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    Sweet Advertisement [Solo Mission]


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    Sweet Advertisement [Solo Mission] Empty Sweet Advertisement [Solo Mission]

    Post by MistralSenju on Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:09 pm

    Mission Details:
    Mission Name: Advertise!
    Mission Type: Assist
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Help the local shop owner advertise his new shop to bring in customers.
    Description: A new sweets shop has opened up in Konoha and the owner would like assistance in spreading the word. Who better to help than a couple of fast genin. Pass out or post flyers all around the village to help out.
    Payment: 10,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin and above

    The buzzing sound of the cicadas were everywhere from what Mistral can tell. His feet lightly stepping onto the smooth stone surface. He was garbed in his usual attire of short sleeved shirt and some shorts. His feet bare to the elements, but despite the heat Mistral's calloused soles of his feet didn't seem to mind it. Tucked under one arm is a thick stack of vibrant gold-like paper. On the same arm is a roll of clear tape.

    The young Senju hummed to himself as he walks along the somewhat busy street. Approaching one of many poles that helps transmits electricity throughout the city. Mistral takes one of the papers and deftly takes a strip of tape. Placing the paper on the pole's surface, the strip sticking onto the pole and thus keeping the paper in place. It was only early afternoon, and thus people are often busy with work. So traffic was light compared to normal activity. Not that Mistral minds too much since he was just walking around and putting up fliers for the new sweet shop.

    Things have been quiet on the surface, but being Genin there was very limited information Mistral was allowed to know. His sensei is the new Hokage, the 4th Hokage no less. Weaving through the thin crowd of people, Mistral walked a few blocks down before approaching another pole. Just like last time, Mistral snatches a strip of tape from the roll and slaps the flier onto the pole itself. The adhesive sticks onto the wood, and it was pretty much a job done for this area. Nothing hard to it or so Mistral thought for the time being.

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