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    OC Alignment and MBTI help.


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    OC Alignment and MBTI help. Empty OC Alignment and MBTI help.

    Post by Short_Stack on Wed May 01, 2019 9:32 am

    A little thing for help figuring out the Alignment and Myer Briggs Personality Type of their OCs. Personally, finding which ones mine are is super elusive. So I'll start.

    1) Miyu Ryuutei:



    Top 5 Alignments: Chaotic Good (82%); True Neutral (81%); Neutral Good (74%); Neutral Evil (54%); Chaotic Neutral (50%).

    2) Kyoko Hyuuchiha.
    ° Is filled with a deep, unconditional Spiritual Love for all life. Regardless of if they are friends or foe (her biggest virtue ... Even if that includes loads of Self-Love.)

    ° Lust Driven ( Not as in Nymphomaniac, but an Intense Desire for immaterial things. A Spiritual/Conceptual/Philosophical Greed, rather than a Material Greed.)
    - Hedonism (Lust for Self-indulgence).
    - Lust for Knowledge.
    - Lust for Fun.
    - Lust for a Challenge.
    - Lust for Personal Power and Growth.
    - Lust to Help Others.
    - Lust for Discovery.
    - Lust for Affection and Praise.
    - Lust for Art.
    - and yes Sexual Lust as well to a lesser degree.

    ° Shapeshifter.

    ° Lives a double life. Her as a Jounin, an Alt form as a criminal. Merely for the sake of the challenge and having a good time.

    ° Will corrupt (playfully, not necessarily for evil. But sometimes evil, usually mischief or a lark) / trick (trickster archetype) / mess with someone if she thinks it's be funny/challenging/interesting/a lark.

    ° Sees herself as beyond good and evil.

    And that's how she's starting off.


    So thoughts, judgements, rulings?

    Miyu Ryuutei

    Bloodline, Sensory, Chemistry, Engineering, Taijutsu, Puppetry, Fuuin, Ijutsu

    Strength: C (450) : C+ (Comfortable Living)
    Con: C (450)
    Stam: C (450) : B+ (Uzumaki Female) :
    Speed: D (150)
    Coord: C (450)
    Int: A (950)
    Perc: C (450)

    T: (15/ 18)


    205 CP / -1 CP per Post (Long Sighted UA.)

    Precog: 7 (tied to Empathy UA.)

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