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    Skills & Elements: Kuchiyôse, Iijutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu; Ototon, Stormztrohm
    Class: S
    Ryo: ~

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    'The streaking light of the stream within the Storm's waves; Neonic Eternity.'

    Appears 10 Cycles
    Androgenous Male | 유

    Birth Country:
    Country of Lightning | Kaminari no Kuni
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    Kumogakure no Sato | Hidden Village in the Clouds
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    Genin | Rank E | Cloudling

    E-Class: Base (Can learn E and D-Rank Techniques. Gain Three Skill Points.) -The starting level for ranks such as Genin.
    Genin (E-rank | D-rank): This literally means "lower-ranking ninja." Although considered official ninja,  fresh Genin are far from competent shinobi. They can be viewed more of as interns in the real world, possessing the essential skills for their job and are typically worked under a guided professional (Jounin.) Possessing little skill they serve the village mainly by performing meager labor to boost the economy while they train under a sensei. They have very little authority, aside from access into restricted training areas and inside administrative buildings in their village. To advance into the next rank a Genin must be appointed by their respective Kage.



    The Inazuma Clan's power derives from the advanced element of Storm Release, or Ranton. Storm Release is the combination of Lightning and Water based chakra that manifests in energy beams and dark storm clouds. The versatility in Storm Release abilities is what makes the clan one of the strongest and most respected in all of Lightning Country. Storm Release beams tend to have a powerful piercing element to their attack but they can also be used to flow through water or weapons. It is common for Inazuma Clan members to enhance their weapons with Ranton to bring destruction against their opponents. The bloodline's ability to also generate violent tempests give it a degree of control over the environment allowing them to shape the skies above a battlefield and shift the weather to give them an advantage.


    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ 20px-Nature_Icon_Lightning.svgRaiton  | Release of Lightning~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ 20px-Nature_Icon_Lightning.svg

    Lightning Release (雷遁, Raiton, English TV: Lightning Style) is one of the five basic elemental nature transformation techniques that allows the user to generate lightning by increasing the high frequency vibrations of their chakra, allowing for piercing damage and fast movement. The electricity paralyses the target so that they are unable to move and leaves them vulnerable to a finishing strike. While uncommon, lightning can be infused into bladed weapons in a way similar to Wind Release through chakra flow for increased piercing power through vibrations, with the added effect of inducing numbness. When the technique is released from their bodies, and thus not requiring physical contact, it does not move as fast as true lightning. Instead, due to the control the user has to exert over it, it moves far slower, which can give opponents time to still react. Lightning Release is common to the ninja of Kumogakure.

    Raiton (Lightning Release): The second least controllable and probably most difficult to master, Raiton involves the heavy vibrating of one's chakra to the point that it becomes electricity, increasing both speed and piercing capabilities. Raiton can act much like real world lightning when wielded in one's hands, but once it leaves the body, it moves far slower than would be expected, similar in speed to Katon. However, utilizing actual lightning can dramatically improve Raiton's potency. When combined with Suiton, its effects can be wide-ranging and catastrophic, but it is weak against the naturally electrical insulating Fuuton. Doton can easily be cut through, however, making it weak against Raiton in particular. Kumogakure, located within the Land of Lightning, is the shinobi village most associated with Raiton.

    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ Latest?cb=20091006215309
    Ranton | Release of Storm

    Storm Release (嵐遁, Ranton, Viz: "Gale Style" or "Storm Style") is a combined nature transformation kekkei genkai made up of techniques that mix lightning and water-based chakra to create energy beams that can be guided towards the enemy. This kekkei genkai is wielded by several shinobi from Kumogakure.

