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    General Store

    Kazuya Uchiha

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    General Store

    Post by Kazuya Uchiha on Tue Sep 19, 2017 11:50 pm

    This is the place to satisfy all your crafting material and general supply needs!

    Village-Specific Items:

    • Senju Wood | 10,000 ryo per two pounds. This wood is naturally strong, with a quality of B-grade wood. Also conducts chakra easier, reducing chakra-flow by 50% in chakra cost.
    • Three-Colored Pills | 50,000 ryo per pack of 3.

    Basic Shinobi Storage

    • Generic Sealing Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Requires Fuuinjutsu.
    • Large Sealed Weapon Scroll | 3,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal ten weapons of your choice.
    • Small Sealed Weapon Scroll | 1,000 ryo ea. Pre-seal five weapons of your choice.
    • Baldric | 50 ryo ea.
    • Hip Pouch | 50 ryo ea.
    • Holster | 25 ryo ea.

    Basic Shinobi Drugs/Medical

    • Blood Pills | 15,000 ryo per sack of 5. Restores 1/5th blood lost. One usage per battle.
    • Coagulation Pills | 15,000 ryo per sack of 5. Stops bleeding from simple wounds. One usage per battle.
    • Military Ration Pills | 5,000 ryo per bag of 20. Counts as a chakra recovery period when moving between short topics. Restores 10 points of the user's chakra in battle. Three usages per topic.
    • Medikit | 5,000 ryo ea. Includes one syringe, blood drawing kit, two rolls of bandage wrap, grain alcohol, one tourniquet, one roll of gauze, soothing cream, needle, thread, tweezers, scalpel, and shears.
    • Soothing Cream | 10,000 ryo ea. Minor pain relief and aides with healing.
    • Grain Alcohol | 100 ryo ea. Cleans wounds or consumed to make dying a bit easier.
    • Bandage Wrap | 500 ryo ea.

    Raw Material and Misc.:

    • Bronze | 1,000 ryo per two pounds.
    • Iron | 3,000 ryo per two pounds.
    • Steel | 5,000 ryo per two pounds.
    • Small Leather Hide | 100 ryo ea. Enough to make one glove or bracer. Hide is gathered from rabbits, squirrels, and other small creatures.
    • Medium Leather Hide | 500 ryo ea. Enough to make a pair of gauntlets or boots. Hide is gathered from wild dogs or pigs.
    • Large Leather Hide | 1,000 ryo ea. Enough to make a pair of chaps or vest. Hide is gathered from Oxen.
    • Wood | 500 ryo per two pounds. Oak, Balsa, Ash, Yew, etc...
    • Rope | 500 ryo ea. 15 feet of rope.
    • Oil | 500 ryo per liter. Helps spread fire.
    • Vial | 10 ryo ea. Stores a single dose.
    • Small Flask | 50 ryo ea. Stores 5 doses.
    • Medium Flask | 100 ryo ea. Stores 10 doses.
    • Large Flask | 150 ryo ea. Stores 20 doses.
    Kazuya Uchiha

    Posts : 165
    Join date : 2016-12-07
    Location : Konohagakure

    Character File
    Skills & Elements: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Genjutsu | Bukijutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Katon | Raiton | Fuuton
    Class: X
    Ryo: 18,475

    Re: General Store

    Post by Kazuya Uchiha on Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:30 pm

    The sunlight of the bright and cheery day shown brightly through the open doorway of the General Store. The weather outside was particularly pleasant today, and the bustle of people provided a sort of tranquil background noise one can't quite find anywhere else. The shopkeep had just about completely zoned out, entranced by the parchment on the counter before him, when the Hokage himself stepped through the door. It wasn't until a sudden noise caught his attention that he'd even realized someone was in the room. "I'll take all of these." Kazuya said as he finished stacking the items on the countertop. "Hu- oh! Lord Hokage! I apologize for my" the shopkeep started, but Kazuya cut him off, saying, "No, no. Don't worry about it. Here, this should cover everything." He finished, handing a sum of money to the man behind the counter. The Hokage gave a short wave as he gathered up his items and made his way out of the store and on to the next.

    Purchasing: Generic Sealing Scroll, Holster, Blood Pills, Coagulation Pills, Military Ration Pills, and Rope
    [Exit -> Weapon Shop]

    Character Name: Kazuya Uchiha
    Spendable Experience: 475
    Total Experience: 15,100
    Experience Debt: 4,400
    Renown: 7,500
    Ryo: 18,475

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: A
    Speed: B
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: A

    Limit Break Points:

    Physical: 1
    Technique: 1
    Destiny: 1

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