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    Nee-san Tetsudashi, Tsuchikage

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    Nee-san Tetsudashi, Tsuchikage

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:09 am

    Name: Nee-san Tetsudashi
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Village: Iwagakure
    Rank: Tsuchikage
    Title: The Lizard King

    Clan: Tetsudashi
    Bloodline: Steel Release
    Element(s): Doton, Kouton

    -Misc Crafting
    -Sacrificing rest for stats


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: S

    10,200 Experience Spent on Stats

    1,500 Spent on unlocking all three levels of Steel Release

    300 Experience Left

    Unique Abilities:

    Steel Lizard: Nee-san has trained extensively with one of the greatest shinobi to have ever come from the Land of Earth. As a result, his mastery of the Steel Release bloodline is second only to his brother Reisan. He is capable of channeling its power with significantly less effort. Steel Release techniques cost one rank less worth of chakra than normal. Nee-san's mastery of Steel came at the cost of him neglecting his skill with Earth Release and as such it costs one rank more worth of chakra than normal.

    Lord of Bureaucracy: Nee-san's time as aide to the Tsuchikage, Jounin Commander of Iwagakure, and Secretary-Treasurer for the Tetsudashi Clan has honed his skills as an effective administrator. He was able to "find" 750,000 Ryo that was "lost" due to waste, fraud, and abuse. He has pocketed these funds in order to advance his personal development. Unfortunately, he also has assumed the First Tsuchikage's debts as a result of the man being in no condition to pay. Nee-san must pay the creditors 50% of all money he receives in the future (excluding his first Kage salary) until the debt is paid off including the 50% interest. Coincidentally, this amount totals to 1,250,000 which is almost twice the sum that he "found" during his audit of the village's finances. Interesting.

    The Work: Nee-san is obsessed with puppetry and the potential that it has for bringing humans into a new level of existence. The obsession manifests itself in a desire to continuously improve the strength and power of his creations. Certain puppets created by Nee-san are granted a tier to Strength during usage. Unfortunately, this means he pays less than immaculate attention to detail regarding its durability. These puppets lose a tier of Constitution during usage. These specific puppets are noted as such in the updates thread after approval.

    Appearance: Nee-san is a tall and slender gentleman with a youthful appearance despite his age. He is bald and sports several piercings around his ear and brow. He has an doe-ish facial quality that seems innocent and friendly although he is wont to wear sunglasses often to give himself an aura of mystique and maturity. Nee-san stands at 6"2 but despite his height he is of mediocre physical build, seeming not much more physically extraordinary than your average bureaucrat. Nee-san prefers to wear elegant silks and fine clothes to distinguish himself from the more coarse members of his clan. He particularly enjoys wearing black turtlenecks and three piece suits. He is an avid smoker and is often seen with his custom invention (the vaporizer) from which he often takes a drag.


    Birth & Childhood

    Nee-san was born under the name Neisan Tetsudashi in the year 890. It was a time of great upheaval and renewal in the Land of Earth. The country had recently achieved independence and for the first time in generations the ninja clans of the nation were cooperating to build a brighter future. There was still turmoil but Nee-san's early life experienced very little of it. Nee-san's father, mother, and older brother worked tirelessly to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment to the new baby of the family. This led to Nee-san leading a relatively sheltered life compared to many of his contemporaries. His parents were not the most prominent of the Tetsudashi but they were respected for their hard work and determination to carve out a bright life for future generations. Nee-san was not particularly interested in becoming a ninja at first and spent most of his time studying topics not related to ninja combat. His skill and aptitude in learning placed him on a more academic track and earned him respect amongst the burgeoning intellectual class of Tsuchi no Kuni. Nee-san was somewhat spoiled growing up and as a result he has a devil maycare attitude towards the world. He has also has a sense of entitlement that usually manifests itself through arrogance and a desire to control the outcome of events.