    Ranton (Storm Release): By mixing lightning and water based chakra, Ranton users are able to generate dark storm clouds or even release laser-like beams of chakra energy. They can spread water far and wide, only to electrocute it with lightning for devastating area assaults. Its elements seem to act independently when facing certain other elements; wind can insulate the lightning, earth can stop the flow of water, and water can conduct the electric current. In its true, flawlessly combined state, Ranton is neutral to Doton and Katon, while weak to Fuuton. Similarly to Youton, Ranton has no specific Clan, but it is isolated to Kumogakure. Ranton: =Doton, =Katon

    Chakra Color:
    The chakra color of Yün chakra emanates a glacial nebula of white speckled aether and riddled with glinting diamonds, sheening and refracting light, bestowing the appearance of an white galactic sky, increst with golden, cerulean and aquamarine miniature stellars resembling the inverted reflection of the universe. This is refracted in the billowing Icylynic clouds he naturally creates with his Kekkeï Genkaï. The streams of his water, indigo, the gust of his wind, silver, and the streams of his lightning, golden.

    ~`|•: Skill(s) :

    The Ninja Art of sealing. Fuuinjutsu is a specialized and complex are involving the use of chakra-laced inscriptions to store things away in a separate dimensional space or even to seal living entities inside of other living entities. The most common application allows for mass storage of many items in a small and convenient scroll or markings on the body, while the more complex can create such legendary powers as Jinchuuriki. The complexity of the seal is created by the user's own cunning mind, allowing for virtually limitless versaility and creativity, making each person's seals slightly different from everyone else's. Intelligence is the key factor here, both for securing one's sealing formulas and for cracking another's. It will generally take no time at all to decipher and undo a seal with the appropriate unsealing technique if your intelligence is higher than the seal creator, but as that advantage wanes, it may take additional time and effort. Equal Intelligence often takes two posts, one Tier lower takes four; two tiers lower: seven; three tiers lower: ten. An Intelligence difference of more than three tiers is simply too great to overcome, no matter how much time is invested into the seal. With A-Tier Intelligence and B-Tier Stamina, a shinobi can even make use of chakra ink to form seals. As this, like many Skills on this list, is not on the three main Ninja Arts, Fuuinjutsu is not inherently known and generally requires a Skill Point placed into to it to learn techniques under its category.

    Statistical Attributes

    Strength: E

    Strength represents a character's capacity for exertion of force. It affects your character's ability to lift, pull, and push objects. It is the definitive characteristic that defines a character's ability to throw a punch or stop an object. Strength affects characters' ability to strike their opponents.

    Constitution: E

    Constitution represents a person's health; it defines a character's ability to take punishment and their overall "tankiness". It affects characters' ability to receive blows during a fight, fight off sickness, resist poison, and deal with pain.

    Stamina: D

    Stamina represents both your physical and spiritual energy. It determines characters' chakra reserves. It governs the number of techniques that a character can perform, and how long they can sustain a fight. Stamina is spent as from a pool in order to use techniques, and is regained passively over time.

    Speed: D

    Speed determines how fast your character can move. Speed affects characters' movement speed, reaction time, ability to perform acrobatics and to dodges, and so on. Speed definitively governs the speed of a character's movements.

    Coordination: D

    Coordination affects how efficiently your character can move. Coordination governs fine motor control. How accurate a character is with weapons, skill with swords, their balance and their skill with taijutsu are all closely related to Coordination.

    Intelligence: C

    Intelligence determines how well your character learns and reasons. This ability is important for shinobi because it affects how many spells they can cast, how hard their spells are to resist, and how powerful their spells can be. It’s also important for any character who wants to have a wide assortment of skills.

    Perception: D

    Perception governs a characters' ability to discern events, predict enemies' actions, and overall common sense is defined by Knowing. Higher Perception scores can allow players to bend rules against meta-gaming. Generally, Perception can be best thought of as innate wisdom.

    ~`|•: Unique Abilities :

    ~::Seal-less Casting::~
    A player may choose to perform technique of a certain skill without hand seals.
    Drawback: However, this is only gesture-less casting. The player must still "charge" their chakra and follow the other "tells" or triggers such technique requires. Recieves a tier loss in coordination for casting without hand seals.

    ~::Cloud Sipper::~
    A round of meditation while within a cloud, without attack, gifts an additional boost to regenerate 10 percent of stamina per post at a maximum of 30 chakra. The 'gifted' of the Îñäzümän is debuffed in coordination by a major advantage { ±± } while outside a cloud for the following turn.

