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    Cat & The Hound [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Cat & The Hound [Solo] Empty Cat & The Hound [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:52 pm

    Mission Name: Who Let the Dog Out?
    Mission Type: Recovery
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Track down and retrieve Ms. Muramasa's dog, Spot.
    Description: Spot was last seen running away from Ms. Muramasa in the marketplace. He's a medium sized dog with brown fur and a white spot on the right side of his body that takes up most of his ribcage. Spot likes to run and play games, so you better be quick or you'll never catch him!
    Payment: 10,000 ryo
    Requirements: Genin
    Satori was currently sitting on top of one of the many buildings decorating the market. Idly tapping a bare foot against the rooftop as he debated the best way to handle the current situation. Really, the only issue was the simple fact that the dog was going to be a pain to catch by the description. He wasn't going to just dash around chasing it like an idiot when there were superior options. Due to this, he was patiently waiting, examining the market quietly.

    It didn't help that Satori didn't really like dogs.

    It wasn't that he hated them or disliked them. He simply had a natural tendency to prefer cats. This was due to the fact that he could understand cats, he read their body language, moved like them, and "talked" with them just fine. But dog body language was completely different. He could understand it to some degree. Probably better than most humans, but nothing compared to felines, and it made it a bit unnerving trying.

    Sighing, he rested his chin in his palm and stared at the furry form of the canine dashing through the market. A few numbskulls tried to chase it, and it's movements made it impossible. Animals didn't move like humans, even ninja. It wasn't as though they were faster, but they made unpredictable decisions. Satori's pupil dilated slightly, as that was the point. If he could analyze the movements of the canine, he would no longer need to concern himself with the specific details of the issue.

    He let others chase the dog for several minutes until finally, Satori finally began to understand the canines natural rhythms. The way it dodged, moved, dashed and shifted. It favored the right side and preferred ducking under different things to avoid the humans chasing it. As well, the dog clearly saw everything as a game. Its tail continued to wag happily even as the humans chased it screaming in anger and annoyance.

    The solution would be simple then.

    His mind flashed through multiple scenarios at high speeds, staring at the movements of the dog as though afterimages of the canine flashing about the marketplace. All the possible movements he could perform, tactics he could try before finally he released a slow breath and pushed himself up to his feet.

    "Right," he murmured simply, before launching himself down. Specifically timing it for the exact moment the dog came careening around a specific corner, just as he'd seen it would. Slamming into the stone the dog skittered, claws against stone as it struggled to halt itself from an outright sprint. In that moment, his pupils shrank, and the dog felt the smashing power of killing intent and Genjutsu wash over its primitive mind.

    The dog went from skidding to tumbling head over heels, smashing its face into the ground and yipping in terror as it struggled to halt and right itself to spin to its right and escape. When it managed it, its legs gave out twice before it panicked and dashed to the right. Just as Satori knew it would. The thud of it running directly into a stall that had appeared to be open on the bottom with a cloth over it--but was, in fact, solid, filled the air.

    The dog, dazed and terrified, stumbled a few times before falling on its side.

    Satori idly walked forward and clicked it's leash into place, kneeling down and patting the confused animals head twice.

    "Good dog," he stated simply, before straightening and tugging it firmly. His tone strict as his eyes narrowed on the canine slightly.

    "Come," the word caused the dog to stiffen before it slowly righted itself. Giving a whine as the others at the Market starred in shock, while Satori walked the dog along as if he owned it. Returning it to its owner was easy enough after that. Due to the trauma, he doubted the animal was going to be running off anywhere anytime soon either.

    // Thread Exit.

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