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    Nikuyo Yuki, Mizukage of the Hidden Mist


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    Nikuyo Yuki, Mizukage of the Hidden Mist

    Post by Nikuyo on Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:44 pm

    Name: Nikuyo Yuki
    Age: 50
    Gender: Male
    Village: Kirigakure
    Rank: Mizukage
    Title: "Wolf of the Isle" to criminals, "Old Wolf" or "Pit Wolf" to most others.

    Clan: Yuki
    Bloodline: Hyoton (Ice Release)
    Element(s): Suiton, Fuuton, Raiton, Hyoton

    - Ninjutsu
    - Bukijutsu
    -Sacrificing the last two for two stats


    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: A
    • Speed: B
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence: D
    • Perception: A

    Experience paid for stats: 8300 experience

    Experience paid for bloodline: 1000

    Experience remaining: 2700/12000

    Also, as Mizukage, I'm going to be taking some village funds at the start to get Nikuyo fitted. I'll provide this list in his first update, as I'm unsure of what all I'd like to give him.

    Unique Abilities:

    Pit Champion: Nikuyo gained much of his reknown as a warrior in Kirigakure, and got more killing other men in the pits of Kirigakure, earning the rest in his quick and brutal murder of Ayame Hozuki after his drastic improvement in skills. While he's old now, he can still show others why he was feared by any who competed in the Pit. He gains one tier to Speed when utilizing Taijutsu. However, in his old age he also finds it more difficult to maintain this speed. When using this tier, his stamina suffers a tier penalty for Taijutsu.

    Intimate Knowledge: From his years of brutal fighting, Nikuyo knows as much about the human anatomy as someone who went to medical school with all of this knowledge centered around dissecting a human body in the most efficient manner possible. While fighting up close, his opponent receives a penalty of - to their Coordination if they're using close range combat against him due to this intimate familiarity with the human body and how best to dismantle it. This applies after all other boosts have been applied. Nikuyo receives a penalty of one minus to his Coordination if he's fighting at a distance with weapons in exchange however. Applies after all other boosts have been applied.

    Seal Expert: Nikuyo may weave one handed seals due to his obscenely high Coordination and dedication to improving his otherwise lackluster natural talent in the field of Ninjutsu. His Coordination suffers a one tier penalty while doing this however.

    Expert Shinobi: Nikuyo may buy techniques with experience equal to 15 points per rank. Techniques not bought like this have their word count doubled, and cannot have word count negated by character rank.

    Good Actor: Nikuyo might only be your average joe in terms of raw brainpower, but the man can act. He can usually fool those around him into believing he's someone else or that he knows what he's talking about. Shinobi with one tier higher perception can discover his lying after one post of listening, those with equal after three, with one tier less after five, two tiers after eight, and three tiers and lower an indefinite amount of time.

    Appearance: Nikuyo is a very large man. Not just with his height of 6'8", but with everything on his body. His body still has signs of muscle as hard as iron, though fat from old age had begun to layer itself on top of this and ruined some of the definition he used to have. A very small gut formed recently, adding another ten pounds to his weight. It seemed it was in his genes, as he hasn't slowed up with his exercises any though his tendency to eat a little more than he should doesn't help. Age destroys everything it seemed, and that is a sad truth.

    His hair, once black, is now mostly gray. Streaks of his original color exist in his long hair and beard while his eyes remain as black and dead as they had been for over a decade now. He is constantly wearing thick clothing to keep the sea breeze off his skin and prevent a chill. At least, that's what he claims. Truthfully he just wanted to keep how much armor and weaponry he truly had at his disposal a complete secret to anybody until it was too late. When he fights he usually sheds his outermost layer as it's the heaviest and reveals his plethora of weapons on top of another set of heavy clothing. Under that is his armor, of which only the arm, shoulder, and shin guards are visible before this layer is shed.

    His once powerful face and body is laced with scars from his years in the pits, and it's unlikely one could find a patch of skin four inches in diameter anywhere on his body that did not have at least one brutal looking scar within it. He wasn't pretty to begin with, but after the life he has lived it is difficult for even men with an iron stomach to look at him without feeling queezy. His hands have begun to show signs of arthritis, though this doesn't appear to have slowed him when he fights. He is noticeably slower than he was in his youth, and perhaps less powerful physically, but he is still a very imposing man as his posture is still absolutely perfect. This makes his intimidating height and reach all the more noticeable.

