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    Flash Fire I


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    Flash Fire I Empty Flash Fire I

    Post by ShimmyToTheLeft on Fri May 17, 2019 4:21 pm

    Higure sat on a small out of the way aclove within Osaka Bay. She had just heard about her Cousin, whom she sacrificed everything to find and get awknowledged by died. Killed by someone while trying to free their native homeland.

    It was unfair! Yes, she was jealous of her cousin being born into everything, of her talent, of how her family praised her, while barely awknowledging she was, until a few years back when she left, moving at the pace they laid down before her.

    Yes. There was a lot of jealousy, and a lot to be jealous of. But deep down. Beyond all else was a deep respect, that had only grown since she started her travels. Most of them not even that adventurous, just a woman with a deep love for Iwa and filled with Grace. There was so much she wanted to know about Akeno. So much she wanted to say. But that was gone now. Stolen from her forever.

    "Reach so high, only for it to forever slip out of reach. Story of my life, but thinking about it isn't going to change anything. Need to train; need to blow off some steam; and if I'm lucky remake a section of this bay."

    ~Training Start: Phoenix Sage Fire: ~
    (current word count: 224).

    Higure looked at the scrolled diagram she had for the technique, but if countless hours of study taught her anything. It was good note taking, and dedication won out in the end.

    She went through the jutsu trying to get her shuriken to join the flames, only for her concentration to falter. And everything fall to the ground,

    Once again she flew through the Jutsu, and just like last time, the addition of shuriken caused her concentration to flicker and everything to fall apart.

    After using [i]Great Fireball[/u] flamethrower style, mixed with Gale Palm to turn a large chunk of the aclove to slag. And feeling much better, she slowly went through it, looking for where she kept going wrong.

    And upon seeing where her mind shifted from self to Jutsu caused the problem. She focused purely on the Jutsu for now, and fourth time was the charm.

    Feeling glee, but annoyed at her lack of control, used Rotating Shuriken to not only add fuel to the fire, but gain extreme amounts of control over the fire balls now zooming around faster than she could see before shooting it out at a stone structure watching it shatter from the firey impacts.

    ~Phoenix Sage Fire. Training End~
    (WC: 461)

    CP: 71
    ( 6*3: 18 : 110 - 18: 92 - (3*10: 30): 62 CP).

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    Flash Fire I Empty Re: Flash Fire I

    Post by ShimmyToTheLeft on Fri May 17, 2019 6:42 pm

    Higure was feeling as happy as could be. She prided herself on being inventive, and using her three natures in ways that brought out the most of them. Sure she was never going to be a Particle User, but having the blood of her family flowing inside her. When she awakened whatever dormant part of her held whatever Bloodline that had yet to awaken. It would be every bit as spectacular as that Kekki Tota.

    ~Fire Dragon Bullet; Drilling Air Bullet; Stone Pistol Technique Training:~
    (WC: 89.)

    Higure looked at her notes for the final three jutsu. If she did it right she would be a blending of three natures, for three similar to Jutsu. That all revolved around one thing. A deep breath.

    Looking at the now decimated earth around her and the steep outcropping that was up to her head was now a hill, that was now mostly glass and cut marks.

    She gave a shrug, and breathing deeply shaped the wind chakra within her and with a strong exhale, tried shooting out a Drilling Air Bullet, she gave a small adorable squee as she heard a dull thud from the glass, and felt close. But not quite right taking a deeper breath she focused on the quality of the wind. It's feeling, it's quality, everything she could. It took several deep breaths till she had the right feel. And with a sharp expell shot out the bullet with enough force to break the pock marked "hill". (WC: 257)

    With the breathing technique of Drilling Air Bullet she was ready for the next part. Fire Dragon Bullet, forming the hand seal for tiger and took a deep breath. Feeling the comforting, sensual heat of fire building within her core. And when she couldn't hold it any longer, let it loose ... out the wrong end.

    A shocked screaming run into the ocean and a pat down revealed nothing worse than ruined bottoms and a wounded ego. Both of which could be purchased again, thankfully she had a few pairs of clothes in her rucksack. < Right! Right! Fire can burn things of mine just as easily as everything that needs to be roasted. I think I'll do myself a favor and finish this one in the water.>

    Holding the sign for tiger, built up a strong l, heady rush of Fire Chakra as she inhaled as much as her lungs would take, and quickly expelled it. The flames shooting out like a massive missle over the ocean water. A nice sauna like stream rising from the roasted water. (WC: 447).

    And now the final part of the trio. The element she liked the least. Earth. She didn't get why her mother's and father's Bloodlines had Best Elements. But had worst mixed in. She just didn't get it. Yeah she could feel it within her, and with Chakra Flow could make her weapons better ... But it was just a weird element. Not as wild and free as the other two.

    Holding the sign for Monkey, She felt that heavy, chunky feeling as she let out the breath, getting rid of the energy quickly. But unshaped she just managed to cough up dust.

    Growling she took a deep, sharp, angry breath, and put her anger behind it. Letting loose the angry breeze she was rewarded by a small rock, that grew as it traveled, but not as big as it was supposed to be.

    < Alright you fuckwit of an Element! I'm going to pound at you to one of us breaks. And it isn't going to be me! I will wreck you! You hear me?! So you best behave!>

    Huffing and puffing, she got her anger focused to a laser guided amount, and felt that smugly resistant element as she focused on compacting it and finally expelling it from her body.

    She felt a burst of annoyance. As even though it did what she ordered it. It felt like it was taunting her.
    (WC: 693)

    She was sure the rush of anger has nothing to do with her being a Jutsu away from death. But forget that! Life was best experienced on a razor's edge. Proving to yourself and all the doubters that you have grit and bigger balls then most men. Big brassy ones, with cute embolization.

    Higure felt her thoughts grow ever more disconnected and scattered as she pulled herself to her rucksack and promptly fell asleep.

    CP: 6

    (6*3) 62-18: 46; 4*10 (40): 6)

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