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    Rei Empty Rei

    Post by Niko Kanuchi on Tue May 14, 2019 5:07 am

    Name: Rei (Zero, Infinite Possibilities)
    Age: 300
    Gender: N/A
    Village: N/A
    Rank: E
    Title: N/A

    Clan: N/A
    Bloodline: Chakra Monster
    Elements: N/A
    Skills: Bloodline Equivalent, Sensory, Fuuinjutsu

    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: D
    • Perception: D

    Unique Abilities:

    Item Creation: Requires Shapeshifter Rei has absorbed many weapons and other tools of war over the years, and has perfected the ability to replicate those items with it’s slime body with calculated effectiveness. Anything from a sword to a bow, hammer to a shield, if it has eaten it, it can replicate it right down to the razor sharp edge. These weapons and projectiles can be detached from Rei like other weapons, but only last three posts when not in contact with Rei’s body before they become a puddle of slime. Durability is equal to Rei’s Constitution.

    Bloodline Equivalent: Chakra Monster
    As a creature that has manifested out of pure chakra and life energy, the condensed residual chakra from all the other tailed beasts and natural energy, Rei holds a unique set of abilities that many would compare to a bloodline. This ability holds it’s root at the idea that Rei is a being of pure natural energy, chakra, and life-force that has materialized into a physical form. As such, it is made up of a semi-liquid, advanced cellular basis that can be compared to a mixture of an advanced element, and organic manipulation. The more sentience and power the creature obtains, the more these abilities can mutate and develop. As this is a bloodline equivalent it will take up one skill point on-creation, and is considering a “starting restricted” that takes up the characters Bijuu slot due to its nature.


    Slime Body (Free): Rei’s body is a composition of identical cells. Every cell can serve as a brain cell, nerve cell, and muscle cell at the same time, as they are universal stem-cells. Thus, as the thought process is undertaken by different cells at different times, sleep is unnecessary and Eidetic Memory is also a side-effect. This also makes it impossible for Rei to receive damage from physical attacks and most ninjutsu. If Rei’s body is separated or part of it is destroyed, cells are destroyed, then it can re-attach parts of its body be re-forming. These parts have stats equal to Rei’s own lowered by 2 Tiers, minimum of E-Rank in all stats. Any attacks based on fire will count for 1 rank higher damage (Max of X) as it isn't something that can be absorbed and is capable of burning Rei. Any techniques based on electricity will stun and overload the individual cells, paralyzing them for one post if they are hit, are counted as 2 ranks higher than normal for damage (Max of X). When rendered unconscious Rei’s body will deteriorate into a jelly-like puddle of slime. Must eat a substantial amount of a being with chakra or a chakra based technique equivalent to Rei’s Class (Rei is E, so an E class fireball would be fine) every two threads or it will suffer a penalty of one - to all physical stats. Due to its nature, outside healing techniques do not work on Rei. If damage blows away chunks of Rei’s body or cuts off chunks, etc, the cells will instantly die and turn to transparent liquid. Rei will regenerate lost mass at speeds equal to ⅛’th it’s mass every post as long as it has eaten something with chakra within the last two IC threads.

    Gluttony (Free): Requires “Fuuinjutsu” Skill. Rei is connected to the Bijuu’s mental dimension, but only on an imperfect level. This has granted the creature the ability to connect to a small pocket-dimension that acts as an extension of its body. Simply put, Rei is a creature that due to its lack of proper organs, can consume virtually anything. This process must be made with physical contact with Rei’s body, Rei must also be able to ensnare the target with their body. It then becomes a contest of the victim’s Strength against Rei’s Coordination. If this is used to absorb an item or technique then it is considered a standard defensive blocking action using Coordination as a base for speed, no strength necessary due to it absorbing the attack on-contact. Once consumed, Rei effectively “seals” the target into the dimension. The size of Rei’s pocket dimension is a 50m by 50m space per tier of Intelligence it has measuring it’s connection to the mental plane of the Bijuu. This is restricted to the equivalent of Rei's Class, so at C, it can absorb up to C techniques. Against PCs/NPCs, absorbing is of equal class, +1 post turn difference for every advantage to the enemies Constitution. So Rei being C class and trying to absorb someone who has B constitution would take 2 posts.