    History: Nikuyo belongs to the mighty Yuki Clan of Kirigakure, being a prominent member in its initial founding as a leader among the common soldiery. His overall skill was only that of a Chuunin at first, but his fighting capacity was measured to be on par with an experienced ANBU. It was his lack of actual intelligence that held him back, though this was made up for with his knack for killing. Growing up, his clan had been close allies to another pirate clan in the archipelago. Among this clan was a girl named Aoi whom Nikuyo had been friends with since his earliest memories.

    He grew up in a nation more peaceful than not, as the Yuki were one of the first to cede control to the Hozuki. Their ally clan did the same shortly after and both moved into the Hozuki's new and growing stronghold. His clan trained him in the ways of fighting and of ninjutsu while he took an interest in acting. He had a talent for it unlike ninjutsu which he learned reluctantly. At least, as much as he could learn of it. Nikuyo didn't grasp ninjutsu at first, unable to utilize any above D rank until he was in his early twenties as a matter of fact. Eventually, his hard work and dedicatio to learning NInjutsu would pay off and he would grow it into one of his more powerful abilities. He relied solely on his skill to kill using weapons and his own body up until that point and was quickly regarded as the strongest warrior in his clan. Aoi was highly intelligent however, becoming a medical apprentice when she was fifteen around the same time Nikuyo was climbing the ranks among his people.

    The two established themselves as more than just friends once they were both seventeen, much to the surprise of nobody. Both decided children should wait until they were older and less likely to be killed in combat with experience. They didn't want to burden the world with orphans, after all. When Nikuyo was thirty-one he was at the peak of his career as the best fighter in the town when the Hozuki declared that the town would now be referred to as "Kirigakure". Those who could fight were immediately drafted by the new village leadership into the military and Nikuyo was given the rank of Chuunin due to his raw fighting potential.

    His first five years as a chuunin he was just your average shinobi, doing missions and guarding the village like the ground soldiers were supposed to. Aoi became a jonin when she was thirty-two, advancing her medical career to the next level with Nikuyo there the entire way. She had to serve as a combat medic at least twice a year to keep herself fresh instead of being on duty all the time, something which put his mind at ease when he was out on missions.

    His reputation as a fierce fighter grew, and people asked to fight him more and more often. These challenges went unanswered for the most part, as he had decided such childish things were past him and he needed to focus on Aoi and their future together. After her promotion, the two began to settle down when they were thirty-six and even started a family together right around the time Nikuyo got his promotion to jonin.


    Shortly after becoming a jonin, he unlocked his own latent bloodline in the form of Ice Release and immediately set upon mastering this new skill of his. His new promotion granted him more responsibility, and more and more he found himself on missions that required someone to power through them. His unique skill as an actor, used to escape harsh punishments when he was younger by lying and improvising excuses on the spot, also allowed him to inject himself into groups of people with relative ease. Only a little brighter than a box of rocks, but he was good at what he did.

    However, shit hit the fan when he was thirty-nine years old and had settled into training his first squad. Nikuyo was tasked with rooting out a crime syndicate within Kirigakure herself after sufficient intelligence had been gathered by the council of elders to allow him to efficiently plow his way through its main culprits. He was more than happy to do this, but once the syndicate had gotten word of exactly who was going to be making rounds to their doorstep they knew they had to take action.

    They did this by setting a trap using a mole planted within Kirigakure's highest ranks, that of the Mizukage himself. He had been bought and paid for for a couple years now, and had let corruption take hold in various branches of the upper shinobi leadership. His suspected role was what prompted the council to send someone to investigate and put down anybody found to be working with this particular syndicate. That was where Nikuyo came in. The Mizukage, of course, was not appreciative of the situation. He had been aware of Nikuyo's mission, and didn't appreciate it one bit since he might wind up implicated. It was here that he made the decision that would alter Nikuyo's approach to life and would create the man who so hates humanity. Shinobi were dispatched, many of whom Nikuyo knew and was friends with, to capture Aoi and his two children. Rumor says that the Mizukage personally killed his children in front of his wife, and then beat her until she was unable to fight back.