    ~::The Cloudian Affinity::~
    'The Gifted' of the Inäzümän are gifted a natural affinity for creating clouds, whether pure, opaque, or storm. This allows a naturally precession of doubling the yield of clouds and thier growth in manifestation whenever they cast, however the Cloudian Affinity dissolves the clouds at one less rank in power than normal.


    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ 3afab1199780fd2947e4ae72dbee41c7

    ~`|•: Other Noticible Features :
    Killua Zoldyck {HunterxHunter}

    ~`|• Hair •|`~
    Medium, White and Silver, Straight, Frizzy, Jagged, yet Smooth.

    Yün hair is smoldered in an silver and pearl suit, sheening the brightest of Silvern light; Straight, delicate, free flowing, and medium length - His hair is straight forward, sticking out of his skull in various proportions, protruding like mountains within a cluster of rings. His follicles flow jaggedly outwards, spiking and flaring as electrifying as his ability of lightning manifesting a clusterflitzer of silvern spokes, blitzing back and forth in wake of movement and momentum within the streaks of his stream.

    ~`|• Facial Features •|`~

    His ears are medium shaped and diamond like with a round top in the seams of half an heart. There is a white silk banded forehead protector from the Village Hidden in the Clouds tied around the back of his head, sheening it's symbol upon his forehead within a slab of golden metal.
    The face of Yün covered in a white mask, then wrapped in golden medical silk, which covers his neck and pans upwards towards the top of his cheekbones beneathe the orbital sockets of his eyes, wrapping his face soft and snug.

    ~`|• Bodily Features •|`~

    Yün is small yet petite, although highly physically prowl and graceful appealing for his small and dashing appearance. He is rather muscular for his teen appeal, having a chiseled body for his age. he has a medium build body  Her hands are rather large with his fingers being slender, yet long and plump at the tips. His skin is a tan; bronze with the sheen of of goldenrod, similar to that of the Ancient Arabian - Egyptians. Overall, appears to be much younger than his actual age, although body couture to be maturing into his teenage stage. In other cases, he henges into his younger forms when the time emananted around 7 through 11 years of age.

    ~`|•: History :

    Yün was born as an quintuple Heir to Motomori Arashiyama Kurage | 嵐の山 元より 海月さん, and thus a prominent bloodline of the ïnazama, the Clan of the Storm. He akin all of his brothers, we're raised in prestige of thier father, inheirenting his skills for the immortal Sage of Six Paths. Particularly, Lêï Zhën'Yün, known as Lazer by his father's will, akin his brother Thunder, partook in the learning the heroic ways of being a Inäzümån shinobi. Shortly after his birth, he beckoned forth learning the will of lightning, through his father's tutelage in the forge held upon the peak of Kumogakure, along with his brothers. His skills in harnessing lightning impressed his father, thus as an accent, he taught his son how to wield and harness the Ray form of Storm, before all of his brothers. Noticibly, acclaimed in learning ninjutsu before he could read or write, Yun shined amongst his brothers in totality for his investment within the Ray of ninjutsu under the Tutelage of Arashiyama.

    When Yun began, walking and speaking, Arashiyama taught him to sigil and seal. Through the ways of the sigil amd seal, he naturally beckoned the art of Fuuinjutsu, emanating it's presence through script and poetry. Through his poetic ways, he scripted and scribed the words of his father, listening closely to his guide through enlightened words which he had foretold of the Inäzümän clan and the ways of harnessing it's abilities and skill. He recorded a silioquey of poems which inscribed the nature of the clan, the ways of it's foundation, and the feats which it entitled among it's highest members. Lazer recorded the sounds and pictions of nature, drawing replicas of Kumogakure, akin practice for scribing scribling within his notebook. His poetic art lead to him become a songwriter and musician all while charting the music of the spheres and celestial events, and in turn helped his brothers do the same. He became quite reknowned for his ingenuic wordplay and linguistics skill, he decided to become a scholar of the shinobi arts. Being the wisest of his brothers, he was the first to head into the academy, easily accelling his peers in ninjutsu and his prodigious ability for manipulation in his Kekkeï Genkaï of the storm. He passed with streaming light, learning his class and being awarded a white headband. After graduation, he immediately tackled missions and ranked within class without his peers as a lone serpetine.

