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    Toxic Love [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Toxic Love [Solo] Empty Toxic Love [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:45 am

    Satori examined the compound in his hand. It had taken a bit of time, but the effects of the arsenic hadn't been quite enough for his tastes. Breaking them down into something superior by mixing the base compound with a neurotoxin had been the most effective process thus far. Swirling the mixture carefully in his hand he examined the toxin mixture quietly.

    Lifting it up he carefully dipped the tip of his claw in the compound before looking down at the small rodents that squeaked and circled their cage idly. Without hesitation his finger jabbed down, nicking the flesh of one of the rodents and causing it to screech in fear and scatter. However, within a few steps, the footfalls began to become haphazard and dizzy.

    Within a few moments, the rat had fallen over, completely unconscious. A slight smile formed on Satori's lips. Vertigo-induced unconsciousness to a rat wasn't quite the same as a human, but that hadn't even been a small part of the toxin. The vial, after all, was designed to take down one adult human in size. It was suitable.

    Smirking he straightened himself before capping off the toxin. Now he needed to refine it even further, transforming it into a gaseous form as well as a pill. The second would be fairly easy, dehydrating the compound without losing its toxicity would be no issue due to the nature of the chemicals used. Turning it into a gas should be manageable as well with the proper equipment.

    Satori would spend the next few hours carefully working through the ingredients, boiling it down and dehydrating it before also infusing it into a humidifier to change its state of matter. By the end of his work, Satori had several doses of each variant. Happy with this he tucked them into his hip pouch. They'd come in handy later, he had little doubt. Especially against the standard meatheads he often ran into.

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