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    Mastering Sand

    Daisuke Kaguya
    Daisuke Kaguya

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    Mastering Sand Empty Mastering Sand

    Post by Daisuke Kaguya on Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:57 am

    Hiroshi had recently acquired his magnet release style, shortly after his promotion of Chuunin. He decided that if he's going to be Chuunin, he would start to consider techniques that's befitting of such a rank, which can be achieved now that he's got a good grip on how to use Magnet Release. His usage in it isn't quite refined just yet, but it's still formidable enough to be used in the sense of battle. He decided the best way to go about this is to use a bunch of experimental sand, purposely going towards an area of the training grounds that offered a great deal amount of grain-like materials near the river. He started off simple, by letting out a surge of chakra into the ground and soon enough, the particles from the ground began to fly up into the air like magic. He began his first technique by using both hands for a handseal to summon a shadow clone, since the magnetism can be held even without his hands. He positioned his clone not too far off from where he is, and with a sudden burst of grain-like material now coming forth from the ground, started to wrap around the clone in every direction possibly, in a sense "drowning" him in sand but in reality, Hiroshi is trying to capture his clone. As soon as the sand hardened and stuck around the captured area, the clone tried to punch their way out with little to no success.

    With that experiment a success, the sand completely collapsed down to the ground and all though the clone was completely covered in sand, they wouldn't stop their little experiment there. He started another technique by getting a large ball of sand, which he then started to compress into hardness, eventually becoming one small compressed bullet and with a single wave, it flickered through the air and pierced the clone, popping it off. Hiroshi couldn't control it at first and saw it pierce through the tree logs at an incredible speed and strength, it seems he would have to look out for that one and be more careful with his control on it for next time he uses the technique.

    He started a new experiment, as he believed he had two solid techniques with one good for capturing and another which is good for offence, but he needed to consider a technique that granted good defence and with how hard he compressed the ball for offence, that gave him an idea. He brought out another shadow clone and started to control the sand and make it form around him in the shape of a large barrier shape, condensing and hardening the sand into one hard defence and with the shadow clone that he summoned, he began a series of attacks onto the barrier, such as simple wind release techniques and they did hit the shield, but it wasn't enough to pierce through which led him to the idea that the shield might require a bit more fine-tuning but it is capable of good defence.

    With that, he decided to stop focusing on his kekkei genkai for a bit and focus on another weakness he's had for a long while, which is his weakness in Taijutsu. He started to focus on it a bit more and pick up the slack by learning the typical styles that the village has to offer, such as Arhat Fist and Strong Fist. He began a few simple motions but he still a bit winded after the usage of his magnet release.

    After a few hours of training his Taijutsu principles, a bit of training with his other chakra natures as well with Wind Release and Earth Release, he decided to call it a day and be satisfied with the results of his training. He refined his Taijutsu a bit more, and learned some useful techniques to use with his usage of Magnet Release and with that result in mind, he could call this training a success and decided to head on home.

    Learned: Sand Bullet - 200 WC
    Sand Binding Prison - 200 WC
    Shield of Sand - 250 WC
    674 Total WC from the IC post.

    Now the other techniques that don't require WC due to being B-Class:
    Leaf Whirlwind
    Leaf Gale
    Dynamic Entry
    Arhat Fist
    Rising Knee
    Shoulder Charge
    Strong Fist
    Leaf Great Whirlwind
    Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
    Leaf Rising Wind
    Shatter Palm
    Slamming Palm

    Wind Release:
    Wind Release: Passing Typhoon
    Wind Release: Slash
    Wind Release: Gale Palm
    Wind Release: Rotating Shuriken

    Earth Release:
    Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique
    Earth Release: Earth Flow River
    Earth Release: Subterranean Voyage
    Earth Release: Stone Pistol Technique

    Magnet Release:
    Desert Suspension
    Sand Clone
    Third Eye
    Concealed Sand Picture Cat
    Sand Drizzle


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