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 Tsuyo Hyuga

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PostSubject: Tsuyo Hyuga   Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:06 pm

Name: Tsuyo Hyuga
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: B
Title: Hawk

Clan: Hyuga
Bloodline: Byakugan
Element(s): Fuuton


  • Strength: D
  • Constitution: D
  • Stamina: C
  • Speed: C
  • Coordination: C
  • Intelligence: D
  • Perception: A

3,000 experience available
250 for Stage Two Byakugan
2700 into stats

50/3,000 remaining

Unique Abilities:

Secrets From the Past: Begins with the first two Hachimon known. The third and fourth gate cost their regular amount of experience instead of being halved from her taijutsu skill.

Memories From a Dream: Tsuyo has a connection with various others in the world, being carried over from a different time and place (TNRPG). Anybody sharing this trait she will know their name and have a good guess at what they're like, though it will be confusing to her how she knows this. Those whom she shares this connection with may have the exact same reaction to her.

Suprisingly Durable: The boost to Speed given by the first Hachimon is increased by a +. The first Gate now costs ten stamina to activate and she does not receive the boost to Speed from the Second Gate.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs

Appearance: Tsuyo has a mature body with noticeable curves and a moderate bust. She has a heart shaped face that is smooth in complexion. Her nose is small and straight and lines have begun to form at the corners of her mouth from her frequent smiling. The trademark black hair of the Hyuga is cut to shoulder length and is usually in a short ponytail when in a fight. She keeps it long enough that she can still do something with it when the occasion comes without it being a hindrance during a mission. Her eyes are the unmistakable pale color her clan is known for, and often times she will keep her headband around her eyes on a mission so people believe her to be blind rather than realize she is a Hyuga.

Tsuyo's dress varies depending on the situation and what her mood is that day. When she is inside her clan district for any length of time, she is typically in the traditional kimono worn by the members of her prodigious clan. When training she likes to wear what she has on in her avatar picture, or some variation of it. Even when it's chilly out she likes to wear shorts or a skirt, and she avoids sleeves if she can help it. Her feet are almost always protected well so that they don't get injured quite as easily on a mission or in a fight, having not worn shinobi sandals on a mission since she was a genin.

When on duty or on a mission she can be found wearing dark blue pants with numerous weaponry pouches on them with a mesh t-shirt underneath a Konoha flak jacket. This, too, would have numerous weapon pouches on it. A quiver of arrows and her bow mark her primary weapons, and her favored fingerless black gloves are always on her hands. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail or a very tight bun and her demeanor changes from one of gentleness and kindness to one of seriousness and ruthlessness. She only wears gloves if she doesn't plan on using Gentle Fist, since she enjoys the feeling of beating on people. Instead of a Konoha headband, she wears a plain black one with her village insignia displayed on a band wrapped around her left bicep. She owns a regular headband too, should she feel like using it instead of her black one for whatever reason.

History: Tsuyo was born into the Hyuga Main Branch as the second child and first daughter. Her brother was twelve when she was born, and though she was never told so she assumes that her life was entirely accidental. It doesn't bug her much now, but it used to when she was younger and her brother received all the adoration and praise. She lived a pampered life until she was five and watched her brother and father spar. The way they moved and how quickly they did so fascinated her, instilling her obsession with taijutsu. As soon as the two were done sparring, she demanded her father teach her how to do the same thing. He was taken aback by the abrasiveness of the demand from his otherwise polite daughter and scolded her for it at the time. Later though, he would come to see the idea somewhat favorably.

Soon after, she began her own training in the art of the Gentle Fist. At first she was terrible, having had no training of any kind before that. She was not intended to be a shinobi when she was born, but it seemed as if that was the one she wished to travel. Her brother approved, already ranked on par with what would have been a Chuunin and well on his way towards establishing himself as the future leader of the clan. Tsuyo looked up to him as her personal hero, wishing to become just as good as he was and maybe even better someday. To this, she trained doggedly in all her spare time.

She was six when Kirigakure was formed, and sixteen when Konohagakure was established. Before this, much of her life had been filled with negative words about the Uchiha and it confused her when they were chosen to be one of three main clans to form a village called "Konohagakure". Tsuyo hated the idea at first, and when she first laid eyes on an Uchiha after the founding of the village she charged at the young man and tried to fight him. As an acting member of the main line, this was taken as a huge offense at the very onset of the village's founding. The newly elected Hokage, Kazuya Uchiha, prevented the new conflict. Anger filled her anytime she thought of the Hokage after for a short time, but eventually she grew to respect him as a being of tremdous power if he could make her father fold under pressure from him. Secretly, another goal was set in her heart. To become stronger than even the Hokage, and to prove the power of the Hyuga.