    Mimicry (500 EXP): Requires “Gluttony” Trait. Rei is able to Analyze and Absorb allowing it to perfectly understand anything that it absorbs into its pocket dimension. Absorbing any material breaks it down, meaning it destroys the target to learn it. This extends to items, techniques, bloodlines from flesh samples, and so forth. Anything that has been analyzed in the past must be noted on its update sheet, in return, it gains a permanent ++ to any stat used to counter or defend against any item or technique that it knows, or has analyzed. This also allows Rei to learn any technique it has analyzed for free, but it must have the original requirements to learn the technique or make the item. Otherwise, it will only know and understand the technique inside and out instead. Bloodlines cannot be copied this way, only intimately understood.

    Shapeshifter (500 EXP): Rei is able to seamlessly alter its color, shape, texture, opacity, density, size and physical state (Liquid to Solid Ratio) at will. This allows it to seamlessly alter their physical appearance as they wish, however the limit to the size that they can extend themselves varies based on their mastery and skill over chakra and their form. Able to increase their mass by 25% for every tier in Coordination and Constitution beyond D-Rank they have while transformed. (ie. With B-Rank Coordination and C-Rank Constitution, a transformation can be equal to something with 75% more mass than their base state.) Transformations take no chakra or focus to maintain, but the transformation itself takes 10 chakra, one full post to complete and requires moderate focus to perform.

    Reibei (1,000 EXP): The Reibei is the culmination of an immense amount of regular chakra used in it's creation and diluted chakra from the Bijuu condensing into a singular being. This grants it tremendous chakra stores when compared with other beings, allowing it to obtain a +1 Tier+ to their Stamina passively representing this overflowing raw energy.

    Reibei Reconstitution (1,000 EXP): Requires “Reibei” Trait and “Ijutsu” Skill. Rei has evolved to the point that through its advanced medical knowledge, and own unique abilities, it no longer must worry about its body mass being destroyed. Now when chunks of Rei’s mass are removed or blown away the chunks themselves will all hold sentience of their own. The amount of power and intelligence they hold is based on how much of Rei’s mass they are made up from, and they hold no chakra of their own. Their core directive being to re-join with Rei, though they can fight if necessary and holding the intelligence to do so. This means if Rei is blown apart, instead of dying or being rendered unconscious for long periods of time, the chunks of Rei will draw back together instinctually to reform. Reforming restores mass and heals damage, this base trait can be further amplified with Onmyoton techniques.

    • ⅛’th or less Mass: Stats Equal to Rei’s suffering a -3 Tiers in all.
    • ⅙’th or less Mass: Stats Equal to Rei’s suffering a -2 Tiers in all.
    • ¼’th or Less: Stats Equal to Rei’s suffering a -1 Tier in all.
    • ½ or less: Stats Equal to Rei’s suffering a - in all.

    Being a shapeshifter, there is no set form, but there certainly is a default form, as well as some preferred forms when emulating humans. In Rei’s most basic form, he appears to be roughly the size of a basketball of bright blue slime, no discernable features to the blob with a reflective sheen to it’s form. Typically, this blob looks like it is partially deflated, flattening on the surface it is sitting on, and while it can distribute its weight simply and easily, for such a small size it’s natural 300 pounds is nothing to scoff at and can take people off guard. In this form, it is unable to form hand seals, but can interact with others with a series of parts of its body, forming tentacles or otherwise created appendages. There are a pair of lines that indicate which way Rei is facing, but otherwise is unable to properly tell much of anything unless it wants you to.

    Rei Latest?cb=20181031030246

    This brings us to Rei’s first humanoid form, a short human shape that could easily be male or female, while it is neither, but instead a custom design that Rei has created itself by modifying one of the humans that it had consumed. The hair, which reached lower back length was the same bright blue as Rei’s default slime body, a messy assortment of mostly straight strands that hang loosely down Rei’s back and shoulders. Quite thin in musculature, and standing only 5 feet tall, this form is often confused for a child, and the bright yellow eyes do not do much in the way of helping. Usually dressing in dark blue clothing and boots, there is also usually a Katana, made of Rei’s own slime body, hanging horizontally behind it. This is the form that is the most easy to emulate, and although it is not a perfect replica of a human, it is good enough to pass inspection from anyone who is not with an exceptionally high perception.