    Adolescence & Young Adulthood

    Whilst his older brother fought in skirmishes against various warlords and hostile Nature Clan fugitives, Nee-san spent most of his teenage years learning the refined arts of the ninja way. He had become an avid puppeteer, doctor, engineer, and sealing expert. The young man's intuition was legendary and it was said that if he hadn't been so aggressively coddled by his parents he would have been a greater soldier than his brother. Yet for what Nee-san lacked in physical ability he more than made up for in intelligence and administrative skill. At the age of 18 he was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Tetsudashi Clan and within a few years time had turned it into one of the most profitable organizations in the nation. The wealth that it generated despite the mediocre resources allotted to it earned Nee-san a reputation as one of the country's leading experts in governance. These methods were copied by other clans and organizations and would eventually provide the funding for the village of Iwagakure.

    Nee-san would soon attract the attention of Hòu Zhuān the leader of the Muramatsu Clan. The two cultivated a close friendship that would last decades. Hòu Zhuān would give him the name "Nee-san" meaning "older sister" as a teasing way to describe the Tetsudashi's management style. The nickname stuck and it would eventually become his real name not long thereafter. Hòu Zhuān remarked favorably on Nee-san's knowledge and genius at strategy but he encouraged him to become a better shinobi. Nee-san had often ignored his older brother's insistence to become more competent in combat but at the urging of his new mentor, he drilled in the art of war relentlessly. It came easy to him. He had treated war like he would any sort of intellectual endeavor. Analyze his strengths, weaknesses, and then come up with a strategy that maximized the former and minimized the latter. By the time he was nearly 30, Nee-san had bested many of the Tetsudashi's greatest warriors. The haughty and sheltered paper pusher had within the span of a decade outpaced his peers and earned him the right to walk beside the Muramatsu Clan leader. The two were inseparable leading many to suspect that there was far more than friendship to the relationship.

    Adulthood & Shinobi Career

    After the appointment of Hòu Zhuān as Iwagakure's First Tsuchikage, Nee-san was officially appointed chief strategist to the Tsuchikage. He had served as a mission coordinator, aide, personal doctor, and military strategist for the Kage. Hòu Zhuān was well respected and his Will of Stone Address (co-written by Nee-san) had mobilized the village to clean up house and begin investing in its future. The warlords had been brought to heel after decades of warfare and the Nature Clan had been driven to near extinction. Nee-san was instrumental in the selection of the nation's new Daimyou and had worked to cultivate a relationship with the Kaifeng Family who had renounced their warlord past in hopes of working in tandem with the new ninja village. Nee-san preferred to avoid direct action yet when he was ordered to deploy, there were few who could match his ruthless efficiency. Nee-san had become renown for his murderous skill with puppetry and had so deftly made his mark on Iwa's enemies that few dared challenge him. He was promoted to Jounin Commander and at the behest of his Tsuchikage led an expedition into several dangerous and previously unexplored areas of the nation. He discovered Kariforunia Island off the coast of the country and singe-handedly subjugated its population of pugnacious Lizards. It is said that the Island was transported to another location by Nee-san and that he treats it as his own personal Kingdom. The feat earned him the nicknames "The Lizard King" and "Steel Lizard".

    Nee-san always had little use for women but his relationship with his mother had always been tense. His accomplishments did nothing to ease the anger of his mother that he had not given her a single grandchild whilst his brother had taken seven wives and produced well over thirteen children. The rumors about him and the Tsuchikage were hushed whispers but it had bothered her on a personal level. What was speculated by clan elders was something she knew to be true in her heart and as a result she hated him for it. Nee-san's estrangement from his mother grew to intolerable bounds when she demanded that he resign, work exclusively for the clan, and refuse to see the Tsuchikage ever again or she would take matters into her own hands to end his career. Unwilling to tarnish his lord Kage's reputation or give up a life he had grown accustomed to loving, Nee-san saw to it that she would never threaten him again. She was found dead in an apparent murder and the blame was pinned on a jealous Muramatsu woman. Nee-san had headed the investigation and reported his findings to the Tsuchikage. The clan was outraged but could not manage to cultivate an alibi or an alternate series of events given how thorough and foolproof the cover up was. Hòu Zhuān knew the woman personally and knew deep down that she would never commit an act despite any quarrels she had with Nee-san's mother. Either because he was unwilling to believe his Jounin Commander would frame her or because he knew that Nee-san would not have done so if not for just cause, Hòu Zhuān acted decisively. The innocent woman was executed and the Muramatsu Clan mourned her loss. Hòu Zhuān was not blamed given his stellar and just reputation but many regarded Nee-san suspiciously thereafter. Nee-san who already had less women for use then most men became even more deeply misogynistic. The stress of the incident is said to have been a factor in Tsuchikage's mental decline although many would insist that it was the true root cause.