Her eyes were not a top priority, and when she was thirteen a new style of fighting had started circulating within the Land of Fire. "Gokenryu" it was called, an amalgation of styles from a couple minor clans that had gained popularity with those who were taijutsu specialists. Tsuyo set out to find a teacher for this style and found one in the Yamanaka clan in the eastern Hyuga territories. This new sensei taught her the core of the style, Tsuyo absorbing it like a sponge very quickly. She was not gifted with many other things other than taijutsu, but with that she was almost unmatched. Her brother sniffed her out, berating her one night when she returned from a lesson for learning a style other than the Gentle Fist instead of focusing on improving her eyes. She did not take it to heart, but rather ignored her brother as teenagers are known to do. Infuriated, he told her that she would not be able to become a warrior if she kept that attitude up.

When she was sixteen, she was in the party her father took to scout the small village that would eventually become the founding place of Konohagakure. Her clan managed to get their army in place to ambush the discovered Uchiha, and Tsuyo fought in the combat herself and killed her first men. She killed only one Uchiha, the others were members of vassal clans. Her skill with a bow helped win the day, as the long range of her bow and the sharpness of her eyes let her snipe officers in the opposing army. The attack was repelled, though at great cost to the Uchiha. Preparing for the worst, the treaty that came a few hours later surprised her a great deal. And it angered her, too, for she did not want peace with who she thought was an ancestral enemy to her clan.

A few days after Konohagakure was founded, she was tested along with all other warriors to determine their rank wtihin the village. She was ranked at "Chuunin", while her brother was put at "Jonin" alongside her father. That same day, she received a letter with her assigned team. She waited to get home to read it, and when she did it provided her with immense relief. An Uchiha hadn't been assigned to the same squad as her, thankfully.

She was put on a team comprised of a Sarutobi, a Nara, herself, and a Senju sensei. Each was ranked chuunin, with her sensei ranked as a jonin. His name was Arata Senju, and he was the first crush Tsuyo ever got. She had just turned seventeen and was beginning to make the awkward transition into officially becoming a young adult, despite having the body physique and skill of one who had been training nonstop for thirty years to accomplish such a goal in real life. Such was the way of the Narutoverse. Anyways, the team was led on patrol missions more often than not. They were surprisingly dangerous since there were many who resisted the power of the hidden villages at first.

Those first couple years were the most dangerous in her opinion, both because she was weaker and because the world was more dangerous. Her lack of awareness astounded her when she began to operate on a team, and this became her sole focus alongside maintaining her current skill with taijutsu. During this time she took advanced lessons in weapons training and greatly improved her skill with a bow. While this split attention from her taijutsu training, she finds it well worth the effort in the long run. It also helped on missions, as her increased perception of the area around her combined with her still immature Byakugan made for a nice combination to have. When she was nineteen and patrols started becoming more like patrols rather than a constant defending from raiders, Tsuyo finally began to put more work into training her eyes to be of more use.

She managed to evolve her eyes by the time she was twenty, and had also bore witness to a fight between her father and the Hokage. Kazuya was amazing with taijutsu, though his raw skill was less than that of her father. However, during this fight that she watched with her Byakugan active, Tsuyo noticed that Kazuya had increased his chakra flow seemingly at will by opening specific tenketsu in his body. This was curious to her, as this extra power is what allowed Kazuya to overwhelm her father in combat and retain his prestige as the deadliest close quarters fighter in the village. Intrigue tugged at her again, and for the next four years Tsuyo would analyze herself as she attempted to recreate his accomplishment without seeking aid from him.

Missions as guards started to become a thing when Tsuyo reached the age of twenty-four, one of the senior chuunin within the village's military infrastructure. She was already accounted as one of the top prospects for jonin since she was capable of matching even some ANBU ranked shinobi in close quarters combat. On one of these missions, Tsuyo's squad was ambushed with some kind of cloaking ninjutsu that prevented Tsuyo from utilizing her kekkei genkai. Her squad surrounded the client in defense, and over the next five minutes they were assaulted by people who appeared to be professional. The fight was hard, with Tsuyo's natural perception being the only thing that spared her life during the attack. While fighting, some of the attackers had specifically gone after her eyes with chakra coated hands in an attempt to wrench them from their sockets. This led to her suspecting the Uchiha immediately after the fight, but these thoughts were put on the back burner once she realized an ally had been killed.

Kei Sarutobi had been impaled with a spear, through his liver. He had lost most of his blood by the time the fighting had stopped, and breathed his last requesting Tsuyo and her squad tell his family he loved them. This left a scar on Tsuyo's psyche, as losing a comrade in such a personal manner is bound to do. This was the most difficult one though, as it was the first time the blow was so close to her heart. Her performance in this mission was what led to her being promoted to jonin however, as she had held off the brunt of the assault with no injuries to herself or the client. Her sensei approved of the decision, acknowledging Tsuyo's skill. Thirteen year old Tsuyo would have been giddy, but twenty-four year old Tsuyo simply bowed respectfully to the promotion.

