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    Eight Gates Information

    Toonami & Konami

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    Eight Gates Information

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:49 pm

    Hachimon- Eight Gates

    The Eight Gates are eight specific tenketsu on a person's Chakra Pathway System. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions that transpire within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon by constantly going at full tilt. By undergoing intense training, one can learn how to open these gates allowing the user to surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own body.

    The power these gates gifts to the user include increases to strength, speed, constitution, and overall available stamina. These gates tax the body heavily, though with each tier of constitution, that damage becomes somewhat mitigated. Each of these gates requires the user to invest a certain amount of experience to learn. Possessing the Taijutsu Skill reduces experience costs by half.

    Boosts granted by later gates stack with the boosts from the gates beneath, granting a cumulative effect. Increases to total stamina also increase available stamina, separate from any stamina refreshes. All boosts given count as Unique Boosts.

    The First Gate is the Gate of Opening. It is located in the brain and unlocks the full natural potential of the user's muscles by force. This is a prerequisite technique for the Primary Lotus, a technique derived from the Hachimon. The first gate gives the user a boost of ++ to Strength and Speed. Requires 100 experience to learn and gives access to the Primary Lotus technique.

    The Second Gate is the Gate of Healing, also located in the brain. It gives the user a boost to their maximum stamina pool of 20 points as well as a boost to Strength, Constitution, and Speed of +. This gate requires 200 experience to learn, but does not grant access to any additional techniques. (Str: 1 Tier, Spd: 1 Tier, Con: +, Sta: +20)

    The Third Gate is the Gate of Life. The third gate is located on the spine and increases the user's heart rate and thus increases the blood flow in their body to its natural limit. This turns the skin red and releases a small burst of chakra around the user upon initially opening. The user's hair is raised as a result of opening this gate, as the air pressure constantly exerted around the user pushes it away from their head. Their eyes also turn white, with the pupils disappearing which gives the user a somewhat surreal appearance. With this gate, the pain experienced by the user is tremendous for an average human to try handling. This gate grants a boost of + to the user's Strength, Constitution, and Speed. The increased blood flow in the body begins to multiply the pace at which clotting happens, meaning even the most severe injuries will cease to bleed after a post or two depending on the severity of the damage. While small size wounds will heal within a post, particularly severe damage, such as direct trauma to an internal organ or a severed limb, will take two posts. This ability is continuous throughout the usage of the gates. This Gate gives the user the ability to learn and use the Hidden Lotus technique. Costs 300 experience to unlock. (Str: 1 Tier+, Spd: 1 Tier+, Con: ++, Sta: +20)

    The Fourth Gate is the Gate of Pain. It is also located on the spine. This gate is meant to keep the body's muscles from tearing themselves to pieces, and when it is forcibly unlocked the user is able to force their body into supernatural feats of strength. Increases the user's Strength, Constitution, and Speed by a boost of +. It also increases stamina by an additional 20 points. Costs 500 experience to unlock. (Str: 1 Tier++, Spd: 1 Tier++, Con: 1 Tier, Sta: +40)

    The Fifth Gate is the Gate of Limit. It is located in the abdomen and provides another burst of power to the user. The Fifth Gate provides much the same function as the Fourth Gate, though to a higher degree. When forcefully opened it provides a boost to Strength, Constitution, and Speed of + and grants an additional 20 maximum stamina. Costs 600 experience to unlock. (Str: 2 Tiers, Spd: 2 Tiers, Con: 1 Tier+, Sta: +60)

    The Sixth Gate is the Gate of Joy. It is located in the stomach, providing another burst of power to the user. At this stage an aura erupts around the user with activation as sweat is evaporated from the surface of the user's skin from the huge increase to the temperature of the body, giving it a green tinge. This gate provides the user with a boost to Strength and Speed of + and Constitution of ++. Requires 750 experience to learn. Grants the user the ability to learn and utilize the Morning Peacock technique. (Str: 2 Tiers+, Spd: 2 Tiers+, Con: 2 Tiers, Sta: +60)

    The Seventh Gate is the Gate of Wonder. It is located below the stomach, the most powerful gate that can be unlocked without risk of death. Its power is said to match an ordinary man to that of the kage. The body is on the verge of tearing itself to pieces with this gate and the raw amount of chakra flowing through the user's body creates a blue aura on their skin by the increased rate of evaporation of their sweat. The Seventh Gate increases the user's Strength and Speed by a + and their Constitution by ++. This gate also increases stamina by an additional 20 points. Requires 1000 experience to unlock. Grants the user the ability to learn and utilize the Daytime Tiger. (Str: 2 Tiers++, Spd: 2 Tiers++, Con: 2 Tiers++, Sta: +80)

    The Eighth Gate is the Gate of Death and is also known as the Eight Gates Release Formation. This gate is located over the heart and requires the user to penetrate their heart with chakra to force the gate open. Once this gate is opened, there is no turning back. The only outcome can be death for the user, making it a very potent technique. The amount of power granted is far greater than that provided by the Seventh Gate, increasing the user's base Strength and Speed by one tier before applying the rest of the boosts from the other Seven Gates. The user's stamina is increased by an additional 20 points and is fully refreshed. The maximum boost becomes X++, attainable only if the user's base in the boosted stat(s) is(are) S rank. Their blue aura turns red as their blood begins to boil out of their skin from the chakra. This gives them the appearance of a demon, as this red aura curls around their body like fire and gives them a more evil visage. (Str: 3 Tiers ++, Spd: 3 Tiers++, Con: 2 Tiers++, Sta: +100)

    The eighth gate provides access to the Evening Elephant and Night Guy techniques. Any damage already done to the user is erased and the counter begins again upon activating the Eighth Gate. Those who utilize the Gate of Death are capable of fighting on the level of Bijuu, according to legend. This gate is gained with the Seventh Gate, as one can only open the Eighth Gate once making it impossible to learn in the traditional way.

    The taxation of the body is inflicted as soon as the Gates are opened, with damage varying based on how far the muscles are being pushed. As each Gate takes the body a step further, each one causes more damage than the last, which is represented by a - that is applied to the Strength, Speed, and Constitution of the user as soon as the Gates are closed. Each Gate beyond the First adds another - to that penalty, up to the maximum of 7- (2 Tiers-) with the Seventh Gate. The Eighth Gate, of course, causes death within a round of its closing.

    This damage can be fought off for as long as the Gates are open, but their duration is determined by the user's base Constitution. For each Tier in Constitution, the user can keep the Gates opened for 2 posts, starting at 2 with E-Tier and ending at 12 with S-Tier. Once this time limit ends, the Gates are forced closed and the damage described above takes effect.

    Once the damage takes effect, it will impair the user's stats until recovery takes place. Recovery happens over the course of real time days, that is, days passing in the real world and not in the game world. For every 4 days that pass, a single - is removed from all affected stats. This means it takes 4 days to fully recover from opening the First Gate, but 28 days to fully recover from the Seventh Gate. This time can be halved for as long as the character is receiving medical attention; this means first being treated by a Player Character with the Ijutsu Skill and then avoiding combat -entering combat will end the bonus and the character will need to be treated again to resume it.

    Please note that base stats are stats at the natural level, without taking any boosts or debuffs into account.

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