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    Fang or Fist [Private]

    Akemi Nakamura
    Akemi Nakamura

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    Fang or Fist [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fang or Fist [Private]

    Post by Akemi Nakamura on Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:10 am

    Akemi had been concerned about Satori’s right side being used so primarily for defense, and as his leg came up, he was a bit caught off guard, but not entirely surprised when Satori suddenly switched offensive and defensive sides. First, Satori’s right arm rose above the Akemi’s punch and came straight at the boy, then his knee was grabbed by Satori, holding onto him and pushing him off balance. But Satori had underestimated Akemi, this time.

    Satori’s fist had come flying at him and with how far off balance the boy had attempted to push Akemi, Akemi had figured out the strategy. He leaned his entire body back, only barely evading taking a full on punch instead feeling an intense pain as it scraped along his forehead. Akemi retracted his hand, and thrust them both at the ground to brace himself as his second leg swung out from beneath him. It was a bit of an awkward fighting style, were he to be honest, as he suddenly swung his now free leg into something of an axe kick. He was beginning to pant, however; he had never done this intense of combat with wounds like this, so he’d have to stop and recuperate soon.

    But he had that urge to keep going and improve, to learn more about Satori’s own fighting, so that he could better understand the boy. His chest was heaving and he knew that he couldn’t do much more, Satori’s unnatural stamina had outlasted Akemi, but he’d gained valuable information. There were quite a number of things that he could still learn. He didn’t want this to end… Not yet.
    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Fang or Fist [Private] - Page 2 Empty Re: Fang or Fist [Private]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Tue Apr 16, 2019 12:11 am

    Akemi using his momentum in order to dodge the attack was interesting, but it didn’t change too much. The boy lashed out with his leg, aiming to kick him with the momentum of his fall-- but all Satori had to do was raise his leg up, blocking the blow. He felt a slight tinge of pain, but nothing more, and more importantly it meant that Akemi was now stuck with his leg locked against Satori’s own in a clash, with the boy holding his other leg, as well as now having all his weight placed and balanced on his two arms while facing upward.

    Suffice to say it wasn’t a good position to be in, and as Satori planted himself firmly, and pushed forward, he pushed all their combined weight forward aiming to force Akemi head-first into the ground. The boy was at far to awkward an angle and was running low on stamina, he doubted he had the strength needed to try and push their combined weight along with Satori’s own strength back. Pushing forward, Satori did the simplest motion in grappling, and as he forced forward to slam the boy into the ground he used his grip on his leg to force his body upward.

    It was a submission hold forcing the boys leg up to his head, one that could dislocate his hip at the joint if it went too far. As they fell, once again the ground turned to sand as the pair smashed into the earth with Akemi at the receiving end. The call for the winner filled the air once more, and Satori didn’t hesitate to immediately release the boy's leg so that he could function properly and not injure his leg more than necessary.

    Despite the fact he seemed to have beaten the other boy so easily again, he grinned. “I actually had to block a hit from you. I’ll probably have a bruise on my leg, nice hit.” Satori didn’t put him down, nor act arrogant and smug, he simply congratulated the boy on his success and offered him his hand just like before. However, he didn’t pull him to his feet, instead just helping him sit up straight.

    “Let’s continue later. It’s no use practicing when you’re tired, right? Catch your breath.” With this, he would wave to the teacher.

    “We’re gonna wait a bit sensei, we’ll call you when we want to start again.” The man stared at them with a confused expression, before sighing and turning to continue examining the other students as Satori fell to sit down in front of Akemi with a grin.

    “How’s your back?” he asked simply, making sure that the boy wasn’t in too bad of a situation if so they could always run to the nurses office again. Though Satori was sure Akita-sensei was getting tired of him bringing in injured students.

    It wouldn't do any harm to have that much more extra work though, besides, he liked Akemi. It wouldn't have any point to permanently harm the boy or slow him down, the more he could get out of him, the faster he would improve. The move he improved, the more powerful he was making Kirigakure. It was the same outlook he had with anyone that was willing to endure his training methods, and why he had gotten as close as he had to so many individuals.

    All of them had drive, varying types of it, certainly-- but drive nonetheless, and that was important.

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