    Selection as Tsuchikage & Present Day

    Hòu Zhuān's mental deteroriation was gradual but exponential. It began with a few minor confusions that were chalked up to exhaustion or everyday mistakes. Then the rants started. Hòu Zhuān began to insist that supernatural forces were working against him. They were mild speeches at first and some even viewed them as justified given the recent practices of the Kaifeng Family and the growth of rival villages. However, as time went on they became more and more unhinged. The Tsuchikage who was known for his logical and ordered thinking lashed out at others and frequently engaged in manic behavior. Nee-san watched painfully as the man he had come to love and respect became a shell of his former self. Hòu Zhuān's madness was kept away from the public for as long as possible. He was rarely seen out and about and when he was, he was so drugged up that he could hardly talk. Eventually, he built an immunity to any medication given to him and so his insanity progressed to intolerable levels. He enjoyed horseback riding and had always doted over his prize horse. One day however he insisted on making his horse ANBU Commander and cited a mystical dream informing him that the horse was actually the reincarnation of one of the Sage's Disciples. Unwilling to listen to reason and threatening physical violence on all who opposed him, the decision was carried out but functionally ignored.

    The last straw came when he managed to escape the confines of the Tsuchikage Complex and run around the village raving about a demonic mountain that was encroaching on the village. Many assumed that the Tsuchikage was joking but all who laughed at him were brutally attacked and only Nee-san was able to calm him. Stories began to spread about the Tsuchikage and Nee-san had no way of stopping them. The last order that the Tsuchikage was able to give with anything resembling coherence was to declare war on the largest mountain in the Chang Mountain Range. He said that if the mountain did not fall before the end of the year, he would personally destroy it and kill his incompetent council. The Muramatsu Clan feared the destruction of his legacy and put in plans to replace him. The goodwill he had cultivated for decades would only extend so far and if the public had any true idea of just how confused the village's leader had become, Iwagakure would be in serious danger. Nee-san for his part had walked a fine line between enabling the Kage's delusions to gain his trust and bluntly refusing his most insane demands. He had become largely incoherent but Nee-san was able to get through to him and control him to a small degree. The fact that he had become the man's tether to reality had made him invaluable to the village and for a period of time he was essentially acting Tsuchikage.

    The Muramatsu Clan did not wish to kill or remove their beloved leader but they could no longer tolerate his lack of fitness. They urged their strongest shinobi to challenge him knowing full well that he could not refuse and that in his confusion he may lose without any serious harm needing to be done to him. Nee-san advised against it having seen first hand that the fire of war still burned in the Tsuchikage's eyes. The Muramatsu Clan ignored him as they were convinced that either the madness was his doing or that he was intentionally prolonging Hòu Zhuān's rule to embarrass them. Hòu Zhuān slaughtered all who challenged him. Brothers, cousins, nephews, and nieces were reduced to dust at the hands of their own leader. The Muramatsu Clan lost almost an entire generation of their best ninja at the hands of lunatic Tsuchikage. The fact that the Tsuchikage still had his skill in combat caused many to fear that any forced removal would bathe the village in blood. The Muramatsu Clan begged Nee-san to persuade Hòu Zhuān to resign and although Nee-san was reluctant to remove his own mentor, he could not bear to see him helplessly destroy his own legacy. After a series of private conversations, Hòu Zhuān left the Tsuchikage Complex and went home never to return or mention his tenure again.