    ~`|•: Personality :

    [Extroversive] `~` 外向性の

    Arashi is very extroverted and outgoing, gifting the a supernatural art of unbridled expression and retaliation. His eminence is fervorous to those that he considers encounters, allowing her truest side to show and bask in her natural glory and glow with intense potentiality. He is a grandiose spark in his environment and an enlightened jolt of lightning in his natural habitat. Vigorously fiery in his expression and incessantly seeking multiple forms to advance in his daily routines and life. He stays active and keeps his adrenaline pumping. Oddly so, even with the EXTREME extroversion, he can become recluse when he requires the downzones or in situations where he requires to pay much attention to detail, speculating with a philosopher's gaze and a guru's insight.

    [Serious] `~` 深刻です

    Arashi is very serious about his line of work. He keeps it in mind that he is shinobi first over everything, other than the works of what is most natural. He keeps sound truth within his self and makes sure that shows through his actions and words, regarding of what other individuals think. In this sense, it does not mean that he is cold hearted, for she does feel, tremendously deep, even through his rather serious and what seems "tough" or "rough" demeanor.

    [Tranquil = Gentle Demeanor] `~` 安穏な

    Arashi's heart guides the lot of his decisions. He is kind. He is fair. He is just. Blessed by the mind, body, soul, and flow that he has endowed, Arashi naturally loves with the gentle breeze that guides in air gracing on unity within clarity. At times, when his emotions are not within a flare, that of which is processed by his extroversion, he is somber. His motions are fluid as his mind is calm. This is what guides him into his art and into training of honing his most cherishable skills.

    [Courageous = Brave Heart] `~` 勇気

    Arashi has been trained by the academy not to fear any situation. He is not one to run and hide after being poised with a much stronger challenge than what is of his level. Bearing such a gift allows him to assume leadership positions with the will to command an armada. With even the gravest of fear placed in his way, Arashi shall make it her personal duty to complete his mission, fearlessly and tactile.

    [Naturally Connected = Empatically Intuitiona] `~` 自然に接続されている

    Arashi has a certain quality for being connected to the surrounding environments including the elements around him. He naturally chimes in with nature, listening and observing. His connection is highly strong, gifting an immediate sense of insight and articular revenue of introspection in reflection. This can cause him to seem disconnected from society, although he is just paying attention to the outer sources with the inclusion of the inner ones. In his lesserzones, he will actively meditate and meld with the field of consciousness to apt strategic plans and maintain tactical advantage.

    [Strong Willed = Powerful Intention] `~` 強力な意図

    The will of Arashi is impervious and hardly crushed by the whims and qualms of others. He is strong suited to complete task assigned to him and takes extreme risk even when the caliber of the stakes are high and ascending. He shall not be easily shaken by the folly of other individuals and continues to push off extreme amounts of willpower, even when such seems impossible. To Arashi, her will is her bond, and this he must exert such into fruition.

    [Eccentricity ~ Extremely Emotional] `~` 偏心

    In popular usage, eccentricity (also called quirkiness) refers to unusual or odd behavior on the part of an individual. This behavior would typically be perceived as unusual or strange, without being demonstrably maladaptive. Eccentricity is contrasted with "normal" behavior, the nearly universal means by which individuals in society solve given problems and pursue certain priorities in everyday life. People who consistently display benignly eccentric behavior are labeled as "eccentrics". Sakuratsuu allows her eccentricity show through her extreme gestures and placated emotions that are inclined to make himself giddy with glee or rampart with rage.

