duration: 3
    *Yields 3 dosages

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