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    Demons ain't so bad


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    Demons ain't so bad Empty Demons ain't so bad

    Post by Seid on Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:49 pm

    His time in the Land of Demons, despite its name was pleasant. It was temporarily marred by the fact that Morikawa had disappeared before they were supposed to be meeting with the Walking Death. He had searched for him but to no avail he had simply vanished. This puzzled Seid and it put him in a predicament as Ken had moreover captured him with his words alone. Abididng by them was best for everyone. But now it was time to head back to Kumogakure. Lot's of women paraded him out of the village, it was small but they seemed to be in better spirits. He waved to them without much to say. He expected the Walking Death to following along soon.

    [Exit Akuma no Mora -> Land of Demons -> To Sea -> Southeastern Lightning Country -> Kumogakure Gates. Using B-rank speed]

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    Tetsudashi Ken
    Tetsudashi Ken

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    Demons ain't so bad Empty Re: Demons ain't so bad

    Post by Tetsudashi Ken on Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:11 am

    Ken would head off with Seid as the people appeared sad he would talk to them and explain he still planned to help the nation even if he was not in charge anymore and would never allow them to fall back into a corrupt nation as it had been before. He said goodbye to his people waving and wishing them the best, for being a monster he had the love of the people.

    "I wish you the best as I doubt they will let me return to this land, I surrendered to protect you, please take care of yourselves."

    Ken waved as he headed off with as Seid and himself would head to the land of Kumo, this was an interesting change in his life as they now were far of with him smiling, it was time for a new time in his life.

    [Exit Akuma no Mora -> Land of Demons -> To Sea -> Southeastern Lightning Country -> Kumogakure Gates. Using B-rank speed]

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