    Rei Th?id=OIP

    There are a variety of other forms that Rei likes to take when impersonating humans, and has been known to change it’s personality to match which one it was acting as, right down to the body language.

    About 300 years ago, a woman named Rei had been counted out her entire life, chalked up as a failure and an outcast for her obsession with the sciences of things that should not be tampered with. Even her very name was labeled as ‘Zero’ in its literal form, because despite her vast intelligence, chakra control, techniques, swords skill and everything else, she had a single obsession; the Tailed Beasts of legend. She had left her village in the Country of Lightning to pursue them, and over the course of many years, this talented ninja managed to collect samples of each of the tailed beasts chakra, storing them away. The world just couldn’t understand her genius, the potential… the vision she had.

    Few could, but over time, she wound up with a few followers. A young boy who was the sole survivor of a clan wiped out by disease, an honorable Archer who was disgraced and cast out of his village, a massive young woman who was a runaway from a noble family that was being hunted and butchered, and herself, a dark haired swordswoman made up the group called the Outcasts. The all shared Rei’s vision of collecting the chakra of the tailed beasts, and creating the next generation lifeform, a weapon like nothing the world had ever seen born of their chakra… an Artificial Chakra Beast. A creature that could take the form of a man, woman, or even an inanimate object and infiltrate any village it desired.

    It took an immense amount of time and effort, stealing supplies and working long hours, but the group finally succeeded in gaining everything they needed and preparing it all in an underground laboratory in the Rice Country. The day of the summoning was finally upon them, and they all gathered around the chamber in which they would birth their creation. There was inscriptions everywhere in this room, most made of blood, of the complicated process of combining these wild chakra’s and infusing them into a special little ball of slime that had been specially made for this very purpose. Everything had been planned out to the smallest detail, and as such, they commenced the ritual of creating a life, all of them pouring massive amounts of chakra into the technique as they funneled the wild chakra from the Tailed Beasts into the slime.

    At first, all was well… the ritual finished after several hours, and the little blue blob began to move around a bit. A bit of talking, and it began to mimic them and speak, and understood it’s name was undecided yet, but there was time for that. Elated at their success, they missed it when it began to say that it was hungry. And that little mistake was all it took. Driven by instinct, it leaped upon the first victim, quickly beginning to cover the leader Rei, and the others, depleted of chakra, rushed in to try to help save their mentor. The result was that they all began to get sucked into the slime, and regardless of their begging and pleading, the entire group was consumed. The slime gained a large amount of intelligence from absorbing them, but not enough to truly become a real consciousness, and as such, it remained dormant in the Country of Rice, unable to escape and quickly losing the power it had gained from its birth. It would need to feed again, so the slime spread like a puddle across the floor and hibernated. It continued this for almost 300 years until one day, a group of Ninja infiltrated the lab, having stumbled upon it by chance.

    Having been starved for centuries, Rei wanted to be upon them almost instantly, but knew patience. It had consumed all but one thing in the lab; a mask worn by the leader, Rei, who the slime had taken the name of to have a name of it’s own. Leaving it on the floor, you had to cross a ‘puddle’ in order to reach it, and Rei waited until they were all standing in the puddle before ensnaring them all. Once they were consumed, far less carefully than Rei’s initial prey, the intelligence finally was brought to a point where Rei became self aware. For the first month, all Rei could do was feed on passing travelers and sort through the absolute asinine amount of information from the past 300 years. Finally able to think on it’s own, it made it’s escape after taking the mask and hiding it away, careful to eat it without absorbing it, a momento from the mother it had eaten. Once outside, it tried eating some of the wildlife, but found it was still hungry… a quick analyzation of the information brought Rei to one conclusion.

    It needed prey with Chakra.

