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    Kohana Brightsteel


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    Kohana Brightsteel Empty Kohana Brightsteel

    Post by TsukiTatsuda on Fri May 17, 2019 9:41 pm

    Name: Kohana Brightsteel
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Village: Missing-Nin
    Rank: E Class?
    Title: Nightbane

    Clan: Clanless
    Bloodline: Clanless
    Element(s): ---
    Bukijutsu, Skill Trade 2 (⅔) +1,000 Spendable XP


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: C
    • Intelligence: D (100/300)
    • Perception: C

    Unique Abilities:
    Quickstep (Freebie) - Kohana is infamous for her knack in terms of speed. On activation Kohana receives a +1 tier to Speed allowing her to travel faster than she normally would be able to. However this alone cannot reach to S tier.

    Hidden Reserves - When push comes to shove Kohana can tap into more chakra than normal. Allowing her to boost Stamina by +1 tier, and because of the strain Kohana becomes slower suffering a -1 tier debuff. This cannot be boosted to S tier.

    Nightbane - During the night Kohana’s effectiveness in dealing with NPCs increase as the night serves as her edge. When performing in the night, Kohana’s ability to autohit NPCs increases by +1 rank. However when performing under the daytime, Kohana’s effectiveness wanes resulting in -1 rank. Unique NPCs and PCs of course are immune to this ability.

    Portable Shop - A player may invest a sum of money and expect returns to a maximum of 5% per month. The player must roll a 1d10 to determine the outcome of the success.  An outcome of 6-10 means that the investment failed and all of the money is lost, but an outcome of 1-5 means a successful investment and 5% of that money is paid to her once per month, permanently.

    Kohana stands at 4’7” and weighs roughly 107 pounds. She is rather petite and is more likely to stay small of at most 5’2” as she grows up. Her short silver hair frames her stoic face. Perfectly set within her eye sockets is a pair of emerald green eyes that reflects how cold her life really was. Often she is seen dirty for days until she can sneak into one of the public baths to clean herself. So there will be patches of dirt along her face, and underneath is a porcelain skin tone. Combined with her eyes and hair she can look like a doll essentially, but she acts anything except for ladylike.

    Kohana dressed in whatever cloth and armor she can get her hands on. Clean clothes are hard to come by as it is in the slums, so her pants and shoes is usually torn and dirty. Her choice of shirts is linen short sleeve, but they're usually covered in dirt as well. However she usually covers herself with a cloak as Kohana hides small weaponry along the folds of her cloak. Through sowing Kohana keeps the straps/holsters strategically placed around her body for easier access, but otherwise Kohana dresses for functionality if she can help it.

    As it is hinted Kohana grew up in the slums of Land of Sea's hidden village. However since birth Kohana was never given an official last name since her parents abandoned her to an orphanage when she was infant. So she has no memories of her parents or who her family really is. An orphanage that eventually was shut down when she was 7 and forced to attend to the local Academy. Kohana missed the Caretaker Lady named Hojiko Kurehana as she was the closest to a mother Kohana had. However one night she was taken away by some shady men and was never found again within the town. Leaving Kohana alone in the streets barely scraping by as it was.

    During this time of being in the Academy Kohana got to see a very black and cold side of the world. Other kids would poke fun at her appearance until she puts them in their place especially when they couldn't touch her. Her specialty skill wise is weaponry as she trained to be able to comfortably wield two shinobi weapons at once. Her perspective began to turn grim on the world as for a while Kohana began to hate other people. Eventually come 9 Kohana's instructor, Demintrie Oxborn, welcomed Kohana as a foster parent. However Kohana's paranoia made sure that she stayed away emotionally in suspect that the man had other ideas in mind. It made things difficult as Kohana had difficulty to trust Demintrie for months.

    This of course was remedied as Demintrie gave her a last name that was unique to her. Brightsteel, as an indication of her silver hair and her expertise in weaponry. At first Kohana was still skeptical, but it was one of the few moments that she felt comfortable and joy. Come the age of 10, Kohana officially graduated from the academy and was enlisted as part of the Land's military. Though given how young she was most people put her into standby for the grunt work, but Kohana gets by using her own shop that sells some basic goods. Even at the current state of affairs Kohana is still a minor until she becomes of age. In other words until she turns 15 is when the officials wanted her to be to mellow out their own guilt for recruiting a child.

    When people first meet Kohana she can be a bit difficult to approach. Mostly her expression is stoic with the occasional smirk that crosses her lips. Others would say that Kohana is shy and doesn't know how to interact with new people that doesn't involve work of some kind. While true Kohana is quite focused on the objective of every situation and how to get around it. Otherwise she just views people who try to communicate with her to be annoying and a hurdle to her objective.

