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    Browsing the Goods Empty Browsing the Goods

    Post by Andariel Bloodworth on Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:57 pm

    Sometime after her arrival she had some free time to do what she initially came to Kirigakure for. After hearing the recent economical success of the city she had to go and experience the culture herself. The well-being of a city attracted finer shops and craftsmen. Back in Kumogakure Natsuru relied on her teammates, or rather teammate, to supply her with armor. Shimiko was of little help regarding her weaponry. Regardless, she was was curious with what wares were offered in different armorers. After all, each smith had their own style. And regional cultures influenced that. Natsuru wears black sandals which cover both feet securely and tightly providing comfort and protection. This is matched with a pair of dark gray steel shin guards. The shin guards covered the tops of her feet all the way up to her lower knees. This was matched with a pair of black stockings which covered her feet and extended above her knees. Although made from cloth they were somewhat thick and provided minor protection. Natsuru wears black undergarments which are concealed by a loose pain of black pants with the bottoms wrapped in white bandage. Attached on the belt is a dark gray lacquered scabbard sized for a tanto. Another black belt is worn around her waist which serves to hold her quiver located around her back side. This belt is accompanied with a hip pouch above her rear and a katana on her left side, the scabbard design mimicking that of the tanto.

    A mesh, sleeveless undershirt covered her body as a set of riveted mail is worn over the undershirt. As her primary top she wears a simple long sleeve black shirt being a bit loose just like her pants. On both hands Natsuru wears a pair of long fingerless gloves which extends just below her elbows made with the same material of cloth and quality as her stockings. These are backed by a pair of soft leather arm guards protecting her forearm and back hand leaving a small soft part on her wrist still allowing flexibility. Her bow is worn across her chest with the front of the bow across her chest and the string running across her back, the natural properties of the bow clinging itself to her body. Over her torso is a black cloak that extended down to the backs of her knees with a down hood, the mantel thick and well-insulated keeping the majority of her appearance concealed.

    Natsuru has very fair skin with an almost ink-like navy blue hair, which matches her eyes in the same regards. These features are mostly hidden by the raise hood of her cloak and a face mask covering from her down and down. Standing at 5'11 she has a very slender frame which maximizes her role as an archer giving her a statuesque vibe. Due to the choice of clothing worn she could easily be mistaken for a male actor given her height and the majority of her feminine features being concealed.

    Entering the store, which had a much more rustic, medieval theme compared to the rest of the city. A small bell would chime as the door was opened, and once again as it was shut behind her. The smell of fresh leather and iron reeked the atmosphere, something she learned to enjoy after her years of crafting. What immediately caught her attention was the footwear section on the left side along the wall. Natsuru had been looking to replace the generic sandals with something more robust, fashionable, and comfortable. As winter was coming along, sandals were a ridiculous choice even with her padded stockings. There were several boots on display, the cheaper, bargain value boots on one end while the expensive, quality boots were on the opposite side. Of course Natsuru was drawn towards the expensive set, taking it off the shelf and appraising it. She felt the fine, thick leather was reinforced with iron plating making them a heavy duty pair of boots.

    She would take those and do a little more browsing inside the store. Among the shop she came across a section for gloves. Natsuru went through the same process and ended up settling with the most expensive pair of combat gloves. Apparently they were advertised to protect against shock, but she wasn't willing to test that herself. Still, the gloves were heavy, which meant they were protective. Bringing her product to the counter she reached into her cloak and from her body retrieve a wallet. I should've brought more with me... She said regretfully at the fifty-thousand ryo in her wallet. The armor alone costed thirty-five thousand leaving her with some pocket change, which was more or less a Chuunin's monthly salary. Pulling the correct amount of bills Natsuru did not attempt any small talk. After making the transfer she would receive her goods in a plastic bag. "Thank you." Storing her wallet she grabbed the bag and proceeded into a changing room, where she would swap out her old sandals and put on her new boots and gloves. Tossing the bag she would leave the establishment with her fresh gear.

    Spending 35,000 ryo

    Buying: Kirigakure Specialist Combat Gloves | Kirigakure Specialist Combat Boots


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