    Luckily, there was a source nearby, a group of humans that was the original target of the ninjas it had consumed, a bandit crew that was terrorizing the area. Rei waited until the dark of night, slipping in and consuming the guards posted first, and then the entire camp, supplies and all. There was no telling what was going to be useful and what would not, so it simply absorbed and analyzed everything, practicing its ability to speak and move afterwards. Content with how full it was, it moved on, following the road to find out where it went and see what it could learn.

    ADAPTABLE - Rei is nothing if not able to change, adapt and overcome any situation it comes across. Rapidly able to process information as it comes in and make decisions on the fly with the same proficiency as those who take vast amounts of times to consider them, it is rare to catch the little ball of slime in a scenario where it doesn’t know what to do based on the information it has on hand.

    ADVENTUROUS - Rei likes to travel and visit new places, eat new foods, do new things, and meet new people! Granted, some of the people it meets become food, but that is just how the world works, and the phase ‘Not all who wander are lost’ strikes a particular truth in the way Rei is. It is not out of character for it to be much in any nation visiting anyone it strikes as interesting.

    AFFECTIONATE - Once a connection is formed between Rei and another individual, especially a teacher, Rei will become very willing to please that individual. Whether it be doing favors for them or simply being someone to talk to, Rei will take the time to learn who they are and what they like, and cater to those things to keep them happy.

    ANALYTICAL - As fast as Rei’s mind is, it is only assumed that it takes considerable time to look into a situation and try to figure it out as best as it can. It will take all the information that it has about any given situation, break it down and compile it and spit out the best data it can based on what it knows.

    APPRECIATIVE - Helping Rei, in just about any way that is worth anything, is a sure-fire way to gain the little glob’s appreciation for your continued existence. Even small notes of consideration are something that it takes and associates with you, and it will reciprocate in kind.

    CALM - Even in situations that are less than ideal for anyone, Rei is able to keep calm and think smart, not really affected by emotional ties beyond simple calculations. While this might be also seen as cold, it is amazing when it comes to dire situations where a level head is absolutely essential.

    CREATIVE - Being able to absorb information and assemble it as rapidly as Rei does, it is a very common occurrence for Rei to come up with ideas and solutions that are very outside the box, or blatantly obvious but often overlooked. Being able to come up with these solutions is what enabled it to survive before sentience, and serves it well now.

    CURIOUS - Rei is a Devourer of Knowledge, ever wanting to discover new things, learn about them, people, places, and anything else it can fit it’s little slime body into. This curiosity may get it into trouble from time to time, but it was nothing if not ever-thirsty for learning about new things, hard way or not.

    EASYGOING - It is almost impossible to rattle Rei, making it incredibly easy to talk to and get along with in just about any situation. His relaxed demeanor also is impartial so long as you don’t restrict his freedom or ability to learn… and granted he isn’t hungry. Difficult to bring to anger, Rei is probably one of the most chill beings in existence, not letting much of anything stress it out.

    EFFICIENT - Rei is a being that finds the most quick and quality method to accomplish each and every single task, and considering how quickly it processed information, this is something that is applied even to small rudimentary tasks. This is particularly true to things that must be done repetitively, as Rei will experiment with different methods to find the one that is most effective.

    ENTHUSIASTIC - It is not an understatement that Rei will give everything it does every bit of attention and willpower that it has. It could be something as boring as scrubbing toilets, and you will quickly discover that part of being efficient is putting forth maximum effort in something that most people find annoying. A combination of being extremely efficient and impossibly optimistic makes him seem extremely motivated to do anything it winds up doing.

    FRIENDLY - Until proven otherwise, everyone that Rei meets has the potential to be it’s friend. That is, of course, unless it’s hungry and the slime is hunting you, but generally speaking, anyone who shows Rei the consideration that it shows others will quickly learn that the little ball of chakra is extremely capable of making friends with just about anyone and able to put itself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.

    GENTLE - Even when eating someone, Rei is extremely gentle about it, seeing no point in causing unneeded pain in anything. With all the tender-loving care of a mother does a newborn child, Rei is capable of handling people and things with the utmost care, and generally does.

