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    Why am i here?


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    Why am i here? Empty Why am i here?

    Post by MorikawaMiriki on Thu Apr 11, 2019 5:53 pm

    In this land it was not quite what Morikawa envisioned it to be. The wildlife is quite abundant and lively once he moved outside of the coastal areas. Seid had ran off in search for the village of demons some time ago, but Morikawa hasn't heard of him since. Still considering that there is now only a single boat that Morikawa came in when there was originally 2 suggests that Seid had already departed. Letting out a sigh, Morikawa board the ship and the crew got to work so that they make sail for home. He really did not want to come here for this negotiation when it had nothing to do with Kumogakure as he has expressed when he was first given the task.

    [Exit Land of Demons -> Land of Lightning -> Kumogakure 48hr]

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