    The vacuum of power had left the village reeling and the Muramatsu was in no position to assume responsibility for the chaos that Hòu Zhuān had created. Nee-san's older brother Reisan Tetsudashi saw this as an opportunity to increase the Tetsudashi Clan's power in the village and he persuaded his brother to take the mantle. The Muramatsu Clan was reluctant but was indebted to Nee-san for peacefully resolving the Hòu Zhuān situation. Despite this, there were many who regarded him suspiciously and believed that if he did not personally engineer the Tsuchikage's downfall he had in some way indirectly caused it. Reisan Tetsudashi forced their hand through incessant bullying and a ruthless campaign that more or less amounted to blackmail. He threatened to release documents that would show everyone just how mad the Muramatsu's pride and joy had become. As a result, the Murmatsu acquiesced and the smaller clans followed suit. The council was thus in his pocket and he used their influence to make his brother the Second Tsuchikage. Nee-san did not particularly want the job. Hòu Zhuān's down-spiral had shaken him to his core and revealed to him just how fragile the human condition was. When he wasn't fulfilling Hòu Zhuān's duties or caring for the man, he had become enamored with the concept of ascension and perfection. He imagined a world where no human was degraded to a lesser version of themselves but only became more powerful and divine as time went on. He devoted himself to uncovering the exact process that would lead to mankind's attainment of immortality and everlasting bliss. It was an private obsession that he dubbed "The Work". The responsibility of being Tsuchikage would intrude on his pursuits but he could not in good conscious leave his mentor's village worse off than he found it. He was also convinced that the position would afford him greater resources and flexibility to pursue his interest in The Work. Nee-san accepted the role and has since vowed to carry on his predecessor's legacy while forging his own.

    Personality: Nee-san's personality can be described as mostly mild-mannered with a eccentric kick here and there. He enjoys analyzing and solving difficult problems when given the chance. He prizes his intelligence and his ability to coordinate multiple tasks at once which can occasionally make him aloof about even the most dire of situations. He is soft spoken and thoughtful in his mannerisms. Despite his seemingly genuine and friendly attitude, Nee-san has a strong sense of entitlement. He generally views himself as better than others and as a result is not above thinking of his own needs before others. He believes that the answers to all of life's mysteries are his to discover and only through his intelligence and willpower can he save people from their inevitable demise. This savior mentality has led him to obsess over the idea of perfecting humanity and allowing it to ascend to a state of Godhood not thought possible since the legends of the Sage. Nee-san is certain that he can bring about this reality and the trivial concerns of most people amuse him when he compares his objective to their own. Despite this, Nee-san manages to be an effective leader and partner. While he rarely finds someone on his level so to speak he is self-aware enough to recognize that there are many people with different talents and motivations than himself and as a result he must occasionally collaborate with them. He fundamentally understands people and if he is unable to manipulate them to achieving his own ends then he is liable to forge structured alliances based on mutual benefit.

    Nee-san has a small array of vices that occupy his time when not engaged in his work. He enjoys smoking and gambling for one. He is an avid reader and an excellent teacher to those few he chooses to impart knowledge to. Nee-san is fairly misogynistic and largely despises women as emotional and superstitious creatures. He keeps his thoughts on this subject to himself though and while he will avoid direct contact with women, he is not incapable of working with them. Being a Tetsudashi he favors the ideals of hard work, perseverance, and determination although he eschews the brutish personality that often comes with such an outlook. Nee-san cares for very little in the way of personal relationships. He does not think much of his father, hated his mother, and merely tolerates his brother. He appreciates people generally for what they can do for him and not for who they are. There is one notable exception to this and that is his friend and mentor Hòu Zhuān. With his retirement, Nee-san has spent most of his time alone or in the company of his own aide whom he does not share a close friendship with.

    Nee-san's approach to combat is that of solving an sort of problem or issue. It requires a balance of cost-benefit analysis, game theory, and social engineering. He finds the sport relatively dull compared to the rigorous chase of the sciences or the grand strategy of statecraft. However, when indulging in combat he does not like to lose.