    Kohana takes on jobs of various sorts and one of the codes she took upon herself is that she will never say the name of her client nor permit any information about her client unless it is necessary. She is quite honorable to her word so Kohana sees to it that her given mission is completed. However survival instincts will kick in if the job seems impossible or a hidden factor makes the job extremely dangerous. So don't be surprised if she abandons the site until she can get rid of whatever caused her to retreat to begin with. Kohana might take on jobs that is barely legal, but she fights for another day not go kamikaze on a major nation.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Source: The Forgotten History by Akeno Tatsuda

    The blistering heat is simply aggravating to say the least due to the sand hot as fire rubbing into Akeno's footwear. Thankfully she can wear some socks that somewhat protects her feet from the sand. Granted she can still feel the heat through the cloth. Akeno is a 5’10” woman with wavy long hair that is like looking at a river of darkness. Wearing a linen tank top and the cheap mesh shirt. Over her shirt is Konoha's flak jacket. The very same that was entrusted to her when she first came to Konoha. Two scrolls can be seen in the scroll pockets over her left shoulder, one of which contains five way kunai and the other contains the money Akeno stole from Iwagakure.

    On her waist is a utility belt that is covered by a silk sash that once held a crimson color. However it now has tears and the color has been faded due to years of being out in the wilderness. Her legs covered by a sand colored linen pants to keep her body cool from the dry heat. Slung over her shoulder is a bag that contains her supplies and change of clothes. Her canteens of water hanging by a leather strap along the side of her bag. Akeno's right arm that is essentially mechanical yet has exquisite quality and design that if not for the very faint lines between the plates it could pass off as a real arm. Winds were blowing sand off the dunes as the scorching sun hangs low over the west.

    Cliffs of rock can be seen rising and falling for a distance as wind seems to blow a bit stronger through here. That is, until finally through a gap within a large ring of sandstone can be seen through the cliff. Large enough for Akeno to slip through provided she takes her bag off her shoulders and carries it by hand behind her. It was pretty narrow and tight, and it extended for a good fifty meters of just walking sideways until finally Akeno squeezes through upon a large opening. Like a roar of a beast sounds of water falls from the small open in the ceiling into what appears to be a bay of clear water. Stone that resembles large roots crosses over this Oasis as light streams in from above. At the right angle Akeno can even make out the small part of a rainbow.

    However what really caught her attention is the large slab of stone behind the waterfall that has strange characters and occasionally a drawing of something illegible can be seen. Akeno maneuvers through the bay of water to behind the waterfall. As she was closer now, her hair dripping from the water soaked. Wiping the excess water away from her eyes so that she can actually make out the stone. It has long been eroded in many years of weathering and judging from the sheer amount of sand this slab might have been a wall from an ancient civilization building.

    ”Well you're an old thing aren't you… I wonder if there is something hidden behind you.” Akeno spoke more to herself as she finds what she originally thought was a crack in the stone might actually be an outline to a door. Yet there is no keyhole or anything of the like to be found. So Akeno started to investigate things such as touching random rocks and even pushing/lifting said rocks over to see if there is a mechanical switch. Granted from the years of wind erosion and perhaps weathering from the nearby water can do wonders to any mechanism and civilization. Who knows how many empires rose and fell that are hidden within the sand dunes? At one point Akeno stripped of her jacket and took several laps underwater digging through the sand. Then finally underneath the waterfall Akeno felt something solid. At first she thought it was just a rock so she tried to dig around it to move it. Only to the find that it wouldn't budge. Swimming up to the surface for a moment letting the sand settle before diving back under. It appears to be a smooth rectangle brick about five meters down below the waterfall.

    After several attempts of brushing aside the sand around it and trying to pry it open. She finally gives it a push and streams of air bubbles rise up from around the brick as the slab gave in. Akeno swam up to grab her breath, but there was no change in that wall. So Akeno swam back down to give it a second push and then a third as the brick sank all the way into what can be assumed is a pedestal of sorts. Akeno heard something click and rumbles can be felt within the water that the Phoenix swam up to the surface to investigate the source. Sure enough, the strange slab of stone happens to be a doorway. A section of it slid to the left as thick amounts of sand pours into the opening. Climbing out of the water to retrieve her flak jacket. Akeno approached the opening to discover that this door is actually taller, but the sand has made it seem smaller as the stone floor is about five meters below. Thankfully Akeno can just slide down the slope of sand to it. However it was incredibly dark that only the sun streaming from the Oasis is the light source.

    Still with a little concentration of chakra to her left palm, she creates a small ball of pale blue light that she holds up to chest level creating illumination in front of her. As she walks forward more of those drawings of what can be better described as animals along the walls. This was a corridor that stretched forward twenty meters straight before splitting off into two paths. One was to the right, and the other is the left. Either way it was eerily silent save for her breathing. Both paths stretched onward for ten meters since that was the extent of her light, yet there was nothing in clear detail of which way was what. What's more as this flooring is actual leveled stone that has been chiseled by hand for each block Akeno walks. The ceiling was made of sandstone that held chiseled features untouched by time.

    Unsure Akeno might have been, the Phoenix decided to take the path on the left as her steps are light on the stone yet surprisingly there was no echo. Even her ears popped from the silence as they ring. After twenty meters down the corridor Akeno comes upon a flight of spiral stairs leading downward. No railing unfortunately, and as Akeno peers over the center there was nothing but darkness greeting her. Cautiously, Akeno steps on the top of the stairs to test it before applying her full weight. Surprisingly it held without creaking or making any noise aside from the faint scrape of her shoe. So Akeno begins descending to the bottom which was about ten meters.

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