    [Lawful Good] `~` 合法的な良い

    A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. He combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. He tells the truth, keeps his word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished. Lawful good is the best alignment you can be because it combines honor and compassion

    ~`|•: Roleplay Sample :

    @KhaixRozary wrote:"I have the immanency within, It is the only path." I began to rise as I layed within my bed, sanctioned near the oasis within the temple yard surrounding the citadel of the Scirocco's compound. My mind only set on the sol alleviation of all whom were sick, demented, and even undead. Akin, with my hypersensitivity, I could feel them all: The lotted corpses straggling within the village walls, and uncertainly concourse in their moaning and groaning fashion. Of course, to I, the civilians were also undead, in some parts, or close to dying, in my perspective, if each individual was not fulfilling their highest lively hood. I am Lawful good.however, I just felt that I was not GOOD enough and there was only one way to get there.  

    ` I suddenly rose from my covers, my legs entertwined within the half lotus, still asleep, crisscrossing each other. I stretched upward, inter locking my fingers and bending my knuckles backwards, listening to the bones crackling away from the aligned place within the groves. I did this often since I was an infant. Instinctively breaking the sections within my body, aligning them within properly within place in the sockets, then mending what feeling that I could have between them with the soothe emotion, the love and care that only mother nature could bestow within my healing ability. What else was I crafted for?

    ` I lightly applied chakra within the lower region of my body and from my brain before any pain could be affected by my preceptors, receptors, and meridians, as my bones began to crackle, my phalanges giving way in stretching from the strength and the purist strain into pacifying my essential arcane flow. The light manifestation of chakra glided from the pits of my stomach, up towards my heart, and lungs. I could feel the sense of my brain opening, as if the chakra was pouring in from my hair to the center of my forehead, through my being, kinecting in the center of my chest, from my heart and lungs, joining the preceding chakra from my nether regions, gliding forth into my arms, gracefully streaming into both my palms. They both began to tingle, gifting the only feeling that i dawned to feel early within the darkness. I couldn't tell what time it was, although I knew that it was my initial time to heal.  

    ` The light application of the chakra bestowed a radiancy within my room, illuminating the darkened abyss into serenic bliss of silverish chakra. I brought my hands in front of me, stretching them further into the contortion, listening to the snaps and pops. The healing emanation, bathing over my palms, flowing tranquilly into my finger tips. I released my joints, from the 'gentle' touch of my fingerprints, where the healing sources protrued and slid my right hand into my left, softly, massaging the base of my palms, into my knuckles, and further the phalanges and fingertips. I wanted to make any healing experience that I manifolded from my existence as painless ans surreal as possible. Not only for myself, although for all my patience under my care, thus learning the healing palm and its enlightene'd tree, was only eminent.

    ` My healing palm was my only medical specialty, after all, it is all that I am crafted for and my light heals bestowed an essence that other medical doctors and nurses astonishingly portrayed as a could of classifications advanced from my current level. My hands naturally mended them selves into completion, as I began to wriggle them manically, watching with glee as the harmless breaking and healing extended my wind fingers longer. I stroked the base of the back of my skull, running thier course through my silky hair, preparing my next practice in the healing palm.

    ~`|•: Legacy Statistics :

    3 Skill Points { Bloodline Tax: Inäzümän { Storm Element }; Element: Raiton; Skill: Fuuinjutsu }
    1050 Experience Points { Genin Registration }
    {Coordination E > D; 150,  Stamina E > D; 150, Reflexes E > D; 150, Intellect E > C ; 450, Perception E > D; 150}
    LPB { 3 Destiny }

    Active Experience Points:
    Unspent Experience Points:
    Total Experience Points:


    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ Kumoga10

    Opening of the Whylds, the unsealing of the Clouds...:

    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ Giphy

    Léï Zhènyün
    ~ Ijutstu, Ninjutsu, Kuchiyôse, Fuuinjutsu, Chemistry, Engineer, Genjutsu { ? } ~
    Ïnazüma; Storm ~ Tempest, Ray, Cloudian Air
    The Protopolypian Medusozoan

    ~`|•: 镭射 ★ 陣雨雲; Lëîshë Zhën'Yün ★ Lazer's Showercloud :•|`~ 1010


    [*]Strength: E
    [*]Constitution: C
    [*]Stamina: B { 160 }
    [*]Speed: S
    [*]Coordination: B
    [*]Intelligence: A
    [*]Perception: B

    Limit Break Points:

    [*]Destiny: 3

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