    HONEST - Rei is completely honest almost all the time, or at least, he will start that way. Not really seeing the value of giving false information, if something needs to be kept a secret, he would rather just say that it needs to be a secret and hope that they understand.

    HUMBLE - Understanding that it’s knowledge is lacking in the majority of everything, Rei will take the time to learn anything and everything it can from anyone. Not one to brag at all, this can often be confused as to when it states facts such as the fact that typical weapons do not work on it’s body to inflict damage.

    INNOCENT - One of the side-effects of being as recently made sentient as it was, Rei is inherently without guilt or fault. Unbound by typical human laws, it doesn’t see anything wrong with following it’s instincts, even when it comes to consuming living things, no different than the wolf eats the deer. While this might change over time, as of now, it is true.

    INTELLIGENT - Right down to the way that Rei talks, you can tell that this is a vastly intelligent being if you spend longer than a few seconds with the little slimeball. Considering it’s entire body is able to process information, as compared to just the mind of a normal human, it is able to crunch data at tremendous speeds and learn most things nigh instantly, often seen as skipping thinking steps and leaving whoever is in Rei’s company in the dust.

    METICULOUS - Attention to detail is something that comes as an instinct more than a learned habit. As a Shapeshifter, something that is built into it’s DNA, it knows how best to ensure that not a single thing is missed, especially when it comes into looking like someone. This translates into most of the things that Rei does, not leaving details unnoticed or left behind due to time.

    OBSERVANT - Another instinctual habit is Rei’s attention to the world around him at large; only being able to use Sensory and not using physical eyes, Rei none the less can hear, see and detect those around it and uses this ability to it’s fullest potential. Things that most people might miss do not slip by it’s attention, and combined with it’s insane processing power, its is not an easy task to deceive the little blob.

    OPTIMISTIC - There is always a silver lining with Rei. It doesn’t hurt that it doesn’t perceive death the same way as humans do, but it is almost impossible to find Rei in a situation where it can’t find something good to come from any given scenario. This can be to the point where he annoys those around him too, but even that won’t make him stop from trying to find the good from the bad.

    PATIENT - A patient hunter, gets the prey. A lesson from it’s creator and the time it spent trapped in the Lab, Rei understands the value of patience and its true value. This becomes especially useful when it comes to dealing with and/or hunting humans, as they are all different and operate at different speeds.

    PERSISTENT - Once locked onto a task, getting this slime to derail is not an easy task. You want Rei to stop doing what it’s doing you better have a hell of a good amount of logic as to why, because it will see right through typical distractions and keep on trucking on whatever it wanted to do in the first place.

    PLAYFUL - Rei is, in essence, a child. However intelligent and capable, the little slimeball is very young, and has a natural enjoyment of doing things that are ‘fun’, typically by getting a reaction from humans in a desired manner. Whether or not his prey of said playfulness enjoys it or not is up for debate.

    SIMPLE - Make sure Rei is fed, give him something to learn, and he will linger. He doesn’t require much more than this in order to remain his normal happy self.

    SPONTANEOUS - When not on a task, Rei will find something to do, whether that be traveling across the land to a new country or causing some sort of ruckus, finding a new library or going for a hunt and not being hungry, an untasked Rei is an unpredictable Rei.

    STUDIOUS - Once set to learning something, anything, new, Rei will stick around until there is nothing left to learn, only making time to go eat before returning to the task at hand. If you have something to teach, you will have the little blob’s undivided attention, but on that same coin, if you don’t, he may get spontaneous.

    GULLIBLE - Being so new to the world, it is not difficult to convince Rei of something if it knows nothing about it. I expect this to change quickly as it learns about the world at large, but for the moment, Rei is very easily swayed. With no real concept of morality or rules of society, this can lead to very dark places.

    MISCHIEVOUS - Playing pranks that are extremely entertaining for everyone, aside the victim naturally, is definitely something that Rei is prone to do when bored. As it learns more about the world, one can fully expect this to get far more elaborate as time goes on.

    RECKLESS - With the inability to feel pain, Rei has never really felt fear, and thus, can be a bit reckless when it comes to tactics and strategy. This is also something that Rei usually tries to explain by outsmarting the enemy or attack, but to everyone around it, jumping in front of a barrage of Kunai to see what happens, as an example, is something that it does.

