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    Weapon Shop

    Kazuya Uchiha
    Kazuya Uchiha

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    Weapon Shop

    Post by Kazuya Uchiha on Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:04 am

    Basic Shinobi Tools

    • Fuuma Shuriken | 3,000 ryo ea. Collapsible and detachable blades.
    • Giant Shuriken | 1,500 ryo ea.
    • Steel Wire | 5,000 ryo per 15 feet.
    • Kunai | 100 ryo ea.
    • Shuriken | 100 ryo ea.
    • Senbon | 50 ryo ea.
    • Caltrops | 10 ryo ea.

    Extraordinary Shinobi Weapons

    • Naginata | 15,000 ryo ea.
    • Yari | 12,000 ryo ea.
    • Katana | 15,000 ryo ea.
    • Zanbato | 25,000 ryo ea.
    • Kanabo | 10,000 ryo ea.
    • Wakizashi | 10,000 ryo ea.
    • Kusarigama | 5,000 ryo ea.
    • Manriki | 2,000 ryo ea. 10 feet of chain. 1 pound weight on each end.
    • Kama | 3,000 ryo ea.
    • Bo Staff | 1,500 ryo ea.
    • Baton | 500 ryo ea.
    • Tanto | 5,000 ryo ea.
    • Trench Knife | 3,000 ryo ea.
    • Tekken | 500 ryo ea.
    • Kakute | 10 ryo ea.

    Basic Shinobi Explosives

    • Explosive Tag | 1,500 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius.
    • Flash Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 15 feet blast radius.
    • Smoke Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of smoke.
    • Chili Pepper Bomb | 1,000 ryo ea. 10 cubic meters of gas.

    Basic Ninja Contraptions

    • Wrist-Mounted Senbon Launcher | 5,000 ryo ea. Five senbon slots. Senbon not included. Can be loaded with poison.
    • Spring-loaded Kunai Mechanism | 1,000 ryo ea. Kunai not included.
    Kazuya Uchiha
    Kazuya Uchiha

    Posts : 165
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    Location : Konohagakure

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    Skills & Elements: Ninjutsu | Taijutsu | Genjutsu | Bukijutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Katon | Raiton | Fuuton
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    Ryo: 18,475

    Re: Weapon Shop

    Post by Kazuya Uchiha on Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:47 pm

    Similar to the General Store, the Weapon Shop had left its door open to bring in the cool air and the sunlight, as well as the sounds of the crowds moving back and forth throughout the village. This place was a little more busy, however, with several customers checking out the many weapons available and a few putting in orders for more specialized designs. Kazuya had come for a few essentials, and though specialized weapons piqued his interest, he was not looking to purchase one today. The Hokage gathered up the many, many weapons on his mental shopping list and purchased them without even having to wait. Everyone suddenly found something other than waiting for clerk when they saw the village leader walk in. He appreciated the gesture, a sign of respect, and while he enjoyed the benefits of it, he did wish on some level for people to not treat him any better. They were all family, after all.

    Kazuya finished his purchases, but declined any bags to help him carry it. Instead, he stepped to the side and pulled out the sealing scroll he'd just bought and opened it up on the counter. It was blank, at the moment, but he was about to fix that. Channeling his training back in the mountains of the Land of Lightning, Kazuya recalled the Enclosing Technique and perfectly copied the pattern on the parchment -as well he should, having performed the technique many, many times. Without any warning, the many weapons he'd just bought were whisked away and sealed into the scroll. The Hokage rolled it up, put it back under his white robes, and left the store to continue on about his day. Now that the paperwork was out of the way, he was free to go and train after assorting the many weapons. That is, until the next string in an endless line of Kage duties beckoned him to return to that dull little office.