    The Mizukage did personally execute his children, though nobody but he and Aoi knew exactly how. The most prevalent rumor is that he tortured them to death, as Nikuyo had been out on a mission and would not return for one week. Their bodies were not revealed for four days after they had been taken, the same day Nikuyo got back, and they hadn't decayed very much. Their father was prevented from seeing them for the first part of the day initially, as the Mizukage had requested his presence for an urgent matter and was thus left out of the loop in regards to his family's fate.

    Nikuyo arrived to find the Mizukage and his ANBU escort with a woman clothed in bloody rags and hooded kneeling next to the Mizukage's side. He ordered Nikuyo to kill the woman, as she had been revealed as a spy from Kumogakure. Nikuyo obeyed without hesitation, believing this to be his test for an ANBU position that he had wanted so badly. When the head went rolling and the Mizukage pulled the hood off however, his soul was crushed in the span of time no longer than a second when he saw his wife's face on the lifeless head. In the span of only one second, anger, betrayal, hurt, and a sudden thirst for an answer filled Nikuyo's mind. His focus become singular: why?

    He was hit with tranquilizers and dragged away while in this state of shock so the Mizukage could continue with his example before he could react, succumbing to the will of his now hated leader. Nikuyo was too well known to kill and have it not be suspicious, even with the current corruption. He had to just make sure Nikuyo stopped his search for it in the most efficient manner possible. Nikuyo was strapped to a chair, and a sensor type shinobi probed his weak mind to insert memories of what had transpired in the days he had been absent.

    His mind was bombarded by images of his wife being raped and molested by various shinobi, some of which Nikuyo knew and had thought were his friends. Images of his wife being beaten and abused, of his children meeting their fates were forced into his mind over an agonizing period of twelve hours. His weak mind could not tell if these were actual memories, or only a cruel genjutsu that they had subjected him to. The outcome was the same either way, and the bombardment shattered the already fragile mind of Nikuyo to a point from which there was no returning.

    The trauma was catastrophic, as one might imagine, and they left him in a prison overnight. Then they continued the assault the next day for an equal amount of time, leaving him in tears. The second night is when his despair took hold of him, and in a rage of power he blew apart most of the prison they kept him in in an explosion of ice similar to Haku's outburst as a child. The jonin fled Kirigakure, throwing his headband aside as his tattered body and decimated mind fled the village with all feeling of hope gone.


    The warrior jonin of Kirigakure, beloved by those whom he fought beside for years now, had been betrayed. He fled, his mind broken, his will shattered, and his dignity ground into dust. He had no weapons on him, his clothing was tattered to rags and winter was beginning to set in. He didn't care where he went, only desiring to get away from Kirigakure. Away from his life, from his pain. Away from people.

    Into the wilderness of Kirigakure's storms, mists, and isles he fled. His instincts carried him through many days and nights of wandering, fighting away the creatures of the wild. In his mind, the thing he had been focusing on hardest for the last few months on his mission solidified in his thoughts. Something about crime, about an underground ring of degenerates and scum not fit to breathe the same air as common men.

    Nikuyo wandered for days, perhaps a week, fueled by hatred and a desire to kill every man woman and child that bore the mark of Kirigakure. His soul, broken as it was, had developed an intense passion that filled the very core of his being. An innate drive to slaughter everybody he perceived as involved, meaning most of Kirigakure's leadership, burned itself onto the surface of his heart. He stayed in the wild, surviving until he was a few months older than forty and found his way into a small settlement on a small isle somewhere in the archipelago of Kirigakure. Nobody really ventured here much, since it didn't do anybody worth caring about any harm and wasn't going to turn anybody a good profit.