    TACTLESS - Logic over emotion means that Rei has a tendency not to be able to empathize with those around him very well, and this can lead to the blob accidentally disrespecting or offending others on a regular basis.

    Roleplay Sample:
    The small cyan colored blob slowly pulled its body off the last stone and onto the peak of the hill, giving anyone around it a chance to spot it if they happened to be nearby. Unfortunately, thanks to Sensory, Rei knew that it was alone, and that could become a problem quickly if it wasn’t careful. It had been nearly two full cycles of light and darkness since it’s last meal, and it knew if it went on much longer that it was going to have a difficult time moving at a relatively fast pace. It needed to relocate to a place that had more humans around, more beings of Chakra, and that would be the first priority after it got something to eat.

    That was when it picked up a ping to it’s senses, noticing a chakra signature. It was weak, but there was a few of them, so it would do just fine. Considering their rate of travel and direction, setting up an ambush would be the best bet, and quickly it rolled down the hill towards the place that would be used for the trap, getting a bit of momentum and bouncing into the tree, then shimmying out on the branch above what looked to be a path. Good… paths were often used by humans to travel, so once it was done with it’s meal, it would be nothing at all to travel along the path from where these humans came from to find a settlement of them. With a stable food source the rest would be up to it’s natural curiosity as to what to do next. There was still an absolute ton of information that it needed to process from it’s time before it gained sentience, perhaps it would find the needed information to unlock some more of it’s abilities it could feel within it’s body.

    Dropping off the tree, it landed on the head of the last person with a sickening splat, and in less than a second, there was nothing left aside Rei, sitting on the ground behind them. It liked to go for the head first as raising alarm meant that the other prey would flee, and the head was the most vulnerable part of the human body. Most of their senses were there, and if you ate it first, the body went limp, making it much easier to deal with than someone struggling around trying to pry Rei off of it. Like most creatures, they had a priority to survive built into their instincts, and that could make it difficult for Rei to eat if they were strong and fast enough to get it off of them. Horrible problem to have.

    Leaping onto the next one alerted the rest though, as it had to roll and bounce to get high enough, and one of the other humans screamed as it sucked the body into the slime where it vanished without a trace. They were yelling at it now, saying things in that language that it was still learning, but with the need to feed satisfied, Rei could take the time to listen and hear the words, and maybe try to understand them. ‘Bandits of the Eight Trails?’ Must be the name of their organization. One tried to stab it with a spear, which promptly vanished into it’s gullet and was analyzed and absorbed. Poor quality work… could use some refinement, but it was gone now, so not a big deal. Another one is doing that weird thing with their hands… and tried to hit Rei with some sort of water ball launched out of his mouth. It absorbed that too. They all seemed stunned… and are trying to retreat. Part of the blob felt like it should let them, but it seemed the lesson was over. They keep calling it a ‘Monster’... but they didn’t understand, because it couldn’t talk yet.

    It was Rei, and it was better to have too much food, than not enough. They weren’t allowed to leave.

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    Rei Empty Re: Rei

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    I beleive we talked about making this a bloodline first. Also, I wouldn't call this Reibi/Zero-Tails as I beleive that it is a Restricted that is locked to a specific Minor Country.


    Rei 1pwf20

    Character Name: Shimiko Chinoike

    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: A
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical: 1
    • Technique: 1
    • Destiny: 1


    • 2x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Chinowakugumi Armour
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

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    Rei Empty Re: Rei

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    Bloodline modified and Approved. Ready for Revisions!

    Bloodline: Approval Thread



    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: C
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: B
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: C

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical: 0
    • Technique: 0
    • Destiny: 3


    Steel Wire | 90 ft
    Kunai | 2
    Shuriken | 6
    Senbon | 10
    Ebony | 10 lbs
    Steel | 7.5 lbs
    Sealing Ink Pen
    Sealing Chisel
    Hip Pouch
    Ink Pot 125mls
    Crafted: D-Rank Steel Senbon | 3
    Crafted: C-Rank Steel Senbon | 2

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