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    Sensory Techniques

    Toonami & Konami
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    Sensory Techniques Empty Sensory Techniques

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:14 pm

    Name: Sensing Technique
    Rank: A
    Cost: 0.5/Post
    Range: Varies by Natural Perception:

    • E-Tier: 5m
    • D-Tier: 25m
    • C-Tier: 50m
    • B-Tier: 125m
    • A-Tier: 250m
    • S-Tier: 500m

    Speed: Instant
    Element: None
    Classification: Sensory Ninjutsu

    • Base: None
    • Focused: Touch

    Requirements: Sensory Skill
    Description: The Sensing Technique is the basic method of Sensory that is automatically granted once the Sensory Skill is unlocked. Perception determines the potency of the user's ability, extending the range as listed above. The classic use of sensory is almost a passive ability, requiring only that the cost be paid to maintain awareness. There is also a focused variation through which the user can double the range by making physical contact with an object via the hands or fingers. Whichever object is touched is the medium for range extension, meaning that beyond the original range value, only things making contact with the medium can be detected. This medium is almost always the ground.

    The medium doesn't need to be the ground, and while using the ability inside a building will transmit one's sensing across all walls, floors, ceilings, and the ground upon which the building stands, there are other structures which may not be tied to the ground. Using this inside a blimp or other aircraft, for example, will extend the user's range over the aircraft, up to the maximum range, which may well cover the entire aircraft. Given that an aircraft isn't making contact with anything, the user's sensory range will be limited to that aircraft.

    Drawbacks: Focusing the range forces one to remain in place. Anything not making contact with the medium cannot be sensed with the extended range; this won't help them if they're within the base range, however, as they can still be sensed as normal. The Sensing Technique is not a passive process and will require activation; if the cost is not being paid, the technique is not active. This technique is also required as a prerequisite for most Sensory-related techniques and abilities, excluding only a certain few.

    Name: Chakra Suppression
    Rank: D
    Power: D
    Activation Cost: N/A
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Sensory
    Classification: Open
    Requirements: None
    Parent Technique: Sensing Technique
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: This technique allows the user to suppress their or their allies' chakra to the point that it becomes completely undetectable. This makes it impossible for sensor type shinobi to track them via chakra. This technique is very useful in the sense of allowing the user to infiltrate the enemy's ranks undetected.
    Weaknesses: The use of this technique is restricted to only those with the sensory skill. Also since the user is suppressing their chakra they may not use techniques except for C Rank Taijutsu and below.

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