    The jonin, starved and exhausted, staggered into this small settlement. The buildings were lazily built shacks and huts, with some tents strewn around. It was chaotic, with no sense of order or any kind of military presence in the layout of the ragged town. There were no beggars, but Nikuyo caught the wide eyed stares of street urchins and orphans who were frightened by the emasculated giant that had strolled into their home. Rats and litter filled the dirt roads which had turned to mud from a recent rain, and Nikuyo felt that this would be a fitting place to die what with all the obvious misery present in this mockery of hell.
    Almost on reaction, he lashed out against the first two thugs he saw who were coming to greet him. He killed both without remorse, using his Ice Release to skewer both through their hearts. All he remembered after this was picking up their blades and approaching the crowd that had formed. A haze brought upon by fighting and battle caused by his unstable mental state disturbs his memory of the ensuing conflict, but needless to say it ended with him cut to ribbons on his back with the tip of a blade pressed to his throat. Nikuyo didn't fight it, even pushing meagerly into the point to help quicken his end. The brute bearing the blade didn't kill him though, having taken into account the dozen or so men that lied dead and another handful wounded from Nikuyo's rampage. They decided to keep him alive, for their entertainment.
    Nikuyo was treated for his wounds, and almost died from them with as severe as they had been. During this time, he dreamed. Dreamed of wrapping his bare hands around the throat of the Mizukage, of wringing the life from his body and feeding his fresh corpse to the beasts of the ocean afterwards. The only reason he can fathom that his will to live didn't snuff out during his fight for life was for this one burning hatred, this one desire that filled him to action more than anything in his life ever had before. Even love hadn't prompted him to fight so hard, and that is a fact he is shamed to admit to anybody even now.

    After a fortnight, the Kirigakure outcast recovered enough that he could stagger out to piss without aid. It was a freedom he sorely missed, and one he would not relinquish if given the opportunity. It was short lived though, for as soon as he was better the people that kept him breathing wanted him to use that breath for their profit. He was hooded and bound, practically dragged to a room that contained the two guards that dragged him and one man, sitting opposite a chair near Nikuyo with a table between them. He motioned for the jonin to sit, and he did as he was bid with his hands bound behind his back. Nikuyo remembered thinking he could just freeze everybody around him, but the rest of the people here would kill him immediately after. No, his passion would have to be buried for a short time.

    The man in front of him was older than he was, scarred and missing his left eye. He didn't smile, and didn't waste breath with his speaking to Nikuyo. The scarred man told him, most matter of factly, that Nikuyo was now a pit fighter who would be fighting for his freedom as payment for killing so many of his men. It also put this guy at a disadvantage thanks to Nikuyo, as many of those slain by him had also fought in the pits.

    The Yuki wasn't given a chance to agree or disagree, being hauled up and taken back to his cell. A couple days more passed with one meal a day so he could heal better and regain some semblence of energy. On the third day, guards ripped the door to his small room open and pulled him towards the sounds of screaming men and women and towards the unmistakable stench of death.

    A dagger had been thrust into his hand, an unfamiliar weapon to him at the time. He was used to swords, spears, kunai and shuriken. Daggers, cudgels, bludgeons, brass knuckles, spiked pads, all manner of brutish weapons were used in the pit. Things Nikuyo would never have dreamed of using in a real fight. He had been thrust among a score, all naked but for a loincloth and each armed with some form of weapon. He remembered being thankful that his at least had an edge to it, and the fighting commenced soon after. Only one was allowed to leave alive, that much was clear to them all. The pit arenas weren't large by any means, the fighting cramped and narrow with such a large group.

    The small crowd roared, women tearing at their breasts to reveal that which caught mens eyes most in the excitement of the blood sport. Men grabbed the woman next to them and began to create the future generations in ecstasy as men died and men screamed. Soon, only Nikuyo remained alive. Cut, bruised and battered, his body drenched in blood both his own and not. Two knives were in his hands, and blood dripped off of these like fresh dew from a leaf. The crowd's roar was deafening, and Nikuyo felt something he hadn't for some time. He felt alive.

    After this fight, he was allowed to heal for one week before being brought before a man alongside a group of nine others. In his time here, NIkuyo had picked up that these men were raiders who molested the coastline villages where there was a very thin amount of shinobi protection. What was there usually wasn't high tier and could be handled with relatively few losses. That was where they got most of their men, and it was what made Nikuyo so special with his training as a nearly unmatched warrior.

