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 Nature Clan

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PostSubject: Nature Clan   Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:06 pm

The Nature Clan

History: They say the Cursed Ones are only a fairy tale to children. People tell stories about them to frighten those same children. Grotesque monstrosities with a maniacal laugh that sent chills down your spine. Their only driving thought was to destroy, to kill, to instill fear in everybody around them. By day they would imitate being a man. They talked like a man, acted like a man, ate like a man, sometimes even slept like a man. But soon enough, they would transform into an abomination bent on destruction. These fairy tales are only partially inaccurate.

They did not imitate being a man for they were men. These fairy tales, these demons of the night have existed in the lands of Iwagakure for centuries. They were truly cursed, belonging to one clan. The Cursed Ones regularly fought the various clans in the Land of Stone and usually won. Within the Land of Earth, they were at the top of the food chain for generations. When the Kazehana Empire came to power, this clan was chosen for their remarkable power by the royal family to represent them as their puppet government. This lasted clear up until the end of the empire when the Land of Stone revolted and annihilated most of the Nature Clan.

This event was one of the first that would contribute to the foundation of the Land of Earth. The remnants of the clan scattered, some finding their way into the arms of those who had just gotten done fighting them. The others went out into the wilds of the Land of Earth and became wild or died in the harsh landscape. This nameless family of monstrosities was integrated into the other clans of what is now known as Iwagakure with the curse appearing among various clans. Very little is known about it other than those who possess it are also possessed of an unrivaled power, as well as an unrivaled rage driven by insanity.

Culture: There is no set culture for Cursed Ones as they belong to different families. Each member is different in garb, personality, and looks from the other members though they all share a common culture in being from Iwagakure. The few who are still living outside the village are wild and uncivilized, usually attacking people on site if they approach them.

Description: Those of the Nature Clan passively absorb Nature Chakra and store it in their bodies as a secondary source of power. When they tap into this power, their bodies undergo severe physical change. The skin and eyes change colors, their hair becomes longer and may also change color, the nails and teeth become elongated and pointed, and their very form can change to fit any scenario, from creating shields and spikes to claws and cannons. Though not the most notable, perhaps the greatest change is in the mind, for using this power inhibits a Cursed One's ability to think and process information, effectively rendering them no more than feral beasts in some cases.

This passive absorption of natural energies ties the Nature Clan to nature, giving them a sense of appreciation for natural beauty and the unique ability to communicate with animals when not transformed. The rate of this absorption is 10 points per post.

This energy is stored in a pool based on the maximum potential of the body, equating to half of the maximum Stamina. However, this pool does not start at max, for while the absorption of Nature Chakra is passive, the capacity to store more of it is not. Just as one must train their Stamina, so, too, must one train this Senjutsu pool. This is done by spending 50 Experience Points to increase the pool by 10 points.

Sage Transformation

By dipping into this Senjutsu Pool, the Cursed One is able to gain access to the Sage Transformation, which is greatly boosts the body and alters its appearance even more. The boosts have a maximum of five tiers and can be applied to Strength, Speed, Coordination, and Constitution in any way desired, but with a max of two tiers to any one stat. These boosts count as Unique Boosters, which means they don't count towards the boosting maximum, allowing even more boosts to be stacked on top of them. Keep in mind that these boosts are not immediately available to the Cursed One; like anything else, they require training. With 500 Experience Points, a Cursed One can gain access to a Tier, until they've spent 2500 Experience points to access all five.

Once you have at least one tier's worth of boosts, the Cursed One can access any of the following transformations:

First State: Applies up to all of the boosts but only to one limb. This causes the physical changes to the desired limb, but to no other parts of the body. So while the one arm might be super strong and fast, be careful, because the rest of the body won't be and that'll be obvious to the enemy, because it'll be the only limb that's turned dark gray. This version costs 5 Senjutsu points per post.

Second State: This applies up to half of the boosts to the full body, and is generally looked at as dialed back variation. The physical alterations may only cover parts of the body, usually about half, or may cover the entire body, but are generally not as intense as the full transformation. This version does grant access to all of the clan's techniques, as opposed to a one limb restriction, all at the cost of just 10 Senjutsu Points per post.

Full Transformation: This applies up to all of the boosts to the entire body, completing the transformation and forcing all physical changes. This is when Cursed Ones are at their most dangerous, not only because of their extremely enhanced physical prowess, but because of the detrimental effects this transformation can have upon their mind. The suggested response to witnessing this transformation is to run. This costs 20 Senjutsu Points per post.

All costs for the Sage Transformation's upkeep and Clan Techniques are taken directly from the Senjutsu Pool. These costs cannot be paid with the member's normal Stamina, leaving an entirely separate pool for the use of other techniques.


The Cursed One is generally able to decide how many tiers of the maximum boosts are being used at any given time, and this should be done with great care. Every tier applied as a boost with the Transformation also reduces Intelligence by one tier, until the maximum of five tiers are applied and Intelligence is reduced by five full tiers. Should the Cursed One's Intelligence reach E-Tier or less in this way, they will enter a blind rage, immediately enter the Full Transformation, and be unable to deactivate it until their Senjutsu Pool is no longer able to sustain it. During this time, they will attack anything that moves.

This same reduction is applied to Perception, but only in regards to Perception's interactions with Genjutsu and its access to precognition saves; a Cursed One will always be able to see and track targets as determined by their normal Perception value. They won't be able to predict actions or detect Genjutsu quite as well, however.

Boosts are assigned when the transformation is activated, and cannot be reassigned unless the transformation either progress to another level, or is turned off and the reactivated. This can be troublesome, as deactivating the transformation will prevent its use for a full round.

Boosts cannot be assigned to Stamina, Intelligence, or Perception.

When a Cursed One learns Sage Mode, the reductions to Intelligence and Perception are negated. However, the Sage Transformation is used in place of Sage Mode, meaning that the only other changes to the ability is the ability to intake Nature Chakra via remaining still (which combines with the passive intake), Sage Katas, and technique enhancement via Nature Chakra infusing. Cursed Ones are still unable to boost Perception and are unable to reduce the cost of the Transformation.

Maximum of 3 members.


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Nature Clan
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