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    Simple Job [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Simple Job [Solo] Empty Simple Job [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:29 pm

    Mission Name: Fix the Fence
    Mission Type: Chore
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Fix the fence! Oh, and did I mention the animals got out? You'll need to get them all back in, too!
    Description: The storm affected the northern part of the Hozuki Isle, not just Ota. The livestock to the north has been roaming free in one area of the field due to a broken fence from the storm. Trees were knocked down onto some parts and wind blew away some of the more rickety areas. Fix it all up and make sure you get all the animals back in!
    Payment: 10,000 ryo
    Requirements: Genin
    Satori knew he needed to knock out all the simple, D-Rank missions if he wanted to ascend to a higher rank and make enough waves to be notable for Chunin. But some of these missions were agonizingly simple. Initially, he hadn't minded it, but he'd assumed there would be some degree of middle-ground for most of them.

    Things like dealing with basic bandits. Handling a letter between clans. A minor risk but nothing major to take the edge off his boredom. But instead all he'd done was paint docks, repair ships, go fishing and lift heavy shit. Sighing his hand ruffled through his wild mane as he stared down at the paper in his hand. This time it was repairing a fence and gathering some wild animals. At least the animals should provide him some degree of entertainment.

    Though since they were domesticated he doubted any of them were going to really be a threat. But at least he may have to chase a few down or something.

    Sighing, the young man tucked the paper away as he made his way toward the northern shoreline. The storms that had effected Ota were also apparently affecting the other areas of the country. It made sense but it was still a damn pain in the ass. Wandering toward the spot, he glanced around him curiously. The animals had supposedly escaped but were there any ways for him to specifically locate and tell where they were?

    He'd have to track them by smell. To do that he'd need to know exactly what all the villagers had lost, he supposed. Sighing he wandered around a hill as he approached the small cluster of farmhouses that made up a small village. Nothing expansive, it was primarily there for a place to live and nothing more. That much at least was clear.

    It didn't take him too long to locate the primary barn, and notice the damage. A large chunk of the barn had been bashed apart by a flung tree limb, and along with it several sections of fencing had been demolished. The large limb was easily the size of a tree itself, and to top it off the tree it had come from had fallen over and taken out even more of the fence.

    Grunting, Satori stepped over it and approached the middle-aged man that was picking up the medium sized sticks, a sour look on his face.

    "Damn luck is worse than a--"

    "Pardon me," Satori interjected the man's tired mumblings, causing him to jump and spin around to face the tall young man. Blinking once and offering a nervous smile, before spotting the headband and relaxing.

    "Ah, a ninja. Thank the gods. Right--" the man was quick to get to the job, and Satori was fine with that. Explaining how the tree had fallen and he'd lost six cattle, twelve hens and one rooster due to the damage.

    "I'll gather them. Can you get the fence patched enough so that they can't escape again, in the meantime?" The man shook his head but didn't appear concerned.

    "It's fine, I'll keep them in the barn until the damage is fully repaired. Those cattle are worth their weight in ryo, they're my business. The hens and rooster are replaceable, but if you find them by all means." Satori nodded once at this explanation and was quick to be off. Thankfully, there was more than enough sources of scents for him to use to track.

    The process was simple enough after that. Satori spent a large portion of his time bouncing from one spot to the next, tracking down cattle and dragging them along so that they could be shoved into the barn. The hen's were a bit more difficult to pin down, but due to clipped wings, it was a relatively simple job. The rooster was the last, only due to it craftily doing all in its power to escape several times and forcing Satori to actually take it seriously.

    Holding it by the legs upside down as it flapped noisily and tried pecking at his wrist vainly was the way the farmer received the bird. Thankful his animals had been returned, Satori did the next step and helped cut the log into chunks with his claws that would be used for firewood. The repair of the fence took little time at all due to the fact it was fairly basic. A few poles set deep into the earth with cement and the rest fell into place without issue.

    Once it was all said and done, Satori left with a polite wave of his hand. Another boring, simple job done. But at least it had helped the farmer out, and he'd gotten paid. Smiling lightly at the thought, and another tick on his ninja card, Satori made his way back toward Kirigakure for the next on his to-do-list.

    // Thread Exit.

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