    Anyways, the man was big and black. He was as tall as Nikuyo, but had a leaner build comprised of powerful muscles. He had no hair on his head except for his eyebrows which were as black as he was. Nikuyo placed him at around fifty, and wasn't too far off he came to find out. This man was to beat into them the basics of pit fighting now that they had all proven they weren't absolutely terrible at fighting and surviving. He pulled a bundle out and unrolled it, dumping the contents onto the ground.
    It was a pile of weapons made of wood, intended for training. They were instructed to grab the weapon they would take into the pit given a choice, and Nikuyo picked up a katana shaped chunk of wood instinctually. The other men picked up similarly sized weapons with one exception, and he chose a staff instead of a weapon with a blade. The black man examined their choices with mockery, pretending to be impressed at their decisions which apparently were stupid. With a swift motion he pulled a blade from his back. It was the size of a bowie knife, meant to inflict pain and death up close and on a very personal level.

    He took turns with each man, quickly attacking them after telling them all to defend themselves. With each, he had his blade on a vital point or on a part of the body that could debilitate somebody within a few seconds. No matter the weapon or defense, he got inside of it and could have killed them all with ease. Upon this revalation, Nikuyo paid much closer attention. The man was a former pit fighter, having never lost a fight. He unstrapped his armor and clothing to unveil a body comprised of nothing but scars. He had no nipples, both having been cut or ripped off in a fight.

    This man drilled into them all that pit fighting was, why big weapons were a quick way to wind up dead. Knives, kunai, daggers, small maces, bludgeons, even fists and teeth, those were the weapons of the pit. They were your friend, your lover. Nikuyo drank this formula for violence in like a sponge, eager to learn everything he could about this brutal new method of fighting.

    Over the course of nine months, his class of ten was put up against other teams. They lost members with numerous fights until it was only Nikuyo and one other. They were pitted at random against a team with five members on it, though they had only fought twice in the pit and Nikuyo's pairing had fought dozens. The fight was over with before it had begun, and soon all five lay dead at their feet. This propelled him to a champion level fighter alongside his ally, the first thing to bring any modicum of joy in nearly two years to this broken man.

    After the Pit: For two years he fought in the pits, honing his body and raising his popularity with those in this cesspool of criminals and brigands. He became more and more lethal, his fights getting faster and even more heart-pounding. Freedom was earned quickly, but Nikuyo had chosen to stay after this initial two years for another five more. His body became laticed with scars and outlined with muscle, achieving a level of strength and agility he had never known when he was but a shinobi. Rage burned in him again at the thought of his old home, of avenging his family. He had fought in the pits, slaying men for the pleasure of it. His mind was still damaged, his soul was scarred, but his will was reforged and refined. This rage that smoldered within his will led to him discovering a talent with Raiton, the one thing he needed to truly get his revenge at the Mizukage. It was a knowledge attained solely by the will to kill one man, and is something he doesn't typically use much if he doesn't absolutely need to now.

    He left the pit, famous among the lower dregs of society as "Wolf of the Isle". He used this nickname to hide his true identity as he made his way back to Kirigakure after his almost eight year absence. He was only one year from fifty, but he was more dangerous now than he had ever been before in his youth.

    Entering the village wasn't an issue. Nobody even bothered to stop him since his signature wasn't recognized by the new guards posted at the gates, and the man approached the Mizukage's complex armed to the teeth with knives and other small blades. His rage consumed him as he got closer, and it was not long before limbs were flying and blood began to flow in rivers at the workplace of the Mizkage. Nikuyo tells of cutting a swathe of death through the jonin loyal to the Mizukage and those who guarded him, even his ANBU, without so much as a whisper of effort in the cramped quarters.

    The entire affair took only a couple minutes, the Mizukage Ayame Hozuki finding himself face to face with a wild animal covered in the blood of men. His men. The men that protected Nikuyo's greatest source of hatred, his biggest motivation for existing. That motivation was right in front of him, and he moved swiftly to put an end to the one man that had been driving him to live for so long. The Mizukage died that day, screaming in agony as he was slowly skewered and impaled on a spear for all to see in the village with an incredible amount of Raiton coursing through it. Nikuyo left the scene, retreating into the streets and waiting for the shinobi he was sure they'd send after him.

