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    A Helping Hand [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    A Helping Hand [Solo] Empty A Helping Hand [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:19 pm

    Mission Name: Help Mr. Komura Home!
    Mission Type: Delivery
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Carry Mr. Komura's groceries home for him
    Description: Mr. Komura is an old man who likes to buy in bulk. The problem is that he can't actually carry all this bulk, which is where you come in! Carry everything he has back home for him. You might bring a friend; he has a lot of stuff.
    Payment: 10,000 ryo
    Requirements: Genin

    Satori stared down at the paper in his hand with bemusement while he walked. It certainly wasn't a difficult mission, but he had to wonder why it was being left to ninja. Perhaps the old man didn't have any family left? That was possible and fairly common. Many elders were without children or grandchildren left due to distance, or death from the ninja way of life.

    It said he bought in heavy bulk. A low hum filled his chest as he contemplated the best way to get the situation handled, contemplating to himself for a few moments before he finally relented and straightened himself up. If he was buying in bulk he should bring something with wheels, no reason to try and haul things around in the limited space his arms and hands provided. Especially for an extended distance.

    Content with this decision, the young man traveled toward his backyard first. Grabbing the wheelbarrow from beside the shed and pushing it toward the path with a stretch, the walk to the village would be a bit odd with this. But it would do fine for carrying a large surplus of foods for one person at least.

    After about a thirty minute walk, Satori tugged the wheelbarrow to a halt as he spotted the older man. He had clearly already made his purchases and was looking at the sky quietly. Satori moved the barrow forward and lifted a hand in greeting with a slight smile.

    "Mr. Komura? I'm Satori Ryuutei. I'll be helping you with your groceries today," as he explained this, the old man's gaze snapped down before he offered a wide smile of greeting.

    "'ello young'n! Thank ya' kindly!" He stated before stepping forward and grasping the first few bags. By the looks of things, they were mostly jars and cans, it made sense considering the bulk buying. If you buy fresh in bulk it just went bad generally, after all. Chuckling to himself, Satori stepped forward and began to help load up the vehicle casually.

    A few minutes later, Satori tested the mobility of the wheelbarrow a few times before nodding and moving off. The old man was a bit on the slow side, but considering how much Satori was being paid to simply cart around some groceries, he saw no real reason to complain. Traveling at Mr. Komura's pace, he went along patiently until they arrived at his small cottage.

    After a few more minutes of work, Satori had carefully put in every different jar and can so that the man could have proper access to the foods. Content with this, Satori met the old man at the door of his home.

    "Thank ye' youngin'!" he said cheerfully, and as easily as that simply handed over the full payment to Satori. Whom stared at the amount which was three times what it should have been, and allowed a bemused smile to form on his lips. He must be too old fashion to understand the village was paid first, himself second.

    "Thank you sir," he stated simply, inclining his head in thanks and stepping back. He'd have to head to the administrative building to give them their share of the mission. Amused, Satori shook his head as he drove his wheelbarrow along, ignoring the odd looks he got due to it.

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