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    Life Begins With Waste


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    Life Begins With Waste Empty Life Begins With Waste

    Post by Forcoy on Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:14 pm

    Life had been good for Forcoy lately. Mysterious promotion to jounin out of the blue and the support that comes with the position. Yet he felt constrained and under control. A slow careful step has brought him here away from the engaging hospital work. Too bothered to change his white hospital gown he walks down the market deep in thought. Miscellaneous bought items in a bag crawl behind him grasped in the right hand. Some passing shinobi shake their heads in dismay as they glance at the Uchiha, in the know, while some normal people look at Forcoy strangely as if he's an escaped mental homeless. There's definitely some depression showing on him. Even with his gown and imposing scholarly attitude it's not wrong to call him needy now. A lack of safety shadows Forcoy's mind and not particularly over the village. Taking his fresh loan in a bag he has no available safe means for spending. Looking at the Miryoku Resort from outside, Forcoy takes in fresh air as he decides to indulge in some randomness if his life's heading south.

    "Welcome to Miryoku Resort! We hope you enjoy your stay. Here's a summary of our services." Humble softness blindsided Forcoy as a kind older gentleman quickly repeated while passing a sparkly menu.

    Not rushing his way in, Forcoy has a sparkle in his eyes as he envies the passive luxury of temporary but permanent amusement. The waiter of sorts didn't seem to put too much effort in advertising the service initially perhaps because of Forcoy's look. There wasn't the slightest intent from Forcoy to converse but the gentleman kindly retreated into the crowd of the resort without complaint. Forcoy honestly thought he looks a bit bad too standing ragged in the lobby. Even so, the Uchiha has his own pride and felt slighted. Like a rich man in poor man's cloth buying a car Forcoy sneered once the waiter got far enough away. There, he made up his mind. If there's nothing he can do might as well enjoy debauchery.

    "1 lifetime ebony tier membership. 2 Divine Booze and 1 Miryoku Ebony Heaven. That'll be 220k." Forcoy grit his teeth and edged out every word with confidence.



    "Get it to my room immediately." Shying away the 18 year old threw out the ryo at a speed indiscernible to untrained peasants. By the time the ryo landed and the crowd began to form into place the doctor shuffled over to his room with his bag. Some time passed and light returned to his eyes as he gorged on the purchases at a dinky but homely table he set up in his suite. While getting drunk from more rudimentary offerings Forcoy kept his jounin wits about him as he discerned differing effects on his body. The light in his eyes became darker. Getting up from a seat light lit up the room while Forcoy rounded a corner.

    "The arrangements have been made sir. We hope you've enjoyed your stay at Miryoku."
    Staff members bowed to Forcoy as he climbed out a safe low window with his baggage of all items. A man had engaged in discussion with Forcoy and referred him to another outlet for his ryo. Biting the bullet, Forcoy figured he doesn't have much to lose if he wants to get ahead and feel best.

    50k for strongest materials for mirror glasses that reflect your eyes looking at them. Ebony is 25k for 10lb. Half for the glasses. Half for two katanas that are foot long blades and the handles. All are B-rank if the NPC here have been invested in.

    2 Military Ration Pill packs 10k. Medikit 5k. 3 Large Blank Scrolls 9k. 2 sealing chisel 2k. 10 sealing ink pens 1k. 10 ink brushes 500. 10 ink pots 125mls each 4k. Sealing stuff comes to 17k+15k+50k craft. Just round up to 90k all together rest donated.

    1 lifetime ebony tier membership. 2 Divine Booze and 2 Miryoku Ebony Heaven 1 free. 220k. -1 Miryoku Ebony Heaven serving for it was eaten and boosting stats. Topic left.

    Briefness for signature word limit. Stamina B+. Constitution, Speed, Perception B. Intelligence, Coordination C. Strength D. Physical 1, Technique 2.

    3 scrolls 100'x or 10 seals/clothes: 75k ryo.
    A: glasses and 2 foot katanas B crafts.
    2 full MRP/Medikit. 2 chisels. 10 pens, brushes, ink 1250ml.
    2 Divine Booze: +2 Stam +1 Con -1 Intel fumes drunk. 2 Super Soldier Formula #K-S1: +2 Str +1 Speed -1 Intel each 10 post. Miryoku Ebony Heaven -1 serving +1 Con +1 Intel 20 post. 1 Super Acid 300 mL: Clear with A damage to material and con A+ immune.

    One hand seals=-1 tier to coord. +1 rank NPC outside, -1 rank NPC inside. -1 strength tier for +1 coord tier 5 CP to trigger. -1 percep tier for +1 intel tier 5 CP to trigger. No S-rank. +1 rank ijutsu learning. Other techniques +50% to their cost.

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