    Some came a couple days later, but instead of arresting him they took him into the chambers of the elder council. Once there, they inquired as to why he had done what he did. Nikuyo didn't answer at first, but eventually he told his story in a monologue that lasted well over six hours. Once he was finished, he only stared coldly at the people in front of him. They whispered to themselves for a few minutes before asking him if he would like to return to Kirigakure as its Mizukage, since he had just proven himself without a doubt the strongest within the village. His reason for hate was gone, and Nikuyo accepted with more than a little amusement under the agreement that all involved with his torments in the past would be killed upon him becoming the Mizukage.

    One year later, that was all fulfilled and Nikuyo had established himself at the top of the village yet again. He was fifty years old now, known as the "Pit Wolf" of Kirigakure. Some have begun to call him the "Old Wolf" in recognition of his age. In his short time he has reorganized his village less on trade and more on military power to compete with Konohagakure. Truthfully, he wishes to reassume the command of the south seas that the ancestors of this village had once dominated from Kumogakure since their presence had never truly gone away.

    Personality: Nikuyo was once a simple man who wanted to live his life in service to his clan and village and as a good father to his children. This didn't happen, and the manner in which it was robbed from him stripped him of almost every emotion that could be considered good in a normal human being. As a result, he is severely unstable emotionally despite his cool demeanor and ability to make good decisions most of the time. Inside, he is pissed at everthing that breathes and manages to contain this until he's in the middle of a fight. When this happens, he becomes a different man- an animal, one might say.

    It seems whenever someone steps in front of him, they die soon after. No matter who it is or how much damage Nikuyo takes, his opponent dies. The air around the Second Mizukage becomes cold, almost like he's releasing his kekkei genkai. It isn't a physical chill, but is instead a chill born of his pure malice for humanity's existence. If he had the power, he would kill everybody he saw as soon as he saw them. He knows this is impossible with his age and level of strength, and has devoted himself to being Mizukage on the hope that somebody would be able to end his miserable life in a decent fight. Whether that was to take his title or on the field of battle he did not know, but it is his most eager desire.

    Dying would bring him back to the wife and children he had once upon a time, so long ago. A time where he had actually been happy, instead of a husk of a man good only for killing others. He seeks no redemption, no vengeance. He has no hatred of anybody in particular, nor does he love anybody. In his mind, everybody around him would be better off on the wrong end of his knife so there was no particular reason to feel any stronger towards one person or another. The people he had felt that way about were dead now, and with their deaths he has ceased caring about his life here. He refrains from killing his own men because they aren't worth his time, perhaps this being the only truly violent man you're safer being weaker than him than you are stronger when in his presence.

    Nikuyo would not hesitate to kill anybody. Man, woman, child, they're all the same. Just another face, another sack of useless meat he could use for target practice. Very rarely does something amuse him enough to elicit a positive emotional response, and even on these rare occassions his eyes remain as soulless as they always are. It is a reaction belonging to a ghost, not a man. He is completely without a heart, his amusement only superficial against the vast well of anger and hatred he possesses within. The only time any of this is ever changed is when he needs to act the part for a mission, something he rarely goes out to do anymore.

    Roleplay Sample:
    The rain will help tremendously... Tsuyo thought to himself as he stared down upon the advancing legions of the Empire. Arms folded across his chest and with a leather trenchcoat covering his torso, Tsuyo scoffed at the sight as his eyes glimpsed the approaching storm. He wore no headband and no jacket now as he did when he was younger. No, his gray hair was cut to the scalp, leaving the duty of body hair to his face as long, gray locks extended from his rugged chin. Tired eyes watched the scene, the color of life having faded from them years ago with the death of many of his comrades. His body was old, but it was still strong and had a sounder mind guiding it than it had ever had. Scars etched what parts of his body were visible, as well as the seals of various weaponry fuuinjutsu.

    This was a man of experience and hardship, of constantly fighting for something he had thought to be etched in stone. He shook his aged head as the figures of their army calculated in his mind. Ten-Thousand shinobi forces straight from Otogakure and Iwagakure provided the shock troops for the Legion's fifty-thousand strong infantry, five-thousand cavalry and 200 artillery cannons. Their troops were armed with the repeating rifle as well as a bayonet and a holy sign of their order. Their cavalry fought with cavalry rifles, shorter range but easier to handle in the saddle, as well as a revolver and a cavalry sabre. The artillery fired 2 cannonballs a minute per cannon, allowing for some fantastic cannonades. It was truly a frightening sight to behold.