As a jonin she did not take a squad immediately. Instead, she commanded a few missions on her own and became a one-man scouting party with her exceptionally keen eyes. Even without her kekkei genkai's gift she is capable of spotting things from miles away without any difficulty. She became known as "Hawk" among the upper ranks, and this nickname spread quickly even among her clanmates. They had come to respect her, as she wasn't a master of Gentle Fist compared to some of her cousins but was a much more well rounded shinobi in exchange.

Her father died when she was twenty-five of a cancer in his heart. Her brother claimed the title of clan head at the age of thirty-seven years, still unmarried and heirless. Around this time is when Tsuyo finally made her breakthrough in training what she would later learn were the Hachimon, forcefully unlocking the first one through sheer frustration at her inability to do so before. Her brother was sent to negotiate a peace and integration with a clan that was still causing shit in the south of the Land of Fire along with a squad of highly trained shinobi. Tsuyo assumed command of the clan's actions at home during this time, taking leave from shinobi duties for a few days to get organized. The discussions were expected to take several weeks, and she needed to get organized. Little did she know that organization would only be the beginning.

A week after departing, the group returned with the sour message that talks had failed when her brother had fallen ill and couldn't continue. He died on the journey back to Konohagakure, as without access to medication the episode that he had was a fatal one. The news came as a slap to the face of the Hyuga with the clan reeling at the unexpected loss of two leaders back to back. Tsuyo maintained leadership for some time until the elders put up another contender under the notion that a woman would not be able to effectively lead the clan. She fought this contender in a fight to determine who would lead the clan and wound up maiming him in the process by blowing an eye out using Gentle Fist. Needless to say, she won the competition.

Now, at the age of twenty-six, her authority has been stabilized somewhat and the squaking within the clan has died down. The grief she feels has gotten her down in her everyday life, as half of her closest family had been killed weeks apart from each other and she was expected to lead her entire clan in the meantime. It was a situation that had happened before, she was sure of that, and one that she is bound to not let kill her as it did her father. Hard work had manifested into her learning the Second Hachimon, secretly advancing her potential within the village as her skill grew with the technique. Her goal is to further the Hyuga name within Konohagakure, and to prove that it is still the most powerful clan in the land.

Personality: Tsuyo is kind to everybody she meets within her village who doesn't happen to bear the Uchiha crest. Old animosity clouds her typically gentle demeanor when in the presence of an unknown Uchiha despite the truce that had been in place for a decade now. Even with her distaste of Uchiha, she manages to be polite to them as it has been ingrained in her since birth to do so to allies. She operates this way frequently, though if asked something she is not afraid to give an honest answer without regard for someone's feelings.

Tsuyo frequently forgets the honorifics, a bad habit she developed as a teenager. To those she truly respects, she will acknowledge them with the proper honorific. Otherwise, it escapes her mind. Tsuyo is willing to help others without expecting anything back in return, and is loyal to her clan and friends. She is still somewhat unsure of the village as a whole, but trusts in the decisions of her parent's generation and maintains loyalty to the village as fiercly as she does to the clan. If that should change however, the clan would likely come first.

Tsuyo is a very ardent fighter, enjoying every aspect of it. She rarely uses Gentle Fist as the feeling of punching something is far more satisfying to her. This has made the clan view her as somewhat of an oddity, but she doesn't mind. There isn't one amongst them that could defeat her, regardless of what style she chose to use. Tsuyo knows this, and doesn't hold back in her contests. After all, if she considers it an insult for someone to not try their hardest then whey shouldn't she expect someone else to be insulted if she doesn't try her hardest? She always gives it her all in fights, toning it down typically only to teach younger shinobi or when her opponent is sadly outclassed by her and she pities them. All aspects of combat are favorable to her. Hell, just the rush of being in battle gives her a bit of a high. When it gets heated is when she is truly happy.

On missions or when defending the clan and village her entire attitude changes. She becomes merciless, determined to either complete her objective or eliminate a threat in the quickest way possible. In and out is how she wants it done, and she gets it done that way more often than not. While she typically smiles and has a gentle expression even when fighting, her face hardens and her smile becomes a straight line of determination and focus etched upon her face. She fights with the ferocity of a cornered animal, at all times, and does not back down from a challenge. She relishes in them, delighting in overcoming something someone told her she could not do. It's one trait that's gotten her as far as she's come, and one not likely to go away anytime soon.

Roleplay Sample:


"Death comes for everyone. I'm just moving you to the front of the line."
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  • Strength: D
  • Constitution: D
  • Stamina: A
  • Speed: D
  • Coordination: S
  • Intelligence: A
  • Perception: S
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Tsuyo Hyuga
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