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    Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback }


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    Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback } Empty Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback }

    Post by KhaixRozary on Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:55 pm

    Upon streaming through within a cloud from the land of frost, The Cloudian Wonder noticed the melting of the ice, and the rising of the mountains, where the temperature quickly rosed and the atmosphere dropped from the high peaks among the clouds. The steam of the mountainous region was high in humidity because of the ring of volcanoes in the area. Naturally, the copulation of the humidity and rising temperatures of the volcanoes caused geysers and springs within the empty pits and crevices within valleys, in which the Cloudian Wonder could see pools of steam emanating forth. Instead of stopping and endighting the landscape further, due to the haze of the steam, he instead, insisted to keep the pace of his flow and move forward with the draft of the clouds towards the Southeastern Horizon.

    Techniques Utilized:

    云 表現 •°• Yün Bîäōxîän •°• Cloud Manifestion
    Rank: B
    Power: ~
    Activation Cost: C •°• 5
    Upkeep Cost: C •°• 5
    Range: Personal - Medium [ 0hm - 30m ]
    Speed: Variable w/ Coordination
    Element: 風遁 •°• Fuuton •°• Style of Air
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Supplimentary; Secret, Hiden
    Requirements: KKG Exclusive; Ïnäzümän, Storm Cloud Creation
    Parent Technique: 脈輪 蓮花 •°• Maìlún Liánhuā •°• Chakra Lotus Technique { Khaïaña }
    Hand Seals: 羊 •°• Yâng •°• Sheep
    Description: The caster gathers chakra within thier body and begin to emit the plumes of clouds from eyes, mouth, nostrils, ears, hands and feet. The clouds will pan and drift from the pores of thier body, creating a large mass of fluff around them. Alternatively, the caster can allocate the space around them, in thier range, to manifest clouds within thier distance.
    The clouds naturally grow in size 3 meters per rank of intellect of the caster as they move forth from the caster, panning larger akin the range which they travel, absorbing water in the atmosphere as they move forward, each post. The manifestation of casting speed and ability power are on par of the rank of the caster's Intellegence. The perception of adversaries within the cloud is reduced by a major disadvantage { ±± }, so long as they are within the cloud. Naturally, adversaries are also soaked upon entering and exiting the cloud, covering them with water droplets and keeping them moist. Supplimentarly, if there are clouds which have been previous manifested by the caster, they can utilize the cloud, akin mediums, for the creation of new plumes in appropiation of upkeep.


    雲暫停 •°• Yún Xuáñgūà •°• Cloud Suspension
    Rank: C
    Power: ~
    Activation Cost: C •°• 5
    Upkeep Cost: D •°• 3
    Range: Personal - Medium [ 0hm - 30m ]
    Speed: C
    Element: 風遁 •°• Fuuton •°• Style of Air
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Supplimentary, Secret, Hiden
    Requirements: KKG Exclusive; Ïnäzümä, Storm Cloud Creation
    Parent Technique:云 表現 •°• Yün Bîäōxîän •°• Cloud Manifestion
    Hand Seals: 羊 •°• Yâng •°• Sheep
    Description: After the caster has generated clouds, they can manuever the fluffs, allowing the cloud to carry them up upon a circular platform or covering them partially or wholly in an orb of billowing puffs. While upon, or within, a cloud, the caster is gifted suspension upon the cloud, allowing celeric movement throughout the air. The clouds only move as swift as the rank of intellegence of the caster. The cloud suspension technique also gift the caster an major advantage { ±± } in speed and a minor advantage { ± } in coordination in regards to movement and manuevering while within or on a plume of cloud.

    Status: Traveling Minor County ~ 12 Hours { 25 Chakra Consumption }
    Speed: S Rank { Deducts 22 Hours } ~=> X Rank w/ shunshin { Deducts 28 - 30 Hours ??? }

    Chakra Consumption
    66 out of 160
    {±10 Hours}

    Statistical Shifts
    Speed : S > S±± { Upon Cloud } A > A±±
    Coordination : B > { Upon Cloud } B±

    { Exit }


    Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback } Kumoga10

    Opening of the Whylds, the unsealing of the Clouds...:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback } Giphy

    Léï Zhènyün
    ~ Ijutstu, Ninjutsu, Kuchiyôse, Fuuinjutsu, Chemistry, Engineer, Genjutsu { ? } ~
    Ïnazüma; Storm ~ Tempest, Ray, Cloudian Air
    The Protopolypian Medusozoan

    Hot! Hot! Hot! { Flashback } 1010


    [*]Strength: E
    [*]Constitution: C
    [*]Stamina: B { 160 }
    [*]Speed: S
    [*]Coordination: B
    [*]Intelligence: A
    [*]Perception: B

    Limit Break Points:

    [*]Destiny: 3

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