    Tsuyo sighed and turned his back on the forces, descended the hill he had been on with great agility and raced into the shinobi camp. Here, twenty-one thousand shinobi from what remains of Konohagakure, New Kirigakure and the majority of Kumogakure's military might combined under one banner. A banner to free themselves from oppression, one they were almost certain to lose. He approached the command tent after about ten seconds of jogging towards it. He passed many scared shinobi, many more crying or trembling as they recognized their fate. Behind this camp was a troop of one-thousand hand picked shinobi guiding the civilians who want no part of this Imperial conquest towards the port of Kumogakure to load them on ships and sail south, where they have a chance at escaping the Empire's clutches.

    The command tent itself was rather plain, made of bare materials as that's all they had access to anymore. He entered it and found himself staring at his longtime friend and master of the Seven Tails, Seigi, surrounded by three top shinobi of the united army. Looking up, Seigi's one reveiled eye tugged up to indicate the whisper of a smile he had just given Tsuyo. He had aged almost as badly, his hair being ghost white despite the vitality of the beast within. Seigi was a man who demanded respect and was given it, something Tsuyo never quite needed. It was for this reason he was elected as prime commander of the shinobi forces after Kira and Hokuai were slaughtered allowing the shinobi army to flee after a disastrous battle. Akio Sarutobi had encountered the same fate, allowing the entire citizenry of Konohagkure to escape as he held off fifty-thousand enemy troops for two entire days, a testament to his nearly godlike stamina and combat abilities.

    Seigi's face was tired, just as Tsuyo's was. Wrinkles tugged at the corners of his eyes and mouth and gave a few layers to his forehead as well. He still wore longer than usual kimono type articles of clothing to mask the seals he makes. He wears doubled sleeved kimonos now as well once he gained the ability to use two separate techniques at once, something few have ever managed before. "Out, please," Seigi said to the three men. The obeyed without hesitation, leaving the tent immediately. Tsuyo stepped forwards and cracked his shoulder. It had been about forty years since Seigi had beaten Tsuyo senseless in the streets of Konoha under the name Baku, leaving both men near sixty.

    "Well, it looks about as shitty as you could imagine," Tsuyo said with brutal honesty. Seigi shook his head and let out a light laugh. He walked up to Tsuyo and laid a hand on his shoulder before pulling him in for a hug. "How's the technique goin'?"

    Seigi smiled before setting his hand on Tsuyo's forehead. A mark appeared for the Flying Thundergod techinque, though this one was a little unique. It had a definitieve border around it along with text, an addition that was an unexpected result of the trials. "Only one person. It really sucks, you know, but I guess even the Kyuubi has its limit of chakra," he said. Tsuyo pressed his hand against his head, feeling the little bit of heat that had been etched there by the fuuinjutsu master in front of him. "We're losing our best hand to hand fighter for god knows how long, on the hope that it'll change this bullshit," he said in a more than disappointed tone of voice as his hand made a weak maneuver towards the foreigner camp. Tsuyo smiled and shook his head in acknowledgement.

    "Their force is as large as last time, though there's ten-thousand shinobi instead of five. That'll pose a problem for some time, but from what I could see most of them were raw recruits who can barely hold a sword for all the training they got. Kohai made sure their forces took a hit, and it'll help delay the end now. How long until we can use it though? I need to know how much time I can buy you against the shinobi," Tsuyo explained. Alarms began to go off as the shinobi camp prepared itself.

    Seigi grabbed his chokuto, one of the last and finest weapons made by the blacksmith Kyojin. His son became a fine shinobi, a student of both Seigi, Hokuai, and Tsuyo. He became second in hand to hand combat only to Tsuyo and placed high in ninjutsu as well. When Hokuai travelled back to the shinobi base after delaying their advance, before died he made sure Kyohin's son retrieved one of his Kamui eyes. He uses it even now to great advantage, becoming known as the "Ghost of Men" due to his invulnerability.