    Purchased: Fuuma Shuriken, Steel Wire x5, Kunai x25, Shuriken x25, Senbon x10, Katana x2, Kusarigama, Manriki, Bo Staff, Kama, Tekken, Explosive Tag x5, Flash Bomb x5, Smoke Bomb x5, and Spring-Loaded Kunai Mechanism x2.
    Trained: Enclosing Technique (-/- WC)
    [Exit -> Training Grounds]

    Character Name: Kazuya Uchiha
    Spendable Experience: 475
    Total Experience: 15,100
    Experience Debt: 4,400
    Renown: 7,500
    Ryo: 18,475

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: A
    Speed: B
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: A

    Limit Break Points:

    Physical: 1
    Technique: 1
    Destiny: 1

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    Gin Akiyama
    Gin Akiyama

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    Re: Weapon Shop

    Post by Gin Akiyama on Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:57 pm

    Entering the weaponry store Gin came with pockets bulging with cash to spend on new gear. As a Chuunin of his village Gin prefers to wear the standard load-out many Shinobi are seen wearing, which is provided by the village's armory. A pair of black combat sandals cover both feet leaving the toes and heel open securing up to his ankles. He wears a pair of common synthetic black pants personally having the bottoms wrapped in white bandage wrap to prevent it dragging or getting snagged. On right his thigh is a blue rectangular holster secured and backed by white tape. Gin wears a black single utility belt tightly secured to his waist. It holds one blue holster on his right side as well as a beige carry pouch around the back side of the belt. His torso is covered by a long sleeve black shirt, the upper sleeves donning the Konoha emblem stitched in red material. Over his shirt is a slate gray colored flak jacket which is zipped up and secure on his body, provided with six scroll holsters across the torso.

    His forehead protector is secured across his forehead, the cloth colored blue and with the steel plating facing forwards showing the Konoha emblem in plain view. Gin is a tall, lean male standing at 6'2 and weighing 175 lbs. He has a broad, moderately toned figure with very minor visibility of veins on his forearms. He has a tan skin tone accompanied with rich hazel eyes and medium length brown hair stopping briefly past midway down his neck and shortly past his forehead. Because of this his forehead protector is partially covered by his hair though not greatly inhibiting identification. Gin went to buy a meteor hammer, shuriken and kunai so he's not completely defenseless.


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    Re: Weapon Shop

    Post by Zieg7 on Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:13 am

    Clad in his unique shinobi attire consisting of a formfitting black shirt and trousers with a classy blue coat over that and a half mask hiding the top half of his face, Ziegfreud stepped into the general weapons store to get some basic weapon supplies. His black shinobi boots made a soft clopping noise as he walked over to the shelves to grab his stuff and as he headed over to the counter, he greeted the clerk.

    His black gloves could be seen as he laid his merchandise out on the counter for the clerk to tally up the price, at whichpoint the clerk responded with a "that will be 56,250 ryo, sir."

    Ziegfreud paid the man and walked off with his purchases in a couple of bags

    Steel Wire x3 coils, 15 ft/coil [15000 ryo]

    Kunai x15 [1500 ryo]

    Shuriken x15 [1500 ryo]

    Senbon x15 [750 ryo]

    Explosive Tag x 15 [22, 500 ryo]

    Flash Bomb x 5 [5000 ryo]

    Smoke Bomb x 5 [5000 ryo]

    Wrist Mounted Senbon Launcher x1 [5000 ryo]

    [Exit-->General Items Store]

    Raname Uchiha
    Raname Uchiha

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    Re: Weapon Shop

    Post by Raname Uchiha on Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:44 pm

    After having left the General Store, Raname came to the weapons shop. Here, she gathered a few weapons. Among them she picked twenty kunai, twenty shuriken, some steel wire coils, a nice tanto blade, and a hand full of chilli pepper bombs. She took them to the counter and placed them there for the store clerk to ring up, and Raname paid the amount that was given. She had only a little bit of ryo left over after all of today's transactions. She'd have to go and earn her own money now. Gathering her materials, she then left the building.


    Tanto x1 [5000]
    Shuriken x20 [2000]
    Kunai x20 [2000]
    Steel Wire x2 [10000]
    Chilli Pepper Bomb x5 [5000]


    5,175 Ryo left

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    Re: Weapon Shop

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