    Roleplay Sample:

    Bobī looked at Hatsuda as if he was speaking another language. The kid was always a bit strange but this is by far the oddest thing he had said to Bobī ever. Sure Bobī was young but so was Hatsuda or at least that's what he looked like. When he mentioned wanting to protect him from the firebomb, it sounded something like an old sensei would say. Hatsuda was a strange genin to say the least but then again what genin wasn't strange and had a few quirks of their own. Setting aside the cryptic statement, he dealt with the genuine emotion belying the words. Hatsuda had shown concern for him and it was something that he had rarely got from his own family. He placed a hand on Hatsuda's shoulder and looked into his eyes.

    "I won't die yet Hatsuda and neither will you, Fuji-sensei, or anyone else on our team. I'm a bit quick on my feet when I need to be but I'm not half as good at ninjutsu as you are or as disciplined as Mitsude. Shinobi stick together and accomplish tasks as a team. We'll survive as a unit and we'll look out for each other always"

    Bobī always thought cheesy displays of affection were kinda gay so didn't really hug Hatsuda but he did punch him in the shoulder playfully.

    "We gotta get you a girlfriend!" He teased. "Keep talking like that and I might ask you to marry me Hatsuda-kun!" He threw his arm around Hatsuda's shoulder and walked to the Bureau encampment. The mercenaries had viewed his reaction time as impressive and that was something that he could feel good about. As competitive as he was though, he didn't like that Hatsuda felt weak in comparison to him. He wanted to instill confidence and strength in his comrades not sadness or feelings of inferiority. He was not the greatest at leading however as he had spent most of his time working towards his own growth. He would think of something though. When they got back to Konoha he'd find a way to make it up to Hatsuda and let him know that he was a valued member of the team. He would always have the Mononoka's back no matter what.

    After a long night's sleep in the tent, Bobī woke to the sound of rooster's crowing. The snow had fallen lightly during the night and many of the laborors had cleared a path for the campaign to move forward. He packed up his things and settled down in a wagon next to Hatsuda just as the group gathered together to leave Tianamen. The news of what had happened in the bar had spread like wildfire and interestingly enough it seemed as though it had not been the only incident to rock the city. Several small scale protests and a firebombing had erupted in protest of the Bureau's secret meetings with the city council. The firebomb had been thrown at a Bureau owned credit union and though the flames had been extinguished before it could spread, the assualt had done severe damage to the group's reputation. The demonstrations were squashed and the troublemakers taken in for questioning. The chatter was loud and continuous and on their way to the town of Moroshi, Hatsuda and Bobī would hear all about what would become known as The Night of Resistance.

    When they arrived in Moroshi, Bobī and Hatsuda were told to set up their table. Horoshi (who bragged that he had been partially named after the Tanzan town) claimed that they should expect a lot of fans as the town was renown for its small makeshift ninja academy. The place was unofficial but served as a minor recruiting ground for Konoha authorities who wanted to make a show of including the Tanzan population within the country's all powerful military. Horoshi planned to attend a play with the town's mayor and offered some advice as they worked to set up their stalls and organize the fliers for distribution.

    "There will be a lot of kiddies here! Remember not to tell any gruesome war stories!" He quipped in a playful tone. "Give out lots of snacks, toys and fliers. As soon as you're done meet me at the Moroshi Theaterhouse, the play is in Konoha's honor and it would look absolutely dreadful if you were not there to see at least part of it" He winked and sauntered off while a pair of attendants dropped several massive boxes of goods for distribution. Their campaign quotas were massive but that was to be expected in a town like Moroshi. Bobī set up the wooden tables and moved the boxes behind the counter. He organized the goods in groups and set the fliers aside for the adults. As he worked, he spoke to Hatsuda:

    "The weather report is cloudy with a chance of firebomb" he mused trying to make light of what they had seen in the previous town.
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    Re: Nee-san Tetsudashi, Tsuchikage

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