    "Shi and Hikaru are currently gathering the Kyuubi's chakra into one pool so they can use it to start the technique. Once that's achieved, then Seadra herself will use her massive pool of personal chakra to keep the technique going for as long as she can, with Shi and Hikaru guarding her. We just need to buy them and you the time, as well as the civilians. Kitsune and Riku are both leading two companies of men on opposite flanks, and they're two of our best generals. I will be leading the center personally, and you will be leading the shock troops initially. Once you go back, Suke(Yukio's son) will lead them. If you manage to return in time for the final push, that would be a tremendous help but do not put the past at risk for it." Tsuyo listened to what very well may be his final orders with a grim determination. He stepped back and nodded, nerves steeled as they always had been.

    Out of the initial group that united together to fight the Kaguya, Tsuyo and Seigi were the only two left alive. Tsuyo due to his near immunity to wounds and pain and Seigi due to Lucky Seven Chomei. "Make sure to tell them all to give them hell for me. I'm just gonna go create a few craters while ya' do," Tsuyo said with a smile. Bringing Seigi in for a hug, the two men stood and embraced for a couple seconds before loosening. Both men just nodded, knowing what was coming.

    Stepping out of the tent, Tsuyo hurried to the front- left of the line where the enemy shinobi would be positioned at. He stood at the forefront of his men without saying a word becuase none was needed. Minutes passed with only the sound of marching from the Imperial army making any noise for miles. Even the vultures above were silent for the first time. It was as if nature itslef knew that this was a time for peace, as a great price was due to be paid on this day.

    It was silent, and then, *boom*. A single cannon shot for aiming purposes. It came straight for Tsuyo's group, endangering his men. Grunting as his fist transformed into the scaly form of his curse mark, Tsuyo lept at the incoming projectile and fired a punch of such ferocity, it resounded for meters after the impact. The cannonball fell helplessly to the ground as Tsuyo landed gracefully, his fist returning to normal. "I guess it's time to have some fuckin' fun," he announced to his men. A great shout echoed behind him as the many men he had trained in the art of taijutsu and his monk arts screamed their adrenaline fueled cry of joy for the battle about to unfold. Tsuyo raised his own voice before beginning his mad run forwards. The entire monk group moved behind him, Seigi raising the rest of the military to advance on the Imperials. If they were to die, they were to die in glorious combat and not under rain of cannon fire.

    It took a full minute before Tsuyo's men made it to the lines. Screaming and activating the seals on his fists, two armored gauntlets enfolded his entire arm and hand. They had the texture of a cheese grater, meant for inflicting massive amounts of damage while being able to withstand just as much or more. They were his signature weapon, after all. At the same time, the curse mark embedded upon his back would activate and envelop his body in a layer of scales that prevented all kinds of non chakra related harm. Essentially, taijutsu and any other blunt objects were useless while bladed weapons provided only minor damage. This combined with his mastery of Yamabushi made him a literal boulder, able to withstand monstrous amounts of damage despite his elderly body's natural fragility.

    And it was this fragile old man that lept forwards first. He was met with pinpricks of kunai and shurkien and useless explosive tags. These things did not bother him, but the idea of them attakcing him that foolishly did. Men that foolish deserve to die. The first one to meet this fate would be a shinobi of average height with black hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She was a beautiful woman, but on the wrong side of the war. A Sohei strike from hell would hit her in the chest, literally blowing her entire body into half and sending a concussive shockwave the Tsuyo has learned to focus only forwards back into the ranks of shinobi. The first lines were torn apart from the impact, killing them instantly, while the ones for a ways back got off lucky with internal damage and maybe a missing limb or two. Tsuyo couldn't use punches like that very often, lest it shatter even his double armored fist.

    Two-hundred and three men by his estimates had become casualties of that one strike, with over half dead. The rest of the monks came in behind him, each using their Sohei skills to strike the ground and send shards of debris and shrapnel towards the shinobi army at speeds most couldn't track very well. It was devastating, but not enough. Soon, Tsuyo and his monks found themselves facing the shinobi in devastaing combat. Tsuyo had no trouble ripping though them like they were nothing, but his students were not Tsuyo (imaging Madara against the shinobi alliance type shit). But he could feel himself being tugged. He knew that Seadra was about to give in and let the Kyuubi exhaust almost all of its chakra reserves. Tsuyo's time was almost up in this time frame. Just how long could he stay here though?
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    Approved. Damn, I guess Niky did have a reason to kill Ayame